Holy Sepulchre bank account blocked
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Published: 03.11.12, 08:19
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1. The next miracle will be if they pay their bills
Israel   (11.03.12)
Neither Christian, nor Jew, nor Muslim gets favoratism (the Tomb of Maimonides was closed when they didn't pay their electric bill) when it comes to paying bills. I think it's already disgusting that we all have to pay and the churches, the rich churches, were previously exempt. If they all learned to get along it would also be helpful.
2. Turns out that we Jews own the Holy Water!
Pay up!
3. Pay the bill
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.03.12)
I realize many law suits over pedophile priests and bank scandals are rife but, pay the bill yourselves.
4. Church coffers overflowing with monies
Corrupt ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.03.12)
This church on a daily basis has been the beneficiary of tens of thousands of dollars on a weekly basis from the thousands of visitors. The funds are used to teach hate in the Arab Orthodox Churches against Jews and Israle why should they be exemptnot to mention the numerous scandals among church leaders there.
5. Why not to pray for miracle ?
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.03.12)
Jesus made a lot of wonders, maybe a spring will be found in the church. No need for Israel Water Authorithy then.
6. Just pay your bills and all will be taken care of. Simply do
Gabriel Toress   (11.03.12)
it now!
7. Delicate situation
Robert ,   Timisoara   (11.03.12)
I think this situation must be handled with velvet gloves. I like Israel myself, but sometimes its people tend to forget that they are a tiny country, and thus dependent on foreign trade and relations. These in turn are dependent on the good will of the peoples of those countries. Since the Muslim world all but blockades Israel, the math is easy to do...
8. do mosques and synagogues pay water fees?
jack bauer   (11.03.12)
if so then churches should have to as well. -simple - however if the others dont pay then the church shouldnt pay. The playing field must be fair
9. pay up
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (11.03.12)
Simple solution,put a donation box next to the one that already exists with the words "THIS DONATION FOR THE WATER" end of story.
10. Wrong phrasing
John ,   Jerusalem   (11.03.12)
"where Jesus Christ is said to have been crucified" ..... please do not hurt the Christians by writing "is said to" .... !
11. It's not like the Orthodox Church is so rich...
Tahl   (11.03.12)
They only get a few pennies here and there from hundreds of millions of believers, and own only a few dozen buildings in Primo real estate locations in Israel.
12. An agreement is an agreement
daz ,   uk   (11.03.12)
If the church was except from water bills the current government cannot demand back payment. What they can do is start charging them for water they currently use.
13. The Church of the Holy Sephulcre
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (11.03.12)
is on land illegally occupied by Israel. The owners are right to refuse to pay Israel for something they do not own. The Church should be closed until Israel turns the water back on again. The impact on Israel particularly in the United States willl be so negative, and the impact on tourism so counter productive. Those who profit from Christian tourism in Israel will soon start squealing. Particularly with Christmas coming up, and if there is still an ompass by the end of November start closing the synagoggues in the west, we can't pray then neither can you
14. #8 quick answer
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.03.12)
No they are not exempt and yes they do pay their bills
15. The water company Hagihon is run by a bunch of crooks !!!!!
john ,   Jerusalem   (11.03.12)
16. Remember "Jesus saves but Moses invests"
Alan ,   SA   (11.04.12)
17. peres is senile
jack bauer   (11.04.12)
18. #10 Please educate yourself in archeology & history...
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (11.04.12)
even your own church history (e.g., Eusebius). The "traditional" sites divined by gentile Roman Christians in the 4th century and since have no correlation to archeology or history. Not even the 135 CE through 4th century Hellenist Roman Church syncretisms of native Roman mythology with Hellenist accounts of a Jew who lived two centuries earlier have any connection. They are totally opposite -- and only the first century Jew is historical, not the 135-4th century Roman syncretism. Study outside of your church catechisms and join the 21st century.
19. Christian threatens to close synagogues in Israel?!?
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   (11.04.12)
Why do all historical accounts confirm that Ribi Yehoshua prayed and taught in a synagogue and not a church? Why were churches only introduced after 135 CE? Why are you following 4th century redactions and Hellenist Roman syncretisms instead of the historical Jewish Ribi who taught Torah?
20. 19 , again your ribi yehoshua , AKA your beloved jesus
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.04.12)
When one of your alike's churches has problems , you jump on it . Return to your church , no NEED for FAKE and self proclaimed converts in OUR , not your , country .
21. pay the bill
Marcel ,   San Jose, Costa Rica   (11.04.12)
I don't see any good reason why the various denominations of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre shouldn't be paying the water bills. On a completely different note, I have visited most Christian sites in and around Jerusalem but the most disgusting impression was left at the Holy Sepulchre. As a Christian, I couldn't stand the behaviour of the various clergy as well as the pilgrims. Never in my life was I so embarrassed to be a Christian. Jesus would throw them all out onto the street.
22. $2.32Million! what is the rate for h2o and how much for holyw
meir elazar   (11.05.12)
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