Hamas clip shows rockets fired from populated area
Elior Levy
Published: 29.10.12, 20:42
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1. Fire from civilian areas !UN where are you?Goldstone?Carter?
What a farce All quiet from the BBC Guardian dhimmis The Arabs firing from amongst civilians is deliberately calculated to create photo ops of civilians injured by RETURN fire
2. Well ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.29.12)
Israel certainly has a right to retaliate against points of fire. And now -- no more loose talk about "human shields." We have proof positive that using civilians as human shields is part and parcel of what Hamas -- and other terrorists -- do. Too bad for those poor, hapless civilians -- but it doesn't make them any less a legitimate target. When the civilian population tires of it, they can rise up against Hamas. Unless and until -- hey -- war is hell. Just ask anyone who might have been fortunate enough to survive the carpet bombing of Germany during World War II (especially in Dresden) or the survivors of the American fire bombing of Tokyo and, of course, the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I think that if the Allies could determine that every German civilian was in league with the Nazis, or that every Japanese civilian was in league with the Imperial Army -- well, doesn't it follow logically that Israel has every right to determine that every Gazan is in tandem with terrorists? You cannot create a separate set of rules for Israel than that which the rest of the world holds dear. Certainly not since the NATO carpet bombing of Afghanistan, which has resulted in the deaths of over a million civilians, or the complete destruction and indiscriminate NATO bombing of Iraq, which has resulted in the deaths of well over 1.5 million civilians. So .... when Israel retaliates -- and it will -- please do keep rule of law in mind, okay?
3. No more immunity for Gaza Civilians
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (10.29.12)
Civilians are compliciit, they have just lost any immunity that they claimed they had Civilian aeas are now a fair target
4. "Tarnish the group's global image" - really???
Dan ,   NJ, USA   (10.29.12)
Shooting from civilian areas could "further tarnish the group's global image" whose eyes? CNN? The UN? The EU? Obama? Don't expect any condemnation against Hamas, only against Israel for taking defensive action.
5. Re: # 4
Tal ,   USA   (10.30.12)
You are right, I srael always takes defensive action. They have invades the nuclear facilities in Iraq (self defene...Wooo),l they planning to attack Iran (self defence...Wooo) and they are killing Plaestinians every single day (self defence).So other poeple do not have your self defence terminilogy as well. Lila Tofa.
6. Sarah B
Someone ,   Sonewhere   (10.30.12)
I don't get it; are you speaking for or against all those attacks by the US that killed civilians?
7. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.30.12)
How many Iraqi civilians perished in Israel's raid upon the nuclear reactor in Baghdad? Now, remember when Iraq retaliated against the Coalition forces in the 1991 Gulf War by firing SCUD missiles at Israel? Of COURSE it was self defense! What do you suppose might have happened had those SCUDs been tipped with nuclear warheads? Now -- how many attacks has Israel carried out against ersatz "Palestinian" civilians? NONE! How many missiles must be fired at Israeli civilian populations until you recognize that Israel's civilians are under siege? Would you deny Israel a right to self-defense? Why? What's the matter? Got something against Jews, have you? You're a fool, and your ridiculous statements are too easy by half to counter. Go away, before I make you cry.
8. Re #5 - Wow
Mike   (10.30.12)
Yes attacking iraq was self defense because sadam hussain wanted to use missiles against israel. 2. when was the last time israel killed a random palastinian? in your eyes the news and see that it didnt happen so no israel does not kill palastinians daily. on the other hand your precious palastinians love shooting rockets into israel and oh yea at civilians. your perception is skued and miss guided israel does not target civilians yer the palastinians do. and tal from the USA have you ever been there? have you walked in the west bank and gaza strip and i dont mean the good areas. prob not why cause your to scared to.
9. To: No. 6 - THIRD ATTEMPT
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.30.12)
Neither. I am merely pointing out that should Israel decide to pulverize the despicable terrorists in Gaza, there is sufficient precedent for turning a blind eye to collateral damage. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Israel is well within her rights to turn Gaza into a pile of rubble, civilians notwithstanding. War sucks, doesn't it? But that in no way acts to deny a sovereign state (Israel) from asserting its affirmative duty to protect and defend its civilians. Twenty thousand missiles fired from Gaza have been more than enough, wouldn't you agree? And even if you do not agree -- too bad. You're wrong. Plenty of international precedent. You cannot castigate Israel without first castigating everyone else.
10. Yet another typical Hamas act of terror
showing total disregard for their Arab brothers and sisters. No one has the right to raise an eyebrow if Israel retaliates. This is another solid proof among hundreds of them that Hamas and the entire Gaza launch their missiles in order to kill mainly civilian Israelis. Any opposing comment from the European appologists or the blind Jew haters is lacking content and sense.
11. IDF killing Palestinians ....
Lenya ,   Australia   (10.31.12)
every day ? Where are your statistics from ? You need to refrain from making up stories and learn the truth about Israel's ongoing assistance with Palestinian needs. Did you know that Israel supplies 70% of the electricity into Gaza and that they have not paid for it in the last 4 years amounting to Millions of Dollars in unpaid bills? Israel trucks into the Palestinian territories more than 100 trucks loads of goods every week day in day out. There are are many more humanitarian aid from Israel to the Palestinians who incredibly rocket and terrorize Israelis in return.
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