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Anti-Semitic party gains strength in Ukraine
Published: 29.10.12, 08:44
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1. No panic, in Hungary
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (10.29.12)
neo nazi Jobbik got 17% in 2010. So far antisemitic propaganda is spread from US website servers, millions will be infected with jew hatred. Mr Romney's first act must be to ban these activities, if wins. Wins ?
2. There should be a special "Jew-tax" all over the world and
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.29.12)
the money be sent to Israel, so we can thrive even better and as result continue providing the "World" with perfect scapegoats for it's screw-ups & illnesses. Why the hell do we teach historey in schools...?
3. Political parties with same ideology existe in Israel too.
Rodrigue ,   CAR   (10.29.12)
Shas, bait yehudi, ehud leumi and Israel Beitenu all have the same ideology with racist and anti-semitic fellows in Europe. The Knesset *Israeli parliament* always welcome these haters.
4. Homophobes in Knesset
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.29.12)
5. typical for anti-communist party
observer ,   Egypt   (10.29.12)
Jews around the world had positive attitudes toward the USSR, at least partly because Jews had achieved elite status there.
6. The Ukrainians
Raptor   (10.29.12)
hate the Russians, understandably so.They dislike homosexuals, as do most people. As for the Haredi invasion of idol worshippers, very understandable, they have my sympathy on that one. Just trying to be logical.
7. The Ukraine - why am I not surprised!
David   (10.29.12)
The Ukrainians were eve worse than the Nazis and the Poles when it came to Jews and other people the Nazis classified as "untermenschen". Sadly, Jews will never learn that the only place for a Jew is here in Israel. Holocaust 2 is well on its way and the European Jews have still got their heads in the sand. We must never forget that the "average" non Jew, no matter what the country, doesn't need an excuse or even a reason to hate Jews.
8. #7
Tomek ,   Poland   (10.29.12)
Do not you dare equate Poles with the Nazis. I do not care what your particular psychological problem is or what kind of nonsense you were fed by your grandma.
9. Worrying indeed
Alex Goldschmidt ,   Berlin, Germany   (10.29.12)
However some historical facts: the UPA did not collaborate with the Nazis. The UPA combatted the Nazi German occupants since 1942, as the Nazis refused to grant full independence to the Ukrainian People's Republic in 1941 invasion occupation time. Also, you should have inserted that the UPA is very anti-Polish too. The UPA massacred thousands of members of the large Polish ethnic minority of Eastern Galicia, now Western Ukraine. Svoboda will continue to grow like Jobbik in Hungary will. It is a new form of 'civilized' right-wing extremist populism. Ukraine lacks a normal conservative patriotic Christian Democratic party with respect. As a Jew in Germany, I experienced nothing but respect and love and interested questions about Israel and my ancestry. So things can change, even in Far Eastern Europe! ;)
10. antisemits?
Bogdahn ,   Kyiv, Ukraine   (10.30.12)
aha! when they need to recognize Holocaust they shaking up, but when we became bold enough to asks Knesset to recognize Holodomor (among whose organizers were dozens of Jews) then we immediately become all anti-Semites...
11. Bogdahn @ 10 ,...
split ,   US   (10.30.12)
Not only to recognise by Knesset but to recognize the Jewish partake in that tragedy - Google "Jewish group objects to ‘Great Famine’ case" for details,...
12. #5, Let me remind you
Jake   (10.31.12)
that from 1950 onwards, the USSR followed a staunchly anti-Zionist and anti-Israel policy, and was the main supporter of the Arab world, ideologically and militarily. As usual, Arabs praise the strongest horse...until he loses, and then they have only bad things to say about him.
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