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Livni on return to politics: It's not just my decision
Roi Mandel
Published: 28.10.12, 23:15
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1. Livni
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.28.12)
looks well rested, she should stay away from politics! the quiet life agrees with her.
2. Livni.please please stay away!
Alan ,   SA   (10.29.12)
3. she has been corrupted
Steve   (10.29.12)
Livni was always destined to return to political life for two reasons; -It satisfies her self importance. -It is easier than working an honest job.
4. Dreams, sweet dreams
JJJ   (10.29.12)
Dreams, sweet dreams, charming a narrow sliver of the public is defined as; only a dream. this is without going in to historical facts
5. Amazing. In US politician like Livni would have been
leo ,   usa   (10.29.12)
politically dead by now.
6. Suggestion for party name: "Schpitzerim United"...??
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.29.12)
7. zipi livni
patrick ,   london   (10.29.12)
please zipi stay home and do same cleaning and cooking
8. Birdi, in my country
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (10.29.12)
Pretty much all politicians, with a few hardworking excemptions, look very well rested, fed, and quite unburdened by the hardships of their trade. Hobbyists more than politicians I'd say. The state of the country reflects this.
9. Tsipi, please stay home.
Yosi ,   Tel Aviv   (10.29.12)
You made more than enough damage to the country.
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