Fire erupts in Golan; apparently caused by Syria infighting
Yoav Zitun
Published: 03.11.12, 14:38
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1. The gang that couldn't shoot straight ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.03.12)
... had better be careful. Any more damage in Israel should be met with force. The scum need to confine their violence to within their own borders. If they cannot, they will be made to pay.
2. Golan is Syria, israel's occupation is illegal. All jewish
USA   (11.03.12)
settlers are invaders
3. #2 USA
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (11.03.12)
Did you know Israel conquered the Golan in a defensive war. That means Syria was the cause o the war. Did you know the Golan was supposed to be Israeli under the original 1948 UN charter? Did you know no country on earth has ever been asked to return land conquered in a defensive war? The Golan is legally and morally Israeli
4. Does this mean Israel will take the same
Ben ,   fantastic Israel   (11.03.12)
stance as Turkey where infiltration of boarders are concerned?
5. To #2, USA
Gabe ,   Canada   (11.03.12)
Columbus and all after him are invaders ! Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish People.
6. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.03.12)
Israel acquired the Golan Heights in the course of fighting a defensive war against Syria. The Golan Heights was formally annexed, an is now and forever a part of the State of Israel. You know -- the way the United States annexed 90% of Okinawa following World War II. The way the United States annexed Guam and Midway following the Spanish-American War. Israel is a sovereign state, just like the United States. If the U.S. can annex what it conquers in the course of fighting a defensive war, so can Israel. You cannot cherry-pick which countries are allowed to exercise what international right.
7. patience
gingimax ,   istanbul   (11.03.12)
iran and syria are trying to draw others into the war while the west uses their own tactics to bleed them dry. turkey wants to fight, which is a bad idea, because then guerilla war (even more than now with the pkk) will be spread here. israel should not retaliate. more war is not what anyone needs - especially one that can quickly unite squabbling cousins against a common enemy.
8. #3 Return of Land
Saul ,   NY USA   (11.03.12)
So all of Poland that the USSR conqured in world war 2, while fighting a defensive war with Germany, should never have been given back? Or the invasion & occupation of Germany itself after WW2 by USA, UK Fr & USSR? By your logic Germany should still be under Allied Occupation and remain so forever.
9. To No.6 Forever is a long time...
Lewis ,   Oxford, England   (11.03.12)
Forever is a very long time in deed. Hitler though Nazi Germany would last forever, and we Brits boasted how "the sun would never set on the British Empire". Israel has twice been forced to give back the Sinai (1956 & 1979) by the world powers. If both Russia and the US wanted to, they could force Israel to give back the Golan too. Say if they wanted good relations with whoever finaly removed Assad and takes over Syria...
10. 2
zionist forever   (11.03.12)
Texas is Mexican, occupation is illegal. All American settlers are illegal.
11. #8, Saul
You clearly have no understanding of international law and opt for ridiculous analogies that have no basis in fact. 1. Poland was OCCUPIED BY GERMANY AND THEREFORE WHEN THE ALLIES ATTACKED THEY ATTACKED GERMANY 2.Germany was under occupation after WWII and then divided. between the allies. Did you miss the history lesson on East German Democratic Republic and West Germany? Go back to Elementary School. I'm sure you'll find some lessons there that will help.
12. #9 Lweis, Oxford England
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (11.03.12)
Lewis Israel CHOSE to return the Sinai both times. It was not forced to do so. IN 1956 it returned it for the guarantee that the Suez would remain open to Israeli shipping and in 1979 for a full peace with Egypt. For a full and lasting peace Israel is willing to give up land. This has been proven. Even the cold peace with Egypt is better than war or just a cease fire agreement.
13. To: No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.04.12)
Your analogy doesn't hold. Nazi Germany wanted to conquer all of Europe. The British wanted to expand an already-large empire. Israel is not looking to acquire additional territory. The annexation of Judea and Samaria will be enough and, of course, if the cold "peace" with Egypt continues its downward spiral, Israel will take back Sinai. In 1979, Israel needed to cull Egypt out of the herd. The price for isolating Egypt within the Arab world was the Sinai. But give back any more pieces of territory acquired in the course of fighting a defensive war? No. The maximum leverage that any major power can apply against Israel would involve putting boots on the ground. I don't see that happening, but even if it does, or if Israel feels that its survival can no longer be assured, do you know what will happen? I will tell you. Israel will unleash against the world and will take several billion people with us, and render what's left of the world uninhabitable for the next 100,000 years. If Israel does not survive, we will see to it that no one else will, either.
14. Poland did not attack Russia. Germany did
Johnny ,   Ramat Gan   (11.04.12)
Try not to compare apples to aranges
15. Sarah B , U.S.A/Israel no 13
Well said and this should be NOTICE to the whole world.
16. no.11
did you mabe miss the lessons after germany was defeated? you do know that half europe was under russian occupation for like 50 years, right? so as germany attacked first and the ussr just acted on defence everything they just took is legaly theirs? are you sure? we a couple of countries here who realy dont care who was the attacker and who defended themselves we just want to live in our own country like we did for over a thousand years..
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