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Syria: Clashes erupt in Palestinian refugee camp
Associated Press
Published: 30.10.12, 11:24
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1. One way to solve overcrowding in refugee camps
A ,   Belgium   (10.30.12)
2. And maybe H-Shem wants arobs 2 change their character
Moshe ,   Usa   (10.30.12)
Oh BOO HOO 4 them !
3. @2
abdullah ,   Jordan   (10.30.12)
You mock now, But kids are being turned into lions, The stage is being prepared from God. No one can stop the Islamist wave. Maybe Islamist are terrorists, since they terrorize criminals and oppressors.
4. they are the ones who broke the truce
zionist forever   (10.30.12)
Just hours into this latest truce the rebels broke it with a car bomb, if they hadn't done that then its possible that it would have held. The smart thing to do would be negotiate a deal with Assad which would leave Assad as president and over a certain number of years with international supervision. He would gradually give up his powers and all the things he has done in this war would be forgiven & forgotten. As things stand Assad has no choice but to keep fighting because if he steps down he will be given a show trial and executed. He will have a hard time trying to find a country that will give him asylum and even if he does he is stuck there till the day he dies because the west want to put him up in front of international criminal courts. As long as he keeps fighting he has a chance at survival and the stronger his bargaining position. The UN should pass a resolution that if Assad agrees to step down no charges will ever be made in the international criminal courts.
5. #3 Don't confuse God with Allah.
Jake   (10.30.12)
6. #3
arne ,   chicago usa   (10.30.12)
beware not to wake a sleeping tiger--the west is sleeping now--talk softly
7. Syrian Palestinians' UNRWA=section 8 scene of battles
mimi jacques ,   oob,usa   (10.31.12)
The PFLP leaders all escaped mostly to Dubai,Qatar and are being consulted in all matters (Hamas/Gaza over PA/West Bank). These terrorists are now also on the rebels' side against their benefactor and financier Syrian g'ment. (thus also against Iran assumingly). While Dubai is also the destination of terrorists from France (Moroccan origin-2003 Casablance bombing apprehended at Munich airport on way to Dubai-Fouad Charoude).
8. # 3 Abdallah
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (10.31.12)
Those kids you mention end up dead. The stage is being prepared by G-d, the G-d of Israel. He chose the Jews, maybe you should too, they win!
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (10.31.12)
We know whom we serve. There is no G-d by the G-d of Israel. The newer gods have no power except to murder one another. That's a god???
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