Israel, Canada announce cooperative venture
Daniel Horowitz
Published: 31.10.12, 07:30
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1. 5 million is nothing
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (10.31.12)
For a 2 country joint venture? $5 million is a crap amount. That's salaries for no more than 8 people working on it.
2. What will this accomplish?
Dave ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.01.12)
Besides wasting $5 Million in tax payer cash? This is a token announcement which will make a handful of people rich to the betterment of neither nation. Politcal BS that can probably be considered a bribe.
3. what does this have in common with the israel space agency?
zionist forever   (11.01.12)
The government is investing just $5 million in this scientific venture which is peanuts for this kind of research. The government also only gives $5 million to the Israel Space Agency. We sure do like to invest big time when it comes to major scientific projects.
4. 1- You may think so, but it's already
Ypip ,   Canada   (11.05.12)
developing under the CIIDRF. That was launched in 1994 and financed over 90 partnerships between over 160 companies from both countries. This is a seed of that.
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