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Israeli rabbi: US got a 'nice hurricane'
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 01.11.12, 13:41
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1. what a lunatic get a real job buddy
David ,   Haifa, IL   (11.01.12)
2. What a freak!
mike ,   Gedera   (11.01.12)
3. God does not objectively exist.
Jeffrey M. Korman ,   Douglaston, NY   (11.01.12)
What part of the Rabbis' tuchis is he talking out of? The Torah, Gospels and Koran and all of it's God-Men are works of proven fiction.
David ,   Herzlia,Israel   (11.01.12)
5. To become a rabbi as erudite and knowing as this one...
Mikesailor ,   Miami, FL   (11.01.12)
...does one have to endure a lobotomy? Interesting how Israel pays the salaries of the ignorant and promotes the bigoted.
6. Great rabbi
Í╣jon d ,   israel   (11.01.12)
All you people should be ashamed of speaking ill about a great rabbi in Israel. Who you guys think you are?!?!?!?! There is no coincidences in this world! Open your eyes and hear the messages around us. Anyone who dares to speak or go against Israel and G-d's plans, will be punished. Wake up and see the signs!
7. Idiot! !
8. nutcase or not
Yisraeli   (11.01.12)
he does make some poignant truths about the State of Israel. I have long called for Israel to tell them to stick their $$$ where the sun dont shine. But we Jews have to behave like shnorrers. As the saying goes you can take the jew out of the ghetto but its harder to remove the ghetto mentality from the jew. Mah lasot, guess were still in galut no matter where we may be.
Haya ,   Bat Yam   (11.01.12)
He sounds like those Islamic preachers....full of hate.
10. Practicing restraints in wars,...
Ezra ,   San Diego USA   (11.01.12)
As the U.S. expect Israel to. He's got a point there about practicing restraint. Many in the U.S. cling to Israel psychologically because they acknowledge the wisdom of the Torah. Their souls yearn for a better in life, and they instinctively choose it. Other Christians have their own replacement theology agendas. My point is, history repeats itself.
11. Wow, he has buddies in Iran too
martin ,   uk   (11.01.12)
12. Who was making jokes?
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (11.01.12)
"some people are already making jokes at the Americans' expense". Does Kobi Nahshoni have a problem with English or understanding. I'm not supporting the Rabbi but he wasn't joking.
13. dumbass
Sharon   (11.01.12)
what a dumbass
14. "Wierdos"
Israel ,   Israeli   (11.01.12)
As the saying goes "all mothers have them" We also have these stupid wierdos and not only Iran and Syria
15. Kobi Nahshoni , a hardcore secular-extremist
Shalom ,   Israel   (11.01.12)
Lashing out at REAL Torah Jews once again. Neither does he care about shaming a great Rav of Israel, one who has studied about Judaism and the Jewish people more then all the hilonim in Israel togheter. But I say to Ynet, the secularists, and all other Rabbi/Judaism haters out there only 1 thing: Yesh Din v yesh Dayan So laugh all you want, speak evil tongue all you want, live your life full of sin all you want, but don't forget what is waiting for you, and don't forget Who is waiting. And you will never be able to say that you have never been warned, because you are warned again and again and again! But you keep being stubborn, just like the complainers in the desert, who lashed out against Moshe Rabeinu. You are no better then those evildoers. Don't think anyone can get away with shaming the names of Gedole Yisrael, because in the end justice will prevail, like always b'ezrat Hashem.
16. and this in name of a "religion" !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.01.12)
Another of his alikes said that it was because of gay's rights , also in name of a "religion" , better to say in name of their "childish superstitions" We are awaiting an iranian ayatolla , then we'll have a nice trio of "religious" retarded bipeds
17. A desecration of G-d's name
Frum Yid ,   Yerushalayim, Israel   (11.01.12)
He's also anti-Zionist.The good thing is that as such, he refuses to vote.
18. Well the shouldn't the hurricane be in Israel if He did?
Josh   (11.01.12)
Once again the so called "educated" in Torah crosses the lines of Torah for self promotion. Although I will not argue that hurricanes are well withing G-d's power and that society needs to turn around, by no means do I think that G-d rebukes the other party when as this Rabbi describes Israel is the one he really wants to punish. If in fact the US is the so called vile nation G-d has put over Israel according to the choose death clauses, to leash our children like dogs, then it is 100% Israelis that were judged guilty for the US success in oppression. That would include this Rabbi as a leader. In this scenario, G-d would in fact promote, not destroy the vile nation to be strong and stronger over Israel. So all these scenarios "according to Torah" do not describe the situation of hurricane Sandy. Thus the Rabbi should be ashamed for his unthoughtful attempts at controlling Israelis. Clearly lying about Torah to separate them from freedom of association is the true oppression of Israelis.
19. #15 Well said Shalom.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.01.12)
May there be many more talkbacker like you.
20. As a proud Israeli-American
Korem ,   NYC   (11.01.12)
Go screw yourself Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak.
21. Pray that the rabbi's advise is followed.
BDS   (11.01.12)
israel should cut all ties with the US. Pay back the aid it got, return US weapons, US doen't need israel. A lot of Americans condemm israel.
22. Hey Rabbi Ahole, stop asking for US contributions then!
mea   (11.01.12)
I am sick of these rabbis who act like little jesayus denouncing with one hand--but boy o boy--they always make certain to lean on US people for contributions to their so called charities. Please remember this next holiday. Send nothing to religious organizations. This buffoon can use his own logic when he realizes he screwed himself.
23. ;) ,...
split ,   US   (11.01.12)
The dude is almost there but he talks too much and his message gets murky, just get your hands out of my pocket and get lost ,...
24. as an American someone needs to put a muzzle on these people
k ,   US   (11.01.12)
what is a matter with the freaks in Israel? Dont you know there is a growing population in the US who would love to cut off Israel and these losers only serve the people who would love to cut off Israel Israelis need to take care of these freaks in Israel, because I assure you many Americans will be more then happy to let Israel fend for themselves
25. present conditions!
DavidR ,   USA   (11.01.12)
These talkbacks show a little, what percentage of people today study Tanakh! Every act of judgment in Scripture is either natural disasters or wars. This is the way the Holy One of Israel punishes those who oppose His Word. The Rabbi may not be able to accurately state that the storm was a specific judgment but he is correct in his opinion that this is the way He works. No Charles, this is not in the name of Religion. This is in the observance of spiritual truth. Of course, I would not expect an atheist to agree. I eagerly await your never failing insults. May HaShem be praised!
26. You Are not a are a lunatic
Al   (11.01.12)
Good god. No leadership worth a damn in Israel today. Not in Politics, not in the Army not in the religious sphere. Very sad...Israels seems to be a ship without a rudder.
27. Shalom #15 -you are wrong
eddie ,   London UK   (11.01.12)
this Amnon freak is not a Gadol of Israel or of Torah. he is a nutjob, has his own extravagant cult, he is a false prophet who keeps making false predictions about the Messiah coming , which means he does not accept torah, and should not be taken seriously.
28. Sounds like an IMAM, do double check the ID. Tnx.
Big Mouth ,   On the face   (11.01.12)
29. Ynet/Yidiot Out to Destroy Israel/Selfhatel
SelfDestructiveYNET ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.01.12)
Fueled by years of left wing media hate of the State of Israel and all things Jewish here is yhet another example of stirring hate of Jews and Israel nby blowing up a non story and sending it around the world to be used against us.
Israel has become ,to some extent , enslaved to the US, sadly.
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