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US preacher: Gay rights causing hurricane
Published: 31.10.12, 09:08
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1. Must be heart-warming for Ovadia to discover another loonie!
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.31.12)
2. 'Just received' :Adirect message from "G"D" ?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (10.31.12)
3. Romney is Pro-Gay like Obama is a Muslim-pass the fruitcake
miki ,   tampa   (10.31.12)
4. #1 Loony
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (10.31.12)
In the US, Loonys like McTernan are harmless nobodies, in Israel they are kingmakers who destroy the country. Remember it was Ovadiah who collaborated with Rabin to pass Oslo I, then with Barak with his surrender to Arafat and lastly with Sharon and Olmert for ethnically cleansing Gush Katif.
5. Wow, not the Jew's fault this time
John ,   NZ   (10.31.12)
Its about time the gays took their fair share of blame in the world. They have been freeloading off the Jews for years now. And how come the blacks are getting off scott free, can't we blame them for something. And women, I bet they are behind global warming and high gas prices and stuff. And don't start me off on short people and left handed people - oops, I'm left handed hehe, so lets forget that bit
6. Great news
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (10.31.12)
Mirror image idiots also in the US of A
7. The preacher is absolutely right...but
Israeli 2   (10.31.12)
that's not the only reason.
8. #7 Israeli : Homophobia kills
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (10.31.12)
2 young people murdered in cold blood in a youth center in Tel Aviv not enough to satisfy your blood lust and ignorance? All this encouraged by Shas leading up to the murders. Im sure you must be very proud
9. Maybe it's the preachers...
Andrew Brehm ,   Zurich   (10.31.12)
I notice that it is always countries with many religious fundamentalists preaching against homosexuality that are hit by storms and tsunamis; Japan being a notable exception.
10. though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (10.31.12)
pastors and preachers should be mindful that this is not the time to pronounced judgments, for the innocence are suffering too at the same time the guilty ones are... while we do agreed that America of late are doing down the abyss by opening flood-gate of gay rights, abortion rights, euthanasia rights... especailly the present Chief is definitely causing the wrath of G-D... BUT, let's be not so quick as to link Sandy to G-D's hand of judgments. this is the time to lead people to look upon G-D, and to edify them, encourage them that in HIM there are hope. Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him. (Job 13:15)
11. It's beyond me
Yaara ,   Israel   (10.31.12)
how some people could be so primitive.
12. Yes, But Ynetnews!
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (10.31.12)
B"H - Yes, but when I, a simple Jewish reader, sent in a tb on Sandy, saying that my impression was that Hashem, our G-d, doesn't approve of the American way of life, it was censored by an extremist-turned-political-activist-against-G-d, employed by Ynetnews as "editor". Why these book-burners-at-heart aren’t given a rule-book and a supervisor?
13. Well they got to blame someone
Moshico ,   Jerusalem   (10.31.12)
But the real reason is because Obama does not want to address Iran until after the election and he does not want to admit that Israel are the only ones for peace. G-d will destroy America if Obama does not destroy Iran.
14. The gays
JonC ,   Sydney Australia   (10.31.12)
Maybe it was caused by the refusal of the US government not to legalise gay marriage ! There's my ten cents worth.
15. Another nutter!
Like fertilizer, there is no shortage of them.
16. Without exception all......
Robert ,   Australia   (10.31.12)
......religions have their nut jobs. Religion is best avoided. It will eventually bring the demise of mankind.
17. This nut job evangelist.....
Robert ,   Australia   (10.31.12)
......preacher is in good company with the nut jobs here. His weird views are more than matched.
18. Yes, but...
Michael ,   Kokhav Ya'ir, Israel   (10.31.12)
We Jews may think we are modern to not believe in Gd's wrath but if it doesn't exist then we must have invented it.
19. Re #14
Andrew Brehm ,   Zurich   (10.31.12)
No, I think it was caused by religious preachers.
20. Ol' Quickdraw
Curtis ,   USA   (10.31.12)
Never a shortage of knee-jerk reactions when it comes to opinions on how Yahweh thinks. The Bible says, "The wicked shall be turned into Hell, and all the nations that forget God." And "Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people." Maybe we shouldn't think of the situation as judgment from Yahweh so much as Yahweh withdrawing his hand of protection over the USA. It is important that we remember Yahweh doesn't necessarily think as humans do, as He says His ways are above man's ways. The issue of "punishment" may be more complicated than many give it credit for.
21. Yosef Ovadia, I compel thee to get out of this body
Gregg ,   Haifa Il   (10.31.12)
22. Sodoma Gomorra and NY
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (10.31.12)
23. I'm not sure who to believe anymore...AL Gore
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (10.31.12)
and his religious the world is melting movement......Or the Reverends gay movement silliness. I do know one mile of ICE MELTED off of New York City without any peoples help. Maybe both religions are full of hot air. Both seem to be doing as much wheeling and dealing for the public's attention.....while the left wing news media just adores Al Gores feverous pitch of the Devil did it. I mean humans.........excuse me. It's funny that no scientist explains how all the ice melted without humans being the culprit in previous meltdowns. Maybe common sense should be used in both cases rather than radical religious extremism.
24. Got the perfect job for this guy .....
JW ,   Haifa   (10.31.12)
... as an adviser to Ahmadinejad in Iran.
25. What a loon
Roxy ,   Israel   (10.31.12)
Severe weather is caused by Global Warming, which is caused by all the hot air spewed by people who claim to speak in the name of GD !
26. Gays and lesbian
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (10.31.12)
Again and again Shyp all this ultra orthodox in the midel of the ocean with sharks all around And let them ask they god to save them
27. So the US has its idiots too
Madeleine ,   Israel   (10.31.12)
Sounds just like our ultra-orthodox talking after some major disaster here. Disgusting fools.
28. Our punishment is Bibi + Lieberman
Bruno   (10.31.12)
We must have done something very very bad!
29. So
Z.Z. Coltrane ,   USA   (10.31.12)
30. Evangelist nutcase
David Agam ,   Herzlia,Israel   (10.31.12)
I thought that ionly in Israel we had religious nutcases blaming lack of mezzuza for bus and train accidents, for saying that soldiers were killed because they di dnot keep kosher.... etc etc .. SO HAPPY THAT THERE ARE SO MANY NUTCASES NOT ONLY IN ISRAEL BUT HAVE "BROTHERS" IN OTHER COUNTRIES.
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