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Top French firefighter makes aliyah
Yair Sagi
Published: 30.10.12, 14:50
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1. Great story... sad final comment
Avi ,   Israel   (10.30.12)
What a beautiful story... and what a sad final comment by the captain of the Eilat fire department. Indeed we do need more people like Louie to get back that spirit which medinat yisrael is founded upon.
2. great story
joemoer ,   israel   (10.31.12)
pity he did not decide to come and live here a long time ago ..instead of waiting to retire...and what country in the world retires paople at age 55 . welcome to israel louie..tell the rest of your family to start making plans to come here
3. Frank Louie
Myrna Goldstein ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.31.12)
Shalom Frank! We miss you! Myrna from Kità Aleph, Eilat Ulpan
4. Nice!! :)
Yoch ,   LA, USA   (10.31.12)
5. Amazing. This man is a hero, many times over!
Zvi   (10.31.12)
6. #2 Indeed
Raphael ,   Netanya   (11.01.12)
His know how about forest fires (30% of the area of France) would have prevented the catastrophic management of the Mt Carmel fire.
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