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IDF scours diaspora for cyber prodigies
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 01.11.12, 11:48
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1. Well... Gilad Schalit?
Miron ,   USA   (11.01.12)
What do you want to encrypt and from whom, Jewish Israelis? The murderers will murder and then walk, and I don't see how encryption can help anyone in this process, except convert electric enerty into heat. We already have issues with global warming. So, it would be nice if Israel is stopped from turning into world wide threat to ecosystem. And if Israel fails to hear this than more sever methods are in order from the international community. More to the point, Amira Hass the other day offered advice regarding absurdity of Israel. What normal person encrypts absurd? Use demolition experts.
2. seekeing offshore ?
Prophet ,   Kfar Saba   (11.01.12)
Like everything that natives of this country do is look outside instead of looking to the OLIM here . Always looking down to the OLIM . I assure that the necessary cyber prodigies are here. It's us the olim who make this a great nation .
3. I don't think overseas recruitment is legal
Israel ,   Israeli   (11.01.12)
4. It's cheaper
David ,   Haifa, IL   (11.01.12)
Zahal could never afford the usual rates for IT security experts. So it's cheaper to go and find some olim who can dedicate a couple of years for this cauese. May well be worth it for them too, because of the priceless hands-on experience. Together with a C.S. degree this can definitely be an important nucleus of a career.
5. #1 ???
Not keen on morons   (11.01.12)
Dear Miron: What does Gilad Shalit have to do with this article? You appear demented! From your post, it is evident that you are suffering from some major psychiatric problem(s) and need professional therapeutic help ASAP! As to your obvious very low intelligence (a genetics-related disaster in your case), that's your progenitors' fault...they should have used some better contraceptive means.
6. Let me educate you
Jane ,   tlv   (11.01.12)
some poster here do not understand a thing about cyberwarfare, you can go to school for 50000 years on the topic of internet security / cyber warfare but if you do not have the brain to think outside the box and build systems based on complex situations and custom tailored to specific goals, you are worthless as far as cyber war / security goes. Yes, im sure they looked in israel first, but there are not many that have the ability to do whats needed. Think about it, in what school do they teach you to build stuxnex? This must of been built and designed by someone or a team with some amazing knowledge of many different things to be able to pull it off.
7. My Israeli genius son in Australia at
joseph ,   Australia   (11.01.12)
16, had already completed his BSc with Honors, and was allowed to skip his Masters and enroll for a PhD in Nanoscience at the Bar Ilan University through Prof Aurbach. It took 6 months for the Army and Embassy to get back to us and sent us a pro forma letter that is sent out saying absolutely nothing. We are not coming back.
8. Hi-tech
zznhl   (11.01.12)
How about head hunting Israeli hi-tech companies and paying good wages. Many very good quality cyber warriors. Create Miluim battalions. How about retired milluimnikim who are in HT and would give up their left hand(The right hand is for the mouse!) to continue fighting the enemy!
9. Re: "Not keen on morons"
Miron ,   USA   (11.01.12)
Amira Hass says Israel is absurd. So, if you go here: and search for word "moronic" you will find ****** Part of Speech: adjective Definition: stupid Synonyms: absurd ****** that's as far as science can go. Rest is your verbal diahrea.
10. Laughable.
Josh   (11.01.12)
Israel has so many high tech cyber talent. In fact most of the hen houses have Israeli generated code in the firewalls. Israeli talent is all overseas working in various capacities. If they really want talent, call them home. Its best deal is to import from Russia.
11. Miron, take a pill
mea   (11.01.12)
12. To# 7 Your Genius Son
Jane ,   uk   (11.01.12)
isnt everyones son the smartest ever
13. Stay away from Americans
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (11.01.12)
If you are going to exploit them and compensate them a measly $100.00 a month stay away. They can join the US CYBER COMMAND and make thousands of dollars a month and protect America. If you offer them what American soldiers earn then you have my blessing.
14. My genius son
joseph ,   Australia   (11.01.12)
went from Grade 1 when he was 7 years old to University acceptance in Australia when he was 11years of age in just 4 years, skipping three grades each time. At 16 years of age he was the first ever to be awarded a double science degree in Photonics and Nanoscience, and was accepted to the Bar Ilan for his PhD at 16. He also ran the Gold Coast marathon, learned 3 musical instruments and played Phantom of the opera at the Parliament house in Canberra, won first prize in Drama at the Eisteddfods and 17 is tutoring Uni students, 18 years and older. My issue was not about my son, but the aloof treatment given to him by the IDF, when we wanted to return so that his talent could be used in Israel.
I am a genius and I know how to rap too.
16. Do yourself a favor, stay at home
Daniel   (11.01.12)
Join a startup, make real money. The IDF doesn't know how to appreciate programming talent.
17. cyber genius
Eli Turkel ,   Raanana   (11.02.12)
anyone know whom to contact in the IDF
18. Don't Stay home-Do it for Israel
R Philip Frank ,   Santa Barbara USA   (11.17.12)
We, as Jewish people, have been taught to help others, not to think only about ourselves. We need to help Israel survive, it is our duty, we worked hard overcome obstacles to get where we are now! Being selfish is not part of our wonderful heritage.
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