Violence, racism on board school bus
Ahiya Raved
Published: 31.10.12, 14:08
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1. best response: outpouring of support for Mangistu family
Rafi ,   US   (10.31.12)
2. "Light onto Nations" so-called "jewish values" Don't file
JAN   (10.31.12)
a complaint agains a jew
3. Sounds like the average Israeli father to me.
Marilyn ,   Tel Aviv   (10.31.12)
They're all racist bigots.
4. #3 Marilyn
MR   (10.31.12)
The way you put it, it includes your father.
5. Principal as morally bankrupt as attacker
Cowboy Joe ,   Calgary, Canada   (10.31.12)
6. wow
noah ,   israel and usa   (10.31.12)
Throw the dad under the jail,human dignity is a must!
7. no real surprise
alsky ,   toronto   (10.31.12)
Unfortunately, this type of behaviour does nothing for Aliyah. Then again, it is pretty much tyoical of those arrogant rude people I met when I was in Israel and left 3 weeks early. (Yes, i am fully aware there are lots of good Israelis)
8. re: no. 3
Ari   (10.31.12)
Uh, that sounds like a pretty bigoted comment to me if I'm honest...
9. Put that man in jail as soon as possible...
Jeff ,   Maccabim   (10.31.12)
10. Unions legal departments
Joseph ,   London UK   (10.31.12)
Various UK teachers unions report quite a lot of abusive behaviour to teachers by parents. Hospital staff and others in the public service have also reported a lot of abuse. The police and courts must send a very clear message that there is zero tolerance.
11. Punched a woman in the face???
M. Ross ,   Boston, Mass.   (11.01.12)
Punched a woman in the face,,,,, I have never put my hands on a woman. I'll wager the son is O.K. with this on all fronts, that she is black and that he was never taught not to hit a woman,,,,, this contry is pitiful. Arrested for assualt, that possibly head wounds can cause death and brain damage, then released to house arrest, if remorseful it willbeseen in the son but I doubt it.
12. house arrest
Greg   (11.01.12)
would the punishment have been different if she was white and Jewish?
13. Filing a police complaint ????
Simo ,   Helsinki, Finland   (11.01.12)
A civil servant is violently attacked in front of numerous witnesses. That is a crime everywhere else than Israel with no need to file a police complaint before police takes actions. If a policeman is attacked does he need to file a police complaint before other polices can intervene?
14. remember Myriam
toledano jean-pierre ,   israel   (11.01.12)
If the woman did her job as the direction of the school asked her to do, then she acted correctly. Also that guy has to except the decision of that direction. Also remember what Myriam overcame after her scornful comment on Moshe's wife. So, give that racist the maximum sentence for his offense.
15. # 7 No rude folks in Toronto?
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.03.12)
16. # 4 Maybe she has no father?
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.03.12)
Maybe she's a he Either way a bigot post.
17. to #12 She most likely IS Jewish.
chava ,   yerushalayim   (11.03.12)
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