Report: IDF kills Palestinian who approached fence
News agencies
Published: 05.11.12, 08:02
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1. What's so special about it?
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.05.12)
All Gazans ar mentally unfit after all!
2. Killing for Approaching barbed wire fence.
Albrecht   (11.05.12)
Sounds familiar? Congratulations for the IDF "heroes".
3. Arabs are well known for using children and mentally disable
Frank ,   Israel   (11.05.12)
people to plant bombs.... they have no value in Arab society. But IDF can't be blamed. They didn't know his status. This is war. Remember.
4. "Whats so special about it"
Nic   (11.05.12)
the IDF is suppose to be a top brass Army. There is no reason to take a life to stop a person. As a trained soldier you should be able to shoot an unarmed man in the leg ect to bring him down without leaving him dead. This is murder as per the rules of engagement WHICH Israel OBVIOUSLY DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT. They like this types of killing because they are cowards sitting behind a barbed wire fence.
5. Evidently Palestinians themselves put the poor man there!
Jouko ,   Finland   (11.05.12)
Palestinians have the habit of using human shields!
6. The most moral army in the world...
7. Terror from Gaza
LION OF JUDAH   (11.05.12)
Every time when Israel kills terrorist, Hamas claim. the man was mentally disturb.
8. is the buffer area inside or outside the fence?
observer ,   Egypt   (11.05.12)
are the mentally ills outside or inside the fence?
9. Good Job Zahal
David ,   Haifa   (11.05.12)
stopped another terrorist attack :) better tsafe tha nsorry... these arabs know only murder and destruction
10. Safety 1st
A Cohen ,   Israel   (11.05.12)
Better to shoot first before soldiers being shot or blown up first.
11. #4 Don't be so naive
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.05.12)
and stop playing Gutmensch! If you don't kill them on the spot they will return and give it another try. NO, thank you Sir! The only recipe for the safety of all those millions of mentally ills is to NOT approach the security zone!
12. Sh*t happens!
Talula ,   Israel   (11.05.12)
The army has the right to shoot to kill anyone if they fail to heed a warning to stop. It's a product of the way we Israelis have to live. Yes, it's sad, but it's our way of life. Better that than he get near the fence and blow himself up, and some of our boys with him. The moral of the story is: Stay the f**k way from the fence!
13. Strange how kids and Mental Cases often approach fence
Alan ,   SA   (11.05.12)
14. So, what is new.??
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.05.12)
Most of us has read reports of families sending the retarded/brainly damaged sons/daughters against IDF, either as sucide-bombers or like here, trespassing provocations, in the only reason to get money from the islamic leaders for their death/being hoax martyrs. This case is no change from earlier stratergies from hamassss....
15. #8 Not wishing to generalize but
Talula ,   Israel   (11.05.12)
the mentally ill are definitely in abundance on the Gaza side of the fence. Why? because Israelis don't go up to the fence with bombs and guns to shoot or attempt to blow up anything that moves on the other side. If you had half a brain, which I'm sure you do, you would see that to be true.
16. #4 nic
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (11.05.12)
Nic I suggest you go to the library and start reading the history of all the wars between yopur arab lovers and the little country of israel and then make the statement that they are COWARDS.Were they cowards when they flew to entebe to rescue a plane load of jews,were they cowards when they bombed the nuclear installations in iraq and syria,were they cowards when they whipped gaza and lebanon that the UN had to BEG them to stop? do you want more or simply put go catch up on your history before making such an idiotic statement.
17. Nic #4
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (11.05.12)
Trained soldiers are not taught to shoot to wound. This man was warned and chose to ignore the warnings. I don't know where you got your silly rules of engagement but you seem to be living in a liberal fantasy world. There is nothing cowardly about the IDF but in your case hiding behind a computer you can say what you want no matter how stupid it may sound.
18. IDF kills a Palestinian
Ros ,   Tel aviv   (11.05.12)
What about the hundreds of Syrian people getting killed every day! Why is actually in our newspapers!!!
19. Jews let the wounded man lay there for hours before the idf
Yeap   (11.05.12)
would allow medical help. A good exsample of jewish values, high morals, At least the idf didn't use the wounded man as target practice.
20. #6 - against the most morally depraved population on Earth
William ,   Israel   (11.05.12)
21. #2 Albrecht - IDF didn't know that
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (11.05.12)
he was mentally disabled, he should have had an attendant to keep an eye on him Since he didn't have any atendant, maybe you can hire one to take care of your needs
22. #6-Comment from Biggest Coward in World
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (11.05.12)
Afraid to use his name
23. #4
k ,   canada   (11.05.12)
COWARDS big word for a dumb guy with little brains. if you give someone multiple warnings and he doesnt listen to them then what else would you do ..ppl live day to day on thinking how to kill more israelis ...we are here to protect our borders ..if someone was trying to break in your house not knowing if he carried a gunb or not what would you do nic go read a lot more book about all your conspiracy theories.... israel we stand with you
24. #19 - you should ask WHY that happened
William ,   Israel   (11.05.12)
You immediately visit your anti-Israel bias to form the reason rather than ask the real hard questions. more than likely, the reason for the IDF delay was because Gazan terrorist routinely use civilians to test the IDF or to place bombs. It happens all the time. And when the person is neutralized, when an aid party visits them from the IDF they get ambushed by terrorists. This happens routinely in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. You should know better. Or if Gazan medical teams arrive they are used as human shields for attacks from Gaza knowing the IDF won't risk human life by shooting back. And since the govt in Gaza is not speaking with Israel, often a PA or Egyptian 3rd party is needed to get the message across. What is a complicated situation in a war zone, you've managed to distill into basic Jew-hatred through idiotic simplicity. You want to see Jewish values in action? Go to any part of the world which has been hit by natural disasters or any Arab child who needed emergency complicated heart surgery ASAP - like the daughter of a Hamas founder.
25. #19 Yeap, why take any chances
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (11.05.12)
He could have been wearing a Homicide Vest In Today's JP, an article covers the subject "Islamist suicide bomber kills 50 Syrian security men Attack targets large base used by pro-Assad militia; air strike kills 20 rebel fighters; 28 people killed in overnight army shelling".
26. #25
Lio ,   London UK   (11.05.12)
Leave it out Ben - he was a lone unarmed man killed by heavily-armed IOF snipers. You can't compare that with what's going on in Syria, despite what you read in JPost. BTW - it was a car-bomb, not a suicde bomber...but I guess that makes it OK because IOF only kill one or two at a time, not dozens or hundreds as is happening in Syria.
27. #26 Leo - Take chances with your life
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (11.05.12)
not mine
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