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Qatar PM: Syria war amounts to genocide
Published: 30.10.12, 09:30
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1. S;yria War Amounts to Genocide
Grin Olsson ,   Ketchikan, USA   (10.30.12)
The Prime Minister of Qatar, Syria and other Middle East countries want U.N. intervention into this conflict. And, indeed any war, civil war or conflict where innocent peace loving people are killed is tragic. And, that is the point I am making. I don't see Islamic nations demanding a half to Muslims burning churches in Nigeria, Ethiopia, or Indonesia. I don't see Islamic nations demanding the Darfur tragedies to stop against non-Muslims. I see Muslim countries fanning the flames of war in former Soviet republics and the Philippines. But where is a united front to stop war and civil strife by the nations of Islam when conflicts are not against other Muslims? Why should the resources of the World that are not Muslim, only be applied to Sunni Muslims or extremists who demand an ideology that affords only their concept of God, military, religion, and politics? Syria is a remnant of the Ottoman Empire that lost World War 1 where its government was created by France so that all religions could practice. Now, the Sunnis want power and if ever they get it - surely they've learned a harsh lesson of war. And that lesson is that nobody wins a war.
2. Re #1
Andrew Brehm ,   Zurich   (10.30.12)
The African victims in the Darfur genocide are also Muslims. But you are right, the Muslim world doesn't seem to care about Christian victims of Muslim violence. However, the Muslim world also doesn't care about black victims of Muslim violence, even if those black victims are Muslim. I believe the only solution is independence for non-Muslim and non-Arab peoples in North-Africa and the Middle East.
3. International community
When the international community brought down Saddam Hussein it was criticised for not showing enough respect for a Muslim mass murderer. When the USA eliminated Osama bin Laden Pakistan went bezerk. If a Muslim leader needs to be overthrown it must be other Muslims who do it. Otherwise it becomes a Muslim versus infidel issue. In Syria the opposition has its own unattractive side, which is why the West can't get too involved.
4. Talk is cheap Emir!! Why don't you
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (10.30.12)
do the job for once? Why should we sacrifice our young for you?
5. So what?
steve from raleigh   (10.30.12)
Allah will sort it out, nothing to see here.
6. @1 Grin and bear it
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (10.30.12)
France and Great Britain as then was, made a mess in the ME that will take 100 years to sort out. Saudi Wahabism has for 200 years been stoking a fiery brand of Islam, and once their treasuries were full from 1970, they splashed fortunes on terror You have evidence of ethnic cleansing in Muslim countries.Sad Christianity is disintegrating as a religion, with CoE half dead, and Catholicism corrupt and irrelevant. Egyptian Copts will be next to go, whilst Mr Obama worries about his election Assad is trying to avoid a massacre of Millions in his bid to survive. I do not condone what he does, but he knows what his co-religionists will do better than anyone.
7. The world will never intervene
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (10.30.12)
For these reasons: 1) Arabs are killing Arabs 2) There is no oil 3) Jews are not building homes there yet
8. condemn everybody but arabs for non intervention
zionist forever   (10.30.12)
Qatar condemns the international community for non intervention but doesn't condemn the Arab League for refusing to do anything even when a formal proposal for an arab peace keeping force is brought before them. This is one war the west should not get involved in. We have no idea who will replace Assad and whilst some Syrians will be grateful for western intervention others will see it as iterfearing in Syrian affairs so the western forces risk becoming the enemy and getting shot at. Get involved in a civil war your in it for the long term can't drop some bombs on Assad's forces and go home, this is not Libya. It also risks Hezbollahin Lebanon & Assad teaming up to start a war with Israel and backed by Iran. Unless Assad uses WMDS or it looks like he might we need to leave the Syrians to fight this one out and then do business with the winner.
9. "Qatar's proposal to deploy an Arab peacekeeping
A ,   Belgium   (10.30.12)
was unsuccessful. " Of course , it was! Besides condemning Israel for everything and anything wrong in the world, there is no Arab unity, no "brotherhood", only one group waving petrodollars and building monuments to their own greed and vanity, and another group killing each other. The rich arabs from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, etc. would rather stay in their palaces with their harems than get their hands dirty helping Syrians or "palestinians" or anyone other moslems. And that is a big advantage for Israel.
10. islamic insanity
real vision ,   usa   (10.30.12)
and the world is nuts as well. If Israel defends itself from rockets from gaza and kills a terrorist the world accuses israel of aggression. But if 100 people die in syria or 5 suicide bombs go off in Iraq or Afganistan, people hardly blink. The world sort of expects this daily violence from muslims and to muslims and to all others. It is a DISGRACE to GOD and humanity from the leadership of islam and from islam itself that refuses to value LIFE
11. Dont be so sure
Dov ben David ,   Eilat, Israel   (10.30.12)
I am not convinced any longer if Assad should go. The contra revolution is done by Al Quaida and other crazy organizations who will harm Syria more then Assad. It would be much better to support Assad and make him promise to rule his country a bit more democratic. Israel dont need another extremist country in the region.
12. Emir, send your army don't wait for others!!
Abuya ,   ME   (10.30.12)
13. the genocide is happening because of the rebels
jack bauer   (10.30.12)
assads people didnt kill indiscriminately before the civil war. The killing has happened on both sides since the gulf states have had their brotherhood move in, since the CIA has been giving them libyan weapons from obama.... since the west has supported al qaeda/brotherhood the murders have intensified... Assad may have hated Israel, but he was good for syria. The scum that will replce him will be 100 times worse. mark my words
14. Too early to judge.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (10.30.12)
Wait until the final result. If Assad wins Qatar emir will congratulate him, defeating the wicked rebel mass murders. If Assad falls and the rebels win ,the same in opposite meaning.
15. Genocide
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (10.30.12)
It's great that the Prime Minister of Qatar recognizes the war of extermination in Syria as genocide. But, he isn't nearly as perceptive concerning the rockets that are indiscriminately fired into Israel every day. The Islamic definition of genocide is when someone they like is being killed. "Allah Akbar" marks the Islamic celebration when someone they don't like is being killed.
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