Soldier: Haredi man spat on me and my mother
Yoav Zitun
Published: 31.10.12, 15:07
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1. Ther eis only one method to prevent such shamefull acts
Robocop75   (10.31.12)
Change the law. Close the haredim yeshivots and force the haredim chilmdrens to go in public schools were boys and grils are mixed. It will save at least the youngest generations from these cultic gangs
2. culture of spitting
Noa   (10.31.12)
Well, for a long time Haredim have been spitting at Christians. Now it's female soldiers, soon it will be all females, then also secular Jewish men, then Jewish men with the wrong kipa, then....what? It is about time our government takes the Haredi issue more seriously.
3. to much is made about the actions of these radical morons
zionist forever   (10.31.12)
We got some radical haredi and we have some equally as radical seculars fact is they are all a bunch of morons and the fact one of them spat at this woman whilst she was in the car is so pathetic its not even newsworthy. Without defending the actions of this idiot it would be nice to get a little bit of even coverage when it came to radicals. Religious, secular, right wing, left wing if they are radical they should be condemned because they are all as bad as each other.
4. Description
Ariks ,   Zurich   (10.31.12)
Apparently he wore a black hat and a black coat with a white shirt. Should be pretty easy to spot! I see him every day.
5. they only spit of those who won't fight back
ADAM BALM ,   ATLANTA, USA   (10.31.12)
cowards... I hope to see the day when spitting on another person by ANYONE including the fringe nutballs, is deemed an act of terrorism and a public health hazard with punishment of 15 years in prison...that should be a GOOD LONG HEALTH LESSON
6. And where are the public Rabbis who refuse to condemn it?
Avi   (10.31.12)
Where is ovadya yosef and other rabbis to declare it's against the torah to spit on women? No, these are not a minority, they're the majority, and they say and do what their leaders think.
7. A fanatic idiot
Paul ,   Phila., USA   (10.31.12)
Find him and order him to do 30 days of civil work at a military base (collecting trash, street cleaning, dishwashing, etc.)
8. Why it that non-religious constantly spit on charedim
and only chareidi sites mention it.
9. In this case..
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (10.31.12)
Street justice would've been prudent & justified. I would've liked to have read this article from a different angle - "Female soldier in Jerusalem acquitted of assault charges after beating man who spit on her & her mother."
10. DNA Kits Work
Technologist   (10.31.12)
They were introduced in the UK, a few years back, when bus drivers were being spat upon.
11. a secular man spat on me few days ago
Laurence ,   israel   (10.31.12)
A secular motorist with tatoos on his arms spat on me few days ago while I was riding my car. Shall I go to the police ? Will it make the headlines or it is not interesting since it is a secular man ?
12. Fact of Life: Jewish men above jewish women, who are above
BDS   (10.31.12)
non-jews. Ask Chief Rabbi Ovidia Yosef
13. She would recognize him again........
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (10.31.12)
How so? They all look the same. And she took a picture of his BACK. Well, that should do it then......
14. and so on, the election madness starts the incitement
hadad ,   U.K   (10.31.12)
If any of you remember last time articles like this one was published, would realize it was when every one thought that there would be ellection. do not be fooled, its a campain to stir division amongst the public.
15. Haleli As A IDF Soldier, After The Shock
of being spit on. YOU Should Have Slapped The Kugel Right Out Of Him, then you should have asked him if his family feels SAFE, Because of your Esstemed Service You and Your IDF Comrades Are True HERO's. I Pray for your saftey Daily and hope the yeshiva's would Tell their members TO SHOW RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck To You Young Lady!!!!!!!!
16. Quick! Everybody post flaming generalities and stereotypes!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.31.12) we go again. Just yesterday I heard a secular person cursing haredim and calling them names! And there are national religious who had nasty things to say about seculars and haredim. And then there is my Druze friend who is discriminated against, and my Arab friends too...but they have nasty things to say about us and about each other! So Ynet readers! ACTION STATIONS!!! EVerybody has to post a flaming talkback right away~!!
17. I am disgusted to read few talk backs!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (10.31.12)
Instead of condemning, they are saying that some secular spat on some religious yesterday, so what's a big deal? Every such act done by secular or religious is disgusting. This is very sad that such a horrible act and people are taking sides. You all should be ashamed of yourself to call yourself human.
18. i read her original writing and well
ester   (10.31.12)
first she says than she wasnt able to take a picture of him cause he ran away and after two lines she says that he was waiting there but they were scaried to get out of the car and then now she has a picture of him? lol
19. #11, and 16 whats sick here is your responce
Mike ,   Israel   (10.31.12)
Have you ever thought of just saying spiting on women is wrong rather than making false and discusting comments. Maybee it would help your comunity get the so much help it seems it needs.
20. 17
zionist forever   (10.31.12)
I think the point is we have got radical nuts on all sides religious, secular, right & left but all we ever hear about are the haredi and their antics. How often does the media report what the radical seculars are getting up to? Anybody would think that haredi are the only ones who have extremists amongst their ranks and seculars are all honest law abiding citizens because of the unbalanced reporting in the media.
21. To Haleli Yitzhak :-)
Thomas ,   Poland   (10.31.12)
Hello Haleli I admire You. I would stay with you until the end of the world. You're cute and adorable. I miss you a lot. Have a nice day sweetheart . Could someone give me here-mail .
22. Represhensible and Disgusting......
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (10.31.12)
This type of sick behavior should be condemned by all who do it...secular or haredi...doesn't matter. Civilized people should respect each other's beliefs!!!!
23. Uh, why is this news?
Ari   (10.31.12)
So will Ynet be publishing a prominent news story every time some idiot spits at someone? Wow, that should be interesting...
24. To No. 20
Bertram ,   London, UK   (10.31.12)
Presumably, if you had a child who behaved in abominable manner towards another human being your response to that person would be: don't just yell at my child, yell at all the others who behave like that.
25. The Haredi
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (10.31.12)
spit on us all everyday The day they have top work for a living and don't have a choice in serving in the IDF like normal decent Israelis then they are two societies in Israel. One which works, fights and grows the state, and the other who simply bleed the state dry.
26. no.17 - I partially agree with you...
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (10.31.12)
All of them, no matter who they are, should be caught and punished. If there is any difference made to report such cases happened to any side, then that is wrong. Both the sides should be given the equal importance. But this does not give anyone right to defend a criminal. If some one says that it happened to him but he did not report it, then that person has done wrong by not reporting it. Do not side with criminal even if they belong to your community...period.
27. Hate makes the world go round
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (10.31.12)
Offenders to Derekh Eretz especially those who pretend to be religious, should be held down, have their beards shaved , and clothes cut and sent home having been photographed
28. It's considered assay
29. Two solutions
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.01.12)
1. Spit back. 2. Carry pepper spray, and use liberally. VERY liberally. Personally, I'd go with Option 2.
30. haredi man spat an IDF soldier w/ma
dongszkie ,   cebu city,philippine   (11.01.12)
Is this the behavior of a society of supposedly religious people displaying blatantly their godless behavior? People of God that doesn't even learn the basic of GOOD MANNER and respect to fellow man???Don't they know that if Israeli society happened to be all-haredi there would never be a Jewish STATE OF ISRAEL? This people doesn't know the God they claimed to worship,they must be educated.
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