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'Islamization of Europe a good thing'
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 11.11.12, 13:52
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1. Clueless and dangerous Rabbi
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (11.11.12)
His final message undermines his whole premise - "Jews must pray that the Islamization of most of Europe will not harm the people of Israel. " The Islamization of most of Europe is already hurting Israel, and will lead to all out isolation and war if it continues.
2. Calling like it is
Rick ,   Raanana   (11.11.12)
I cannot dispute the Rabb's essential logic. A few years ago a journalist in Spain said that Europe deserves what it gets. It replaced kicked out the sons of light and got in its place wild Ishmael.
3. extremists
european   (11.11.12)
it's simple. we don't want extremists of any sort, jewish or muslim, on our soil. we welcome moderate and law abiding people of any race and religion, because we are civilized. now this rabbi better go try to find some african refugees to abuse, or some women to lock in the cellar. and israelis should ask themselves who they let speak on their behalf and what good it does them in the eyes of the civilized world.
4. Too many generalisations!
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (11.11.12)
Although Catholics in particular use graven images, they also accept the Hebrew Bible as their Old Testament and they certainly don't worship idols, although their trinity is less a pure monotheism than Judaism. Throughout history Germany had a high level of deadly persecution of Jews, much more than England, Holland, Italy and many other lands. Most present day terrorist acts against EU Jews are perpetrated by Islamist extremists, not by Christians.
5. Rabbi is an idiot
Robert ,   Romania   (11.11.12)
How does he think Israel will survive if Europe becomes muslim and introduces a blockade of Israel? How will Israel trade with East Asia and the US if it would no longer be able to fly over EU airspace? Also, this islamization threat is bs. Only France, the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Sweden have Muslim populations above 3%. Israel has 18% in the meantime. Spain, Italy, Poland, Romania, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, etc. have very small muslim minorities.
6. Fitting that damn fool is lurking in the West Bank
Cameron ,   USA   (11.11.12)
Wonder if he'll still admire Islam when Muslims show up with knives one night for him & his infidel family?
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (11.11.12)
8. Snoop Dogg
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (11.11.12)
During the US elections, Mr. Snoop Dogg wrote a hate filled and racist letter why people should not vote for Governor Romney. The press correctly did not try to blame Obama for Mr. Dogg's personal opinions. I believe that Rabbi Efrati is allowed to express his own opinions. I don't see why YNet publishing them (considering they ignored Mr. Dogg's opinions). If they wanted the opinions, why not let Efrati write his own OpEd so no one could suspect that a journalist distorted his words?
9. Rabbi Efrati is right about both points
Dov ,   Israel   (11.11.12)
1) Europe threw (murdered) the Jews, they got what they deserved - Arab terrorists to replace innocent quiet respectful Jews. 2) Arabs in Europe is good for today's generation when non-Jews or even secular Jews have no clue what modesty is all about.
10. On the one had the Rabbi is correct, on the other
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (11.11.12)
he totally leaves out the fact that the muslims killed as many in their countries, raped and stole from Jews and continue to believe and act in this way, as permitted by their governments. Of course, now that they have Obamar supporting muslim brotherhood and al quaeda, they will do this with even more gusto. Good punishment for Europe, really bad for us.
11. # 3 European
You're misinformed if you think this rabbi is speaking for the State of Israel. In fact, the majority of Israelis don't even pay attention to what rabbis say.
12. This is so right on!
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.11.12)
I'm sure it will go over the heads of the all the left brain, secular thinkers, who have no clue what's coming down. In the end, Islam because it maintained its connection to monotheism, may recognize the errors of their spiritual inheritance, the remnants of the Christian world may never have the chance.
13. Rabbi Efrati, ever heard of Maimonides?
Matthew ,   West Coast, USA   (11.11.12)
This is what Maimonides, one of the greatest rabbis of all time, says in his Epistle to Yemen: "Remember, my co-religionists, that on account of the vast number of our sins, God has hurled us in the midst of this people, the Arabs, who have persecuted us severely, and passed baneful and discriminatory legislation against us, as Scripture has forewarned us, "Our enemies themselves shall judge us" (Deuteronomy 32:31). Never did a nation molest, degrade, debase and hate us as much as they. " He knew very well about Christian mistreatment of Jews, and still wrote that about the Arabs.
14. Islamization of Europe is not good,
but it's not bad either. It's just a process taking place, one of many thousand in the last 2000 years. Changes always happened and always will, because our societies aren't rigid and fixed systems. We live in uncertain and tangled times and it seems that Islam gives especially young Muslims some sort of hold and identification. Something they obviously can't find somewhere else. And what is with the non-Muslims in Europe? They're trying to find hold and identification by worshipping to the modern "religion" of consumption. Buying stuff from companies like apple et al. There no big difference between a Muslim headscarf and an ipod.
15. Stupid and disgusting rabbi
Alexandre ,   France   (11.11.12)
The Jews and Israel will certainly not be in security the day Europe will be entirely ruled by Islam.
16. Simply stunning!
Tracy W   (11.11.12)
No Jew in his right mind would advocate Islam as being better than Christianity. Sure, Christianity has a horrible record. But who is calling for the murder of Jews these days? Who has been doing the kiling since the German Nazi defeat? And who collaborated with the Nazis and help draw up the plans for the Final Solution during the Second World War? The Mufti of Jerusalem. The Muslim modesty that the rabbi praises so much comes at an extremely high price for those who question it. So many women lives lost to perceived "lack of modesty". The rabbi does not see tyranny and worse even when staring him in the face. What else is the good rabbi preaching?
17. Murderous hypocritical christianity . . . YES that's exactly
Moshe ,   Usa   (11.11.12)
right !
18. I understand the sentiment. Sad, but true.
leo ,   usa   (11.11.12)
19.  fascist rabbi
yehezkel ,   israel   (11.11.12)
christianity worships the God of ABRAHAM, ISAAK AND JACOB, islam worships a moon god , called allah which requires sacrifices of children, blood, and keeps senidng bombs to the south of israel, rabbi - get a grip turn the tv on, get alive
20. We all know that Islamization in Europe sprouted
The Truth Hurts   (11.11.12)
from the earth soaking with Jewish blood. Why is everyone so surprised at what this Rabbi said if we can't deny a fact?
21. Islamization of Europe good?
Exasperated   (11.11.12)
C'mon: is being savagely murdered by a fanatic Muslim on behalf of Allah a better way to die than being tortured and killed by a rabidly pious Christian on behalf of Jesus-the-Jew? 1. This evidently ignorant so-called "rabbi" needs to study the history of the Jewish people's tribulations and oppression through the ages. 2. This very deranged individual (Tipesh gadol meod) needs to study elementary logic if he has the necessary mental capacity (doubtful). 3. Most of all this individual needs to remember that in order to hide his profound stupidity, he must keep his silly mouth shut!
22. #5. Robert: Raed Arafat - Romania
Tom W ,   USA   (11.11.12)
The Palestinian doctor became Romania's minister of health. There is nothing wrong with it but it's indicates the trend of the spreading Islamic influence in the EU. Even in the more insular and nationalistic Eastern EU.
23. when i hear the word halakha, I reach for my revolver
roger ,   zurich switzerland   (11.11.12)
This moral midget who thinks he's holy, is showing his Christophobia. He does not even hide his venomous racism. We can thank him for that. It's hate filled morons like him that perpetuate antisemitism.
24. We will never forgive Europe's Christians ,...
split ,   US   (11.11.12)
Rebbe, who cares ? ,...
25. Almost there ...
Valdi   (11.11.12)
I am not a prophet, therefore can not say who at the end will have killed more jew's, but one thing I agree: I watched yesterday JB 007, and considering that millions of people will see it worldwide, it is for me just a confirmation how deep the western moral has fallen. No respect for life, no respect for other cultures, no respect for wiman. It is ok to drive through middle eastern cities markets with cars killing bystanders like flys, but every one has to mourn respectfully the four British agents rest ed in ohner. It is ok to kill a woman in a game like a dog, sure enough an asian brunet. It is ok to kill hundreds others in brutal way and murders are the heros. And what is that message the movie wants to teach millions of juveniles? What values does it promote? I think in reality, it doesn't matter who will dominate in Europe, USA, since after raping the whole world for centuries in an egoistic run for gold, might, influence and killing and enslaving hundreds of millions humans, after holocaust, this un-cultures will finally degenerate by it's own inhumanity. Best.
26. Muslims are the new enemies of Jews you IDIOT
zionist forever   (11.11.12)
Its the Christian Europe that has grown up at last and no longer fights religious wars and has learned to be accepting of other cultures & religions. Muslims are the ones who want to convert everybody now and there are much more radical Muslims in Europe than there are radical Christians. Muslims in Europe also feel sympathy for Muslim states at war with the west because they see themselves as all Muslims. This rabbi is a totaal moron who is rejoicing because he thinks Christians are getting payback by the Muslims taking over and not thinking about how today the people who want to kill Jews are the Muslims.
27. Tell me "rabbi"
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.11.12)
What was the fate of the Jews , and other non muslims , in muslim lands ? How did they behave towards Jews , and not only since 1948 ? Ok , they didsn't murder six millions of us in three or four years , but amost always made us suffer .
28. Rabbi , who murdered those four Jews
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.11.12)
in Toulouse ? Who attacks Jews in France , Belgium ? All in name of their "religion" .
29. The Rabbis are wrong
Benji   (11.11.12)
It's stunning that the rabbis have such zero spiritual insight that they don't understand Allah is a different principality from the true God, a demonic counterfeit personality.
30. A comment of only one word -Idiot!
miki ,   tampa   (11.11.12)
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