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UN Security Council relocates due to storm damage
Published: 31.10.12, 22:46
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1. condemn the place
Steve ,   USA   (10.31.12)
Then have the UN move to Ireland , Sweden or somewhere more appropriate.
2. Unfortunately not far enough and not forever.
leo ,   usa   (10.31.12)
3. #1, the UN building should be condemned.
Essie HaKohane ,   FL. USA   (11.01.12)
The building is in total disrepair and neglect. If it was not on international soil, the city of New York would condemn the building since it does not conform to any building codes anymore. It does not even have a fire sprinkler system It would be cheaper to demolish this rat trap and build condos on this property. That would be a blessing to this planet. Mayor Bloomberg, are you listening? There is a potential of a great real estate investment after your term of office.
4. Maybe they can relocate permanently...
Susan ,   Israel   (11.01.12)
... to Mars. Go screw up someone else's planet. You've done enough damage here.
5. The U.N. should relocate to Geneva so that when Nostradamus'
Rivkah   (11.01.12)
prophecy of the positive particle machine (Higgs-Boson in today's lingo) causing a black hole that swallows up Geneva, Switzerland, the U.N. can be swallowed up with it. Geneva is already the U.N.'s second capital city. Why should the U.N. wait for the Las Palmas volcano island in the Canary Islands to break in half with the soon to come eruption (there are earthquake swarms there, now)? That resulting tsunami will bring an estimated 300 foot tidal wave to the Eastern Seaboard, unlike the mere 8 foot surge from Hurricane Sandy. Either way, NYC or Geneva, the U.N.'s headquarters are doomed and the sooner, the better. World government is evil and it is Satan's attempt to recreate the offense of the tower of Babel. God divided the nations and that is how God wants it to stay, with national borders and peoples of different nations, not a one world nation with no borders.
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