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Rahm Emanuel: Obama will protect Israel, deal with Iran
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 28.10.12, 09:05
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1. Sure, more building freezes, more sanctions, more lies.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.28.12)
2. Being a Jew, he is trying to sell our out? Shame on you!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (10.28.12)
3. "Obama will protect Israel?" like he did the Libyan Embassy?
Yardena   (10.28.12)
I dont trust him and nobody should fall for his bull Rahm is his Jewish coolie doing nothing but lying on his boss behalf to get the jewish vote a bit too late obama you have shown your true intentions bowing and apologizing to American enemies lolol
4. How many chances?
Curtis ,   USA   (10.28.12)
Obama has had his chance. All he has been good for was a bunch of smart talk to Israel and regarding Israel. Obama doesn't even have the decency or class to stand against the reprehensible attitude and treatment Israel has unjustifiably been receiving from much of the world. Why would any thinking person want to sign him up for another 4 years of obnoxious behavior?
5. Israel cannot rely on Obama to survive
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (10.28.12)
No thank you Mr Rahm; In the words of the prayer: Lo L'ydei matanat basar ve dam. Obama dealt Jewish State enough Harm, establishing Ikhwan in power
6. Plenty renegade Jews vote Obama
Tarbouche ,   Eilat   (10.28.12)
Rahm is no friend of Israel as a Jewish State . Obama's poor record, 2 years at Senate and a 4 year term in White House ,as well as with 20 years under Jeremaiah Wright tell it all. Obama must be worried
7. Obama wasted the Green revolution
Samir ,   Bet Lehem   (10.28.12)
with the young lives and 4 years of ability to halt Iran's nuclear march King Abdullah's hand kisser is no friend of Jews
8. Liars!
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (10.28.12)
B"H - It is rather strange that Rahm Emanuel takes credit for Chrysler's success, with which he, Obama or the Democrats have nothing to do: Chrysler was sold to the Italians and it is successful under the visionary management of Fiat manager Sergio Marchionne. GM's European Opel division had same chance to be saved in 2009 but the deal was torpedoed by Obama and his Democratic cronies and since then cost the taxpayer billions of dollars: Obama is as bad for the auto industry in particular as he is for the economy in general, and Democrats like Emanuel are lying about this too.
9. Obama will protect Israel
Yonatan ,   Yeruaslem   (10.28.12)
obumer is a person who has lied to the american people, Shown contempt for the israeli people, gave encouragement to global jihardist. now if that is a friend of israel, then yes our enemies should be blessed.
10. Rahm Emanuel
Voice of Reason ,   Here & Now   (10.28.12)
Rahm Emanuel is lying, that is what he does. He and Obama are both sneaky, forked tounged Politicos of the first degree. I truely believe Israel has had enough of both Barack's. Israeli's should stay out of American politics just as Americans should stay out of Israeli politics. What a joke, the whole world puts their noses in Israeli politics. Rahm I wish you well but I do not believe 1 word you say.
11. SHUT UP Obama darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.28.12)
12. Obama's court jew.
Lina ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (10.28.12)
13. rahm thinks obama will protect Israel just as
jerome ,   basalt, colorado   (10.28.12)
rahm thinks he doing a great good as mayor protecting Chicago with the murder rate that has gone sky high since he became its mayor.
14. Deal with Iran?
Hunt S Cross ,   England   (10.28.12)
He means "strike a deal with Iran" at the cost of everyone'else's security.
15. Our daily joke: "Obama will protect Israel"
Rotem ,   Israel   (10.28.12)
ha ha ha ha ...
16. Obama
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (10.28.12)
If Iran doesn't get nukes by then, it is likely that Obama will deal with Iran if he gets reelected. Not to protect Israel, but because Iran has become a critical threat to American interests thanks to Obama's criminal incompetence (like #7 wrote). Even if Obama attacks Iran, he will still be remembered as an enemy of Israel and a man who damaged the United States. Obama installed the Brotherhood in Egypt, making an Egyptian attack on Israel and full scale war almost inevitable. Obama also eliminated Gadaffi, destroying the only functioning African country and turning over unlimited amounts of advanced weapons to Jihad.
17. Of course the figures for unemployment
jason white ,   afula, israel   (10.28.12)
have gone down. That is because people have finished their benefits and are not counted as unemployed any more. emmanuel the defender of Israel? He never served one day in the I.D.F.! b.o. will stand beside Israel only to throw us under a bus. Why wasn't emmanuel and axelrod excommunicated by the cowardly "rabbis" of the U.S.?
18. @4
Mardonius ,   United Kingdom   (10.28.12)
'Why would any thinking person want to sign him up for another 4 years?' the answer to this is becuase what matters is the US interests and not the jewish states's interests. What you are saying is unpatritic and unforgivable wanting to sacrtifice the US interests for another. US interests has been diverging aways from that of Israel for a while and it will continue to do so more rapidly and it has nothing to do with Obama. We are entering a new world order where Israel is becoming irrelevant to the US more and more....
19. A pity Rahme cant organise a Seder or Chanuka Get together
Alan ,   SA   (10.28.12)
20. Like he dealt with the Benghazi situation?
Ehud   (10.28.12)
21. Rahm Emanuel: Obama will protect Israel, deal with Iran
Boris ,   Australia   (10.28.12)
U.S. was unable to stop North Korea and Pakistan from developing nuclear arms, so "it's not a given that the US will be successful against Iran.God bless Obama to help iran develop nuclear arms (for last 4 years !) He (Obama) is very talented player in this field and deserve to be reelected...Yes,we can!!
22. Well, Emanuel is right about one thing...
SF ,   London   (10.28.12)
"In the next four years, you will see a president that will protect Israel and deal with Iran." President Romney will do both.
23. Unfortunately...
BK ,   USA   (10.28.12)
most American Jews think like Rahm. They will vote for Obama no matter what he does when it comes to Israel and Iran.
24. Obama
Brian ,   USA   (10.28.12)
On November 7th, Obama will be changing his phone number ...and guess who won't be getting his new number?
25. Forked tongue, rahm
michael Pielet ,   israel   (10.28.12)
Rahmbo, pinochio, has never spoken an honest word in his entire life. all he wants is the Jewish vote. Obama is no friend of Israel. The value of sanctions, worthless, the centrifuges are still spinning.
26. What has obama done in 4 years? Smoke and Mirrors
Canada Joe   (10.28.12)
Action not words, talk is cheap. BTW no one gives a hoot about Osama Bin Laden, they care about Taliban, and the ISI, and Hezbollah, Iranian mullahs, syria and the Muslim brotherhood, sudan and Jihad. And Government Motors continues to put out subpar vehicles, like the $50000 electric tin can.
27. Never seen a Prez bow before so many leaders
Canada Joe   (10.28.12)
Leaders should be bowing to the POTUS, not the other way around. IMHO, the world needs to be more like the US, not the other way around. Obama has had no problem sacrificing US principles in order to make nice with the savages.
28. Bee Ess'ing a Bee Ess'er.
Gideon Reader   (10.28.12)
Obama has no interest or basic understanding of the concept of protecting the USA, no less the totally foreign political antagonists in his scorned and derided Israel. I pray for his leaving the scene. The remains of his reign will be no more than an unpleasant odor in an elevator after a rude release.
29. Obama didn't protect his own citizens in Lybia
Gila   (10.28.12)
He is definitely not going to protect Israel.
30. obama and osama
tom ,   toronto, canada   (10.28.12)
taking credit for the raid on bin laden is a bit rich - the president didn't initiate, or work on, the special forces task force that tracked and killed bin laden. but the part that the obama election campaign is careful to omit is that president obama CANCELLED the raid on bin laden's compound at least twice since january. and it's doubtful that he even approved it at all, since he was out golfing when it started. and that's his greatest achievement for national security? either mr emmanuel underestimates the intelligence of the american electorate, or the campaign is getting very desperate.
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