PM at Jewish school in Toulouse: Nation of Israel lives
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 01.11.12, 17:31
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1. A 23 year old Frenchman ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.01.12)
On paper , yes , but first of all a muslim .
2. Empty Words
JEWBOY ,   Atlanta, USA   (11.01.12)
Note the words of French President:"We MUST...", as opposed to:"We WILL...". Needless to say, more of the same from the French weasels.
3. Jewboy , Here what Hollande said to Bibi
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.01.12)
"Monsieur le premier ministre, je veux rappeler devant vous la détermination de la République française à combattre l'antisémitisme" . Mr prime minister here i will say you again the determination of the French republic to combat antisemitisme . DETERMINATION , is this strong enough for you ?
4. camps in france during ww2
erika bachar-kann ,   istrael   (11.01.12)
there were about 27 camps in occupied and free france. what aabout the help the germans received in paris from the gendarmerie. so easy to find the jews. i was in a train cattlewaggons which took us from courtrai to gurs 13 days in may 1940. all the documentation was destroyed only from november 1942 when the germans occupied free france everyhthing in GURS was docucmented. there is a memorial in israel with all the names from nov.1942
5. Hatred of Jews threatens humanity?
Michael Cecil ,   South Bend USA   (11.01.12)
The psychopathic Chief Priest appears to be just a 'little' confused. It is the hatred of TRUTH--NOT the hatred of Jews--that threatens humanity. Michael
6. Charlie my boy ,...
split ,   US   (11.01.12)
He went to France to show off to Israelis and be re-elected. No one takes him seriously anymore especially Frenchies. It means "we'll try, get lost" ,...
7. Bibi, get lost!
Gregg ,   Haifa IL   (11.01.12)
No one believes you anymore, especially French people! You're full of lies. By the way, there were few reports about your visit in French newspapers...
8. Erika , 4 . in May 1940 ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.01.12)
Belgium was invaded on 10 May 1940 . There were certainly not deportation trains to Gurs this month .
9. blablabla
gallula ,   paris   (11.01.12)
regarding how numerous is the afro muslim population is, Hollande can speak forever about antisemitism struggle. This tragedy will be unfortunately renewed. poor france.....the worms are already in the fruit. Majority of jews think to leave but it is hard.....
10. My relativity theory
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.01.12)
Indeed, jews are in danger in France, but native frenchmen are facing an even bigger catastrophe in the near future. Go to Paris and open your eyes !
11. RE: Charles
Jewboy ,   Atlanta, USA   (11.02.12)
Charles I hope that you are right, but actions will speak louder than words. The amount of Jews that have chosen to leave France due to victimization is astounding.
12. #5 You castrated the sentence.
Tahl   (11.02.12)
The actual sentence was: "The barbaric hatred of the murderers threatens not only Jews but all of humanity" Meaning - brutal violence stemming from blind hatred and barbaric zealotry, such as happened in this case, is a danger to all of us. Kapish?
13. #7 Gregg, get lost!
Tahl   (11.02.12)
There are enough news pieces about Bibi for you to spill your vitriol in. But in this particular case, the focus is not on Bibi, but on the cold-blooded murder of Jews resulting from vicious antisemitism. Yet you totally ignore this. Of course it is much more pressing for you to badmouth Bibi. With such a comment, you show your true colors: totally indifferent to Jewish suffering, and all you care about is trashing Israelis. It is exactly antipathic comments like this one which make you so hated here. I suggest you get lost from this forum and from our country.
14. 13 - whatever...
Gregg ,   Haia Il   (11.02.12)
15. answer to charles
erika bachar-kann ,   shdema, israel   (11.02.12)
10.5.1940 we were my parents & myself 12yrs old arresred by the belgian government as "germans!!" Prison in antwerp and than from courtrai to Gurs the voyage in france was with cattlewaggons in prison men & woman were separated i never saw my father again. but during the nazi occupation we survived thanks to many good belgians who saved 48% of the jewish population. meaning that during 3 years a population of about 90thousand jews more that 45thousand jews were saved under very difficult condition from '41 until liberation
16. Erika 15
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.03.12)
So you were arrrested by the Belgians , it was not very clear in your post . It was not only Belgium that arrested "alien enmies" , but also France and Great Britain . The US did it also with her citizens of Japanese origin , afte the Pearl Harbour attack . The history of the Belgian Jews during the Shoa is well known to me . Not only did many Good Belgians help to save Jews , but because there was a militarey and not a political nazi power the situation was not as worse as in other countries . There were those Belgians who helped effectively , and the many more who "knew" but did'nt betray . The Antwerp police collaborated wirth the nazis in the razzias . Also not to forget the "belgian" nazis who were sometimes worse than the gestapo . The "raffle du vel d'hiv" in Paris was executed ONLY by the french police , no german one . President Hollande said it too this year on the 70 years commemoration of this crime
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