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Qatar's emir to bring Barca to Gaza?
Elior Levy
Published: 30.10.12, 14:51
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1. It proves that Gaza never was under siege
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (10.31.12)
and that the palestinians in Gaza suffer from Hamas and never from Israel. Furthermore, the members of the Barca team will certainly observe standard of living by hamasniks, all their SUV's and swimming pools.
2. Barca in gaza
Patrizia ,   Venice, Italy   (10.31.12)
This is what happens when the west sells chuncks of his patrimony to Arab petrodollar countriesy. Will the Catalan have the strenght to say no thank you, we do not pay visits to countries led by terror organizations? Or for the principle that PECUNIA NON OLET, they will have to comly to what the Qatar Emir, Hamas friend, will order them? Will keep an eye on that.
3. barca means a ship in spanish!!! it's barça!!!
hagit   (11.01.12)
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