Obama's woman in Tehran
Alex Fishman
Published: 05.11.12, 13:52
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1. Roosvelt trusted Stalin . He found out the hard way
2. Israel could send Eli Yishai and keep him there
David ,   Haifa, IL   (11.05.12)
3. Dreamer?
michael Pielet ,   israel   (11.05.12)
Dream on little dreamer. Talks, no talks, this is going nowhere. Iran is a dictatorship, theocracy whose ideology is based on destroying the two satans, the United States and israel.
4. I do believe ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.05.12)
... it's against United States law. Obama's private agenda ever more on display. Please, Americans, take heed.
5. There is still 1 day
Arctodus Simus ,   Fort Yukon-Alaska   (11.05.12)
for all Americans to understand that BHO policies are dangerous for the US, for Israel, and for the free world, and that he is playing in the hands of the islamists, in Egypt, Lybia and Iran. Still 1 day to cast a vote for the good candidate.
6. #3 Obama no dreamer
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (11.05.12)
He behaves as an Anarchist with srong muslim affinities. He has wasted 4 years trying to establish his own personna as opposed o serving the "Damned USA" He has failed and left a trail of Havoc in USA & Middle east
7. Obama and Ayatollahists
Brod ,   USA   (11.05.12)
Obama machinery is talking with the fanatical Ayatollahists who are hell bent on the destruction of Israel. It is time American Jews wake up and stop supporting an enemy from within. It is time they know the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that will enlighten their mind.
8. Secret Women?
What Kind Of Rights Do Women Have in tehran? I'll tell You NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! b.H.o. Still doesn't get it??????????? Keep sending women to THE MIDDLE EAST TO TALK WITH arabs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. what is obama betraying?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (11.05.12)
like ronald reagan, who betrayed american interests to get elected, obama has sent a personal representative to make secret offers to the mullahs. it makes me wonder who or what he is betraying?
10. The nobody Jarrett
Marco ,   Spain   (11.05.12)
She is a political hack, a former real estate sales person and that's all the experience she has. It shows how shallow Obama and his close confidants are.
11. Obama lied to
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (11.05.12)
12. Jarrett - yet another reason to vote Obama out
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (11.05.12)
Jarrett is one of two women with powerful influence on Obama - the other being Michelle. She is said to be "trusted" by both, which makes her a major player. But what, beyond being a "well connected" Chicago pol, has she done to merit her high position? She made a few million from Chicago's public housing industry, which was good for her but not those who lived in the slums. Obama admits he runs almost everything by Jarrett. It's widely reported she opposed the hit on Bin Laden, and that Panetta and Clinton were really the driving forces behind the hit. Not Obama. Again, no one so lacking in experience and qualification should be in so critical a position. It wouldn't surprise that Jarrett was at the center of Obama's outreach to Iran, but establishing a "line of communication" is hardly what's behind the current dispute. It's that Iran wants to be a nuclear power, and the US opposes that aspiration.
13. It's none of Israel's business.....
Robert ,   Australia   (11.05.12) mind your own.
14. Jarrett is no secret. She is the real power in the WH.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (11.05.12)
Obama does not dare lift a finger without her approval. A vote for Obama is a vote for Jarrett. When everyone was calling for the head of Eric Holder over the "Fast and Furious" scandal, she was the one who kept him on. She ruthlessly destroys or threatens to destroy anyone who crosses her path. I won't be surprised if threats were not sent to Romney re: his family, for him to lay off mentioning Benghazi in his campaigning. I won't be surprised if she drew him a red line. I won't put anything pass her with her deep and solid Chicago connections. SHE IS THE BOSS. She has her own security detail that is as large as, if not larger than Obama's
15. 8 persian not arab
bwana ,   sweden   (11.05.12)
persian not arabs, that why israel afraid iran
16. Peace for our time
Avi Mizrachi ,   Eitanim, Israel   (11.05.12)
According to a recent poll conducted by the Eitanim Strategic Center for Peace , more than 99.9% of Israelis would vote for Barack Obama - if they could.
17. #2 what a humor ! you should make stand-up...
18. She was born in Iran.
No wonder Obama does not want Israel to strike. Amateurs through and through!
19. #13: It is the world's business...
Just as it was the world's business when Neville Chamberlain established direct contact and negotiations with Germany's genocidal leader in the nineteen thirties. Even FDR commended Chamberlain for his folly. Today, after 50 million were killed (many of them brutally murdered) we have the benefit of history.
20. Apparently, the Iranians aren't playing ball with Captain O.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.05.12)
They were supposed to announce a suspension of uranium enriching activities in exchange for a gradual easing of the sanctions right before the election to help boost O's chances. Apparently him on his knees (M. Lewinsky style, his favorite position) isn't impressing the Iranians...surprise, surprise.
21. FDR and Stalin
Steve ,   USA   (11.05.12)
FDR not only trusted Stalin, but taught his children to call him "Uncle Joe". They were so indoctrinated by FDR of Stalin's "goodness", that they were thrilled and excited when they finally got to meet him! Obama has the same habit of misjudging character and motives, referring to FDR as his "hero". Jarrett is one of the most radical of Obama's cadre of Chicago radicals. Our very freedom is in peril while they are in power!
22. I'm sure...
Ben Dover ,   Greenwood, MS USA   (11.05.12)
I'm sure that's gonna turn out well.
23. To # 16
Rick ,   Herzliya, Israel   (11.05.12)
99.9% would do what?? What alternate State of Israel do you live in?
24. Buyer beware
galut ia ,   selah   (11.05.12)
is the operative words
25. Of course he is...
Michael ,   San Francisco, USA   (11.05.12)
Of course obama is in secret talks with the Iranians, obama and Ahmedinajad are soulmates and need to share ideas of how suppress their opposition. Birds of a feather.
26. #16
KJ ,   Dallas/Ft. Worth TX   (11.05.12)
that is the same % of people in Iran who want to wipe Israel from the map. Re-elect the worst president in US history and they BOTH will probably get their wish!
27. Obama put in place for Iran to go Nuclear
glorybea   (11.05.12)
Obama's plan is to let Iran get a nuke. That is why he was put into the White House. From that point forward the US goes into a free fall. Iran will threaten any mideastern country who sells oil to America, they will wreak havoc in the world and our politicians who believe in political correctness over national pride will sell us out to Islam.
28. VOTE
FRANKO K. ,   Pittsburgh, PA USA   (11.05.12)
Ask yourself – do you really want to vote the same as Chavez, Putin, Castro, the US Communist party, the Mullahs in Iran and “Chinese favor Obama 2 to 1” and “Obama favored in his ancestral Kenyan village...” ? Did ya note al Qaeda attacks are muted the last week until Nov. 7?
29. To #23
Jake G. ,   Cleveland, OH   (11.05.12)
Rick, I'm pretty sure "Avi Mizrachi" from "Eitanim, Israel" with an email address "" was being sarcastic. Eitanim is a psychiatric hospital near Jerusalem.
30. Yes Vote - Obama will not do the jewish people any favors
Galut ia ,   Selah   (11.05.12)
either here or america ...his operative word has been and will continue to be Deception when it come to Jewish priorities or palestinan priorities ...remember his up bringing in muslim schools has given him a appreciation for their cause. if you vote for him expect that he will do you no favors ...period
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