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Satellite images suggest airstrike on Sudan site
Associated Press
Published: 27.10.12, 22:37
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1. Terrible crime
Yoma Kummagig ,   USA   (10.27.12)
Just think of it!!! These thugs that push ammunition to the hamas animals have had their plants devastated. Can't imagine why either and who would ever want to do a thing like this. Do you suppose it could be Russia?
3. #2. Take two pink ones and call your analist in the morning
Alan ,   SA   (10.28.12)
4. Warning to all including Obama
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (10.28.12)
We will protect our nation and people against the forces of radical Islamic evil. We also let Iran know that we have the capabilities to strike Somalia we can also devastate Iran and the mad Mullahs.
5. Replace with a food factory. More benefit for the Sudanese.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.28.12)
6. #3 Allen
Aaron ,   Toronto,Canada   (10.28.12)
That's not nice tell him to take 6 pills matey he'll get to heaven faster and end his miserable life faster.
7. Iran has someting to worry about
Steve   (10.28.12)
Iran has something to worry about if it was done by Israel. 1) the distance to Sudan is about 2000KM the distance to Iran is about 1800KM. 2) the Iranian's nuclear sites are 65meters underground, Sudan's storage was 200 Meters underground.
8. Iran is not a sitting duck, like Sudan.
Abdul ,   India   (10.28.12)
But yes, Iran's worry is whether to retaliate by destroying whole of Israel or half of it. Let there be no euphoria or grandiosity about Netanyahu's Sudan adventurous experiment.
9. US Strike?
Steve ,   Melbourne, Australia   (10.28.12)
The United States Air Force has 8 F15E Strike Eagles based in Djibouti and operating in that part of Africa, couple this information with the information that the US Closed it's local Embassy before the strike AND the possibility that Sudan as supplying weaponry to Al Qaeda in Mali and maybe it was a US Strike?
10. iran's propulation centers are above groud just like the
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.28.12)
containers, you don't have to go underground to destroy iran.
11. good job
jacob ,   nyc / usa   (10.28.12)
very good operation well cordinated and done Baruch Hashem.....I say bravo these parasites who manufactor and supply terrorist must be taken out as well and sudan is known for this along with its sponsor Iran in the making of weapons whom supply the likes of hamas and hizzboullah so to me you reap what you are rewarded bye the way good job IAF MAY YOU LIVE AND BE COURAGES ...OMEIN
12. Dress rehearsal succeeded
Mira ,   Vienna   (10.28.12)
Get going!
13. Closely spaced craters amidst containers says they exploded
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (10.28.12)
The interpretation is simply incorrect. Tightly clustered craters in the center of a space that was occupied by containers says it was the containers themselves that exploded, excavating the craters, due to highly volatile contents. An airstrike on a large grouping of containers like that would target the perimeter, relying on the surrounding bomb blasts to detonate the containers in the center. Targetting the same spot with numerous precision guided bombs would be redundant and useless.The several tons of explosive contents of each containers likely caused the huge craters, not precision 1000 or 2000 lb bombs [likely thermobaric, to destroy explosives, not structures], which would have been fused to explode laterally at ground level, not after penetrating several feet and excavating a lot of soil, dispersing the blast. You get this kind of nonsense from self-styled "peace groups" amatuerishly trying to interpret military events about which they know nothing.
14. Good job!
Sam ,   Texas   (10.28.12)
Very nice crater! Future geologists will think meteor, but we's our little secret! Cush plays a game, and they got what they surely deserve
15. I noticed one item
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.28.12)
The entire route is along the borders of both Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Both countries that hate Israel. Both countries are equipped with some of America's most advanced radar systems. Neither of those two countries detected the aircraft coming or going the entire route. So the fact is that it was one of two items. Either Israel did not do it, or that they are so advanced that not even American radar can track their non-stealth aircraft. Your choice.
16. #1 - Please don't insult animals!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (10.28.12)
17. Nice pictures. Of What?!
Persian CAT   (10.28.12)
I am surprised there are no street level or locally produced images of whatever was bombed, or not bombed, yet.
18. Craters caused by blast at Khartoum weapons factory
dusty ,   Israe   (10.28.12)
Who done it? trying to think.
19. Either the US or Israel were responsible
Rashid   (10.28.12)
Both think they're above international law, but they're still accountable under the law of retaliation, and when that happens, no doubt the hypocrites will class that as terrorism.
20. Only a "milk factory"
Hansje   (10.28.12)
Wasn't it a baby milk factory ...?
21. Israel right to defend it's country and people.
Ron gordon ,   Spokane,wa.   (10.29.12)
Israel is the god of Israel's chosen home. The Jews are his chosen people.I believe this with all my heart.
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