Palestinian girl tries to goad soldiers into lashing out
Yoav Zitun
Published: 05.11.12, 18:34
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1. Beware of those blond Arabs
Mark   (11.05.12)
You can't judge by appearances at all. In a couple of years she could be sent out to do who knows what.
2. You have failed to mention who invited them there ,...
split ,   US   (11.05.12)
Settlers stole Palestinian land and they sends troops to Palestinian village not to settlers ,...
3. Those. Girls parents should be arrested for disorderly condu
Jason ,   Israel   (11.05.12)
Conduct!! And those photographers.. Snapping away waiting for something to happen.. Such losers... Let them go to Syria... But there they r not safe.. And can't drive 20k at night to a luxury city and sip a bear at night... Disgrace!! Shame on what Tzahal has become... Don't stand idly by.. Arrest them all
4. stabon girl
christian ,   malawi   (11.05.12)
this shows she is not finish training how to swallow bomb for suicide
5. Their soldiers (Pals) are stronger?
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (11.05.12)
Then why do they use children to fight their battles and to hide behind? I pity their children.
6. U are ignoring the fact that these "soldiers"
sonofyaffa ,   Palestine   (11.05.12)
are preventing the Palestinian families from going to their farms to harvest their olives.
7. Send everybody to Syria
Yossef   (11.05.12)
8. Great...
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (11.05.12)
Nice to see the Pals resorting to the use of children to advance their predicament again. Of course, they always did that, even going so far as to make them blow themselves up in a crowd of innocent people (something that could have several of their leaders on a plane to The Haque faster then they could possibly know, should they ever get a State. I don't believe they thought this statehood thing over very well). On a side note: wouldn't you just LOVE to see your children on tv like this? I wouldn't know where to hide. On the other hand, the possibility of a child of mine ever turning out like this is decidedly small...
These sick inhuman filth abuse their children .Respect to the Israel Defence Forces for not reacting to this evil and devious trick .The difference is ,israelis love and protect their children , palestinians willfully and purposely and merrily endanger their children .
10. Palestinians Children Behaviuor
JUDAH THE LION   (11.05.12)
The Israeli & Foreign Leftist including the parents of these children should be arrested and punished according to the Israeli Law. For sure these children been told by the leftist & their parents what to say and how to behave and to curse the IDF for their propaganda against the IDF. Next time arrest the parents and the Leftist and put them to trial, Enough with these leftist idiots.
11. those Arab children
Elizabeth   (11.05.12)
are thoroughly wicked. Of course depending on their age, the parents take full advantage and deliberately send the children out to taunt the Israeli soldiers. What wicked bad people these arabs are. Is there any wonder why they are so hated?
12. Split US
Moragh   (11.05.12)
Go get a life for yourself, you silly ignoramous!
13. The agly face of Old Rome and its slaves, children.
Miron ,   USA   (11.05.12)
14. No Surprise At The Tactic
emanon ,   USA   (11.05.12)
Arabs have no respect for children and no respect for women. No surprise they send a little girl to try and get an Israeli solder to make a false martyr out of her.
15. Now the arabs send their little girls to fight their wars
Neo ,   EU   (11.05.12)
for them, kinda poor..
16. Little Bitch !
Eyal   (11.05.12)
17. Arab world
Arielle ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.05.12)
They are so caught up with the Israeli's that they don't realise how good they actaully have it, even in the gaza strip. Would they prefer to live and fight against their brothers in Syria? Or Iraq? Or Yemen? Or Egypt?....Take a good look around the world... who is really killing who?....
18. Peace Man...Peace... Love...Happiness
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (11.05.12)
Wow all while wearing the symbol for peace on her shirt. I grew up in the era where that symbol was supposed to mean PEACE. War was a subject for protest. Guns were the weapons of evil and bombs were worse. I can hardly imagine that this girl knows the meaning of that big symbol on her chest. Nor do I expect is she taught about peace and love. The Palestinians need to read more Gandhi.
19. The soldiers found it humerous
Haya ,   Bat Yam   (11.05.12)
I like the fact that the soldiers were laughing at them. Poor kids....being used like that. That little girl looks like she's a descendant of one of the Crusaders.
20. don't conceal their faces. show these young animals.
rick ,   walnut creek   (11.05.12)
the enemies of Israel send their kids into combat and/or provocations and then, when the children are hurt, they whine that "innocent" children have been injured. even though the children are being manipulated by a sick society, criminal-terrorist gangs, and pathetic parents, show their faces. they have been turned into barbarians. show their faces.
21. amusing
Ilana   (11.05.12)
I want to see these girls do the same to soldies from, ah uhm, Syria, Iran, Suadi Arabia, Russia, China, and even the U.S. They would never dare. Here they know they are safe with Israeli moral soldiers. Way to go IDF!! <3
22. Morals of the IDF
Tomi Budapest ,   Hungary   (11.05.12)
How many times should we watch this video to recognize that the IDF has a definitely superior morality to almost all the armies of the world. Imagine soldiers of Libia,Egypt,Syria,Sudan or even NATO troops in similar cases. In the Arabic environment Jewish children ( in case they were allowed to live there freely !) must have been very severy punished (attacked?) in reversed case. But most probably even NATO troops would not stand this primitive provocation. The whole story proves one fact once and for ever: the enemy of the Jewish nation is not the Palestinian people themselses,but the wicked and grotesque culture (hatred) they norture towards the Israelis. And in this attitude children are only playtools for them.
23. Why don't there parents care?
Susie ,   Scotland   (11.05.12)
Why don't there parents care I just dont understand it who in the world would let their kids talk or even approach an armed soldier. To all the lefties out there that will holler that they are so desperate they have no other options! Thats rubbish...... if they would educate their kids to RESPECT then this would never happen. It also looks to me like a very organised staged show but who would use their kids for such a show?
24. @6
Jeanette ,   Oslo   (11.05.12)
Even if the soldiers was preventing families to harvest their olives doesnt justify using your own kids as human shields.
25. Palestinian
Floriane ,   Israel   (11.05.12)
Same old story: lame and coward attitude don't know what Else to do! Constructive does not exist in their language. What a waste of Life!
26. Shameful. Sending a kid to do that !
Sean ,   York   (11.05.12)
27. censor
MR   (11.05.12)
Why are the faces blurred?
28. Thats funny, they blur out the face on the video but...
Robert ,   Queens NYC USA   (11.05.12)
We can clearly see a picture of her in the top left
29. "Foreign correspondents"...
Jules   (11.05.12)
... must not be allowed to attend such events. Let them work in Syria instead - fools learn hard way.
30. @20 they have sent their kids to combat
Can you remind me what israelis have been doing with their kids for the past 70 years?
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