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Polls: 35-42 Knesset seats for Likud-Beiteinu
Published: 28.10.12, 21:55
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1. If PA state is Bibi's future Likud's not getting my vote....
Doron ,   Israel   (10.28.12)
Had enough of his leftist policies.
2. Great Poll
Zivron   (10.28.12)
Its great too see Labor surge for the sake of the social gap.the other parties will balance out on Security to present an Israel with a Horrible Deterrant Capacity a just compensation for the Shoah the Pogroms The Crusades and Blood Libels and the Harsh Dhmmi as in Yemen prewar and prezionism.
3. Political Polls or Media Manipulations?
Eran ,   Haifa   (10.28.12)
The "objective" Israeli Press at it's best. You have to be an absolute idiot to read those "poll results" and think they represent anything but the Media's dishonest manipulation in politics. Media in Hebrew = TISHKORET - from the root work SHEKER = FALSEHOOD.
4. Israel on its way of becoming the Jewish theocracy
Gregg Haifa ,   Soon back to Italy   (10.28.12)
Israelis are getting darker by the day reproducing exactly what they've been complaining to the world's face for decades. Israel is going to be an ethnocentric theocracy that will have no consideration for minorities. Israel society is crumbling apart
5. #Gregg, you're a delusioned whack-job
Alex   (10.28.12)
Haven't you left Israel already? We're waiting... The only thing we've heard from you since you joined is how rude Israelis are, how bad Judaism is and how bad Israel is. We get, we get it. You hate Jews and Israel... Now please go to corrupt Italy and economically failing Europe. Ta-ta.
6. Absolutely horrible if true
Avi   (10.29.12)
Nothing will change for Israel. A coalition will still need multiple parties to form a majority, and all the small parties will leech and blackmail, and we'll never change our horrible system and have elections again in less than 2 years.
7. To nr 4: A typical delusional response by delusional Gregg
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.29.12)
In what sense is Israel "ethno centric"? Because it is a JEWISH state? Italy is an Italian nation state. Are you accusing Italy of being a Fascist ethno centric society? What ISRAELI/JEWISH national rights do I have in Italy? I know that minorities have Italian civil rights, but what NATIONAL rights do minorities have in Italy? What GERMAN national rights do Germans have in Italy? What BRITISH national rights do Britons have in Italy? What FRENCH national rights do Frenchmen have in Italy? What ARAB national rights do Arabs have in Italy? Minorities are just that: minorities, and strangers, living as foreigners in a foreign land and culture, that hopefully is democratic and free. You know Israel is a democracy. What bothers you is the existence of a JEWISH state because you are a racist genocidal ideologist, imperialist and foreigner interfering with MY country's domestic affairs and MY countr's independence and sovereignty. An Italian, Arab, "Palestinian", Iranian, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, German, French or Spanish nation state doesn't bother you - only a JEWISH STATE bothers you, because you are political extremist and a racist genocidal ideologist that belongs in prison for hateful and inflammatory racist speech against Jews/Israelis. If you are so "liberal" and "tolerant", why do you oppose Israel's right to defend itself and its right to exist as a Jewish nation state and why do you take Italy's existence for granted? Why do you consider equal Jewish human, civil and national rights to be "extremist"? Not only do you oppose our right to exist - you also laud massacres on Jews and you interfer with our democratic rights to express our opinions and vote they we like. Besides being a Jew hater, you are also an enemy of democracy. You want things your way and only your way - that's not democratic. You Gregg represent the very evil and barbaric cruelty you officially claim you oppose.
8. Alex, Israel isn't corrupt?
Gregg Haifa ,   Soon Italy   (10.29.12)
Oh I forgot Israel is the only democracy in Middle East ! Silly me!! A democracy for rich Jews only, but a democracy!
9. Bibi and the end of Zionism
miche Norman ,   Hod Hasharon   (10.29.12)
The message is clear - we are facing two threats - the biggest existential one - the gradual conversion of our country into their theocracy which will be unsustainable - and the lesser Iranian threat - 4 more years of Bibi will just take us four more years down the path - oy lanu
10. #5 Alex
Michael ,   Haifa   (10.29.12)
Like Gregg , I live in Israel, I like most of my fellow countrymen, Jews and Arabs, but I detest and despise the racist-fascist elements of our society, such as yourself. We all learn from history exactly what we want to learn from it. I have learned that people like you have created the most despicable regimes of History
11. I'm embarassed to say i won't be voting
Talula ,   Israel   (10.29.12)
how can I when I think they are all a load of self-obsessed arrogant chumps who have done absolutely NOTHING of any value for this country. It's never been as bad as it is now. Yes, I'm embarrassed about just wanting a day off work, but then again, I shouldn't be any more embarrassed than the sad sorry bunch of losers vying for the Knesset seats. TERRIBLE choice.
12. Gregg #4
Go already, Italy is waiting.
13. #8 Gregg
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (10.29.12)
You are right, Israel has a lot of corruption, all concentrated in the extreme Left for two reasons: the Leftist leaders are oligarchs who want power at any price and foreign powers contribute money to Leftist NGOs to corrupt Israel. Look at the names: Deri, Olmert, the Sharon gang, Hirschzon, Barak, Hiss, Weizman, Oppenheimer, Gordon, Leef. Will we ever get rid of the corruption? I don't know. But you going to Italy is a good start.
14. Meretz Michael the antisem., oops
Dave S.   (10.29.12)
We detest and despise you and your kind of traitors. Simple.
15. #7 Alexander, you don't get it
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (10.29.12)
There's no such thing as NATIONAL in Europe. We do NOT make a difference between nation and citizenship. So yes, an Arab, a Jew, a Christian and even a German who owns Italian citizenship will have "national" rights (whatever that means) in Italy. I myself own both French and Italian citizenship. France has never considered me as an Italian national, cause it's against the law for being racist and discriminatory. This is what I denounce in Israel. Israel still practices this kind of segregation which lead to discrimination like you saying that only Jews have national rights to this land, denying de facto national rights to Arabs or any other non Jewish communities that are also Israelis. Europeans fought 2 world wars for this specific reason: eradicate nationalism ! I am sad to see it still exists though
16. #10 Oh My...
Alex   (10.29.12)
I noticed you always happen to be here defending Gregg, I'm thinkIng you're one of his schizophrenic personalities. With the kind of bs you spew, there could be no doubt or you're yet another misguided self-hating soul. Yes, yes, we get it, all people who wont agree with your Israel bashing extremist leftist agenda are all facists... (I don't even know where you got Started about supposed political affiliations from in the conversation...) Seriously, grow up!
17. Alex you're being ridiculous
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (10.29.12)
Michael is not me and I don't even know him unfortunately. I'm glad to know he's from Haifa though
18. #15 Oy vey, seriously?
Alex   (10.29.12)
Gregg, Obviously you have no clue of what you're talking about, half of Europe have the "national" ethnic rights/identity that you speak of. Last time I checked that included Italy. I know of Americans who have Italian grandparents who unconditionally applied and were granted Italian citizenship even though they had no plans of moving there, because it's considered their right as descended from Italians. Having 1/4 gentile ancestry from three European countries, I'm eligible to apply citizenship in all of these even though I've never been to the country in question. I've already exercised this right in one of these countries, and in the population cenusus I'm, unlike foreigners with citizenship listed as "native" to the country in question. You're just so blinded by this self loathred of yours that you can't grasp reality and instead motivate your confusion with lies and whining against Israel. There's nationalism and there's racism, nationalism without racism = patriotism. You're in for a fun ride of reality in Italy...
19. Alex, it's exactly what I'm saying
Gregg ,   Haifa   (10.30.12)
Even if you're not a national you still have the right of citizenship with all the rights that it gives. In Israel you consider that only Jews are nationals and have national rights to this land. It's discriminating and racist because you or your friends have a right to the land they didn't even bother to visit because again, Europe doesn't regard nationality but citizenship
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