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IDF officer warns of repeat Lebanon war
Published: 29.10.12, 22:00
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1. How/Why did UNIFIL allow Hez to rearm with so many rockets??
Alan ,   SA   (10.29.12)
2. and this detailed planning is being openly discussed - why??
Rafi ,   US   (10.30.12)
3. #2 WRONG
Total ,   Melbourne, Australia   (10.30.12)
Why does UN allow Israel to violate Lebanese airspace almost daily? In any future war, the Hez will target Israel and IDF harder too. Expect more than 160 dead israel soldiers.
4. Smash them
Ronnie ,   Australia   (10.30.12)
Destroy every known target. Notify civians in know Hezbollah locations and totally flatten every building. That way the good people of that long suffering country will not have another civil war like next door.
5. why give hezbollah our plans
melnitzer   (10.30.12)
israel ha sto fight dirty asymmetrically, stop with your olmert plans which amount to nothing about nothing. Hezbollah has to be slaughered nothing less and stop talking about it.
6. #1 Because the UN is worthless, a friend of Arabs.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.30.12)
7. UN
Roxy ,   Israel   (10.30.12)
Alan the UNIFIL allows Hezbollah to do so because they are afraid to act against them and have their men shot at plain and simple. They act as mediators and observers but nothing else, but if Israel does something first then they make a stink out of it.
Someone ,   Hod Hasharon   (10.30.12)
An answer to Alan. The reasons that UNIFIL has allowed the Hizbula to rearm is simple. They are scared of the Hizbula. The second reason is that they don`t like the Jews either. The third reason is that they have come to Lebanon for a bloody good holiday. Ant to get a nice tan. And they don`t want to have fights with anyone.
9. @1 The UN lies for Hezballa.UNIFIL are their human shields
They lied watching and recording Hezballa cross border kidnap murder of IDF troops. The UN saw and recorded Hezballa using UN marked vehicles then denied everything UNIFIL do as Hezballa says or else.
10. @1
alex ,   new york   (10.30.12)
That's because the UN is nothing but a waste of manhattan real estate.
11. Why Talk it Up?
Ron ,   LA   (10.30.12)
The cluster munitions were a deterrent. I can only hope that Israel has plenty of nape, Daisy Cutters, and a few thousand cheap rockets to launch into Lebanon.
12. #3
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (10.30.12)
Answer to #3's question:The UN does not have the inclination nor the power to prevent the Jewish State from defending itself from those who would destroy it.Indeed, national self-defense is enshrined in the UN charter and international law. Since Lebanon is still in a state of war with Israel since 1948, and has continued to emphasize this feature by allowing the Hezbollah thugs to build up thousands of rockets for use against Israel, overflights are a necessity to determine the location of Lebanese military's and Hezbollah's assets.If Israel's enemies in Lebanon initiate actions against Israel, the latter will defend itself without one hand tied behind its back. This effect will guarantee immense casualties among Lebanese civilians, its military and Hezbollah, and will end the terrorists' reign in Lebanon.
13. I disagree
Matt   (10.30.12)
The creeping airstrikes and artillery will deal with the cluster munitions and protect the infantry. A heavy dose of clusters are needed to deter MANPAD's.
14. Take more buldozers to level all villages ASAP
Abu Yusuf ,   ME   (10.30.12)
15. Why should members of UNIFIL die
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (10.30.12)
protecting Israeli civilians from the actions of their government?
16. #3 Hizbullah is not supposed to exist
Jake   (10.30.12)
Under the terms of the 2006 ceasefire, Hizbullah was supposed to disarm, remember? Instead, they have multiplied their rocket capacity, in violation of the ceasefire. Since UN can't or won't disarm Hizbullah, Israel reserves the right to "violate the airspace" of Hizbullahstan. I also remind you that the LAF and Hizbullah and other armed groups in Lebanon have carried out a number of armed aggressions against Israel since 2006, including in 2010 firing on IDF soldiers patrolling on the Israeli side of the Blue Line border, a major Lebanese violation which was condemned by the UN.
17. #15, Well well, if it isn't the London Blood-Libeler
Jake   (10.30.12)
18. #15, It would be better if UNIFIL leave
Jake   (10.30.12)
That way, the next time Hizbullah attacks Israel, requiring the IDF to deal with Hizbullah once and for all, Israel can carry out a "scorched earth" campaign without having to hold back for fear of hitting any UN "fig leaves".
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (10.31.12)
Israeli Government isn't firirng roackets aganst Israeil Citizens ,Hezbollah is Any idiot know that, howcome you don't?
20. Hezbollah Will use cluster munitions to
Lance ,   Ottawa Canada   (11.03.12)
Israel's monopoly on weapons is over. Fact is that Hezbollah will targette Israel's critical infrastructure to the dame extent that Israël did in the last war against Lebanon. Israël is saying that it will not use cluster munitions because it knows that Hezbollah Will sow Israël full of cluster bombs too in the next conflict, and that is the only reason rather than any reasons of morality, or any humane values.
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