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Hezbollah under fire, but its hold is tight
Associated Press
Published: 04.11.12, 00:29
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1. Hezbollah members
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.04.12)
are luckless, unemployed lebanese citizens, who are motivated by money. If financial sources of Hesbollah will be cut the whole organisation collapses.
2. Hezbollah
Hezbollah is an authentic representative of the indigenous Shi'ite majority of Lebanon. They managed to confront Israel as well as give generous humanitarian aid to all Lebanese thanks to Iranian and Syrian support, as well as Israelis stupidity under the Barak and Olmert regime. Like Assad they have nowhere to go, so they will fight to the finish against Sunni Jihad.
3. No more than gangsters
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (11.04.12)
Just consider if in the UK the IRA set up an entire armed Militia arrogantly marching on the Streets of London answerable to one one but Iran? Or if the Checnnyans set up a Canton in Moscow? THATS the INTOLERABLE situation happening in Lebanon
4. Sounds a Lot Like Israel
Lance ,   Ottawa Canada   (11.14.12)
Reality is that without the financial support and weapons in the tens of billions of dollars that Israel has received for free from the USA and other western countries, Israel would not last for a day. That is a fact as living is cheap when it is done off the hard work of others.
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