Defense official: Appalling dictatorship in Egypt
Boaz Fyler
Published: 02.11.12, 19:35
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1. At Last
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (11.02.12)
Somebody has finally faced up to reality. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
2. Peace treaty
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (11.02.12)
The peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, or more precisely, the treasonous Sadat sellout to the Zionists and imperialists, at last, is in the dustbin of history. The Zionist state will be there too, soon enough.
3. Morsi cant let word "Israel" trickle down his lips,so what
Alan ,   SA   (11.02.12)
"peace" can be expected from the Arab Countries. Anybody who thinks there will EVER be peace with the Pals is honestly terribly deluded. Abbas only needs enough territory to base weapons against Israel. There is a firm belief by Arabs that Israel's days are numbered.So why make peace... All thats needed is to mess Israel around for a few more years and Israel will fall into their lap like a ripe apple. Of course they believe that EU and a re elected Obama Admin will hasten the ripening process!
4.  IDEA
Perhaps Israel should give away some more of its hard -fought-for / hard won land to its sworn enemies? I am glad that ,Amos Gilad ,at least ,has seen the light.
5. to #2
toni ,   usa   (11.02.12)
Are u smoking something? a couple of facts for ur tiny and full of haltered of jews mind. 1. Isreal was there before ur ancestors and will be there after ur coming generation. 2. That land is given to the children of isreal by the almighty God. is that too much to accept?
6. Morsi's a closed-minded bigot, what do you expect?
Avi   (11.02.12)
Makes one wonder the about pathetic people who elected such a pathetic excuse for a leader.
7. If you don't believe in a better future, step down.
Mark ,   Cleveland USA   (11.02.12)
Israel should reject all officials who see no possibilty for peace in the future, or they should find another career. If I was a doctor who told my patients that there were no treatment options, I would be of no value to them and they would seek advice elsewhere. If officials don't think anything positive can be done, they should step down and let new people with fresh ideas try. I am so sick of hearing that there is nothing that can be done in the Middle East. Our leaders suck at their jobs.
8. Thank you, Obama
Ron ,   Boston, USA   (11.02.12)
This is what happens when you elect a rank amateur to the most powerful position in the free world. This article is just another reminder of something informed Americans already know -- Barrack Obama is a foreign policy disaster.
9. Egypt = Saudi Arabia ?
Rafi ,   US   (11.02.12)
Saudia - an extremely conservative Wahabi entity and also an "appalling dictatorship" - has been Israel's "neighbor" for 60 + yrs. But it has always been an official enemy of Israel and has had nothing to do with the "Zionist entity" for all those decades... It has been the coldest of "relations", in fact there is no interaction whatsoever. BUT there has also been a total absence of interaction on the battlefield - i.e. warfare. If this is the way things are headed with Egypt - a Cold Peace getting even colder... but sans bloodshed - it will be a disappointment but still better than some alternatives...
10. It's not a peace treaty
Corey ,   Canada   (11.02.12)
What exists between Egypt and Israel is *not* peace. The treaty is *not* a peace treaty, so can we pleeeease stop calling it that? Let's call it what it is -- a strategic ceasefire, or an armistice if you like. Just as the thought of accepting Israel's invitation is "unimaginable" to the Egyptian regime, so must the thought of ever attacking Israel be unimaginable, in terms of the destruction that would be reigned on the Egyptians.
11. Flash news: Earth is round!try telling THAT to the Peaceniks
tom ,   tel aviv   (11.02.12)
12. Muslim Brotherhood
Zivron   (11.02.12)
The Muslim brotherhood denies the holocaust and blocked the escape of Jews from genocide in Europe .Only a Icy peace is possible and even then the Jews will have to retake the Sinai in time.
13. #2,your native Poland too
ab   (11.02.12)
14. Hilarious Graczek!
davel ,   melb   (11.03.12)
Well done, I always look forward to your hilarious posts. Most people don't get your sense of humour, but I love it! It reminded me of " People Of The World, Unite And Defeat The U.S. Aggressors And All Their Running Dogs"
15. 2
you are a true comedian, you know that? hameed aboughaze, iranian
16. Amos Gilead? Who?
mba ,   Israel   (11.03.12)
This is the same man who agreed and supported Dick Chaney and Bush who stated that the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were a danger to the entire middle east. He is just another (one of many) jock who is irrelevant today.
17. #2 graczek - too bad for you...
solomon ,   bklyn   (11.03.12)
that you’re wrong. You always were and you always will be...wrong.
18. Corey of Canada
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (11.03.12)
What Israel has with Lebanon Syria and Saudi Arabia is a cease fire agreement. Israel has true peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt. It may be a cold peace but it is peace. We have diplomatic relations. Many hawkish people would like to cancel the treaty with Egypt and either recon queer the Sinai or wipe the Zionist Entity off the earth, but hopefully more sane minds will win the day. Even Morsi has emphasised the importance if maintaining the peace.
19. Egypt dictatorship
Iletzter ,   TA- Israel   (11.04.12)
This was immediately obvious a year ago. Whoever dreamed differently- like Peres and other fools have been and will be dissapointed. However , Barak is still a fool and pushes foolish statements. When will we be finally rid of this imbecile , who's major business was razing outposts and settlements and surprising their inhabitants.
20. remarks of Amos Gilad
toledano jean-pierre ,   israel   (11.04.12)
Gilad is right. He says the true. There will not and there cannot be a real dialogue between the Islamists and the Muslim brotherhood. Never. We must stop dreaming about that. Why? Because it's against their ideology, based on their religion or their interpretation of the Islam. They are for the moment rather calm, because they have to strengthen their grip on the Egyptian society, slowly appointing generals and top officials, faithful to them (the Muslim Brotherhood). I'm sure, they will look or are looking already to find a reason or an opportunity to blow up the peace treatment with Israel. Maybe I'm wrong, I wish it, but again…. I prefer not to dream too much.
Nic   (11.05.12)
"The remarks reported today by Maj.-Gen. (Res.) Gilad do not reflect the defense establishment's position, 'nor do they reflect Gilad's position'." How does it not reflect his position if it comes out of his mouth? Am I missing something?
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