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Turkey to try top IDF officers over Marmara raid
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Published: 05.11.12, 21:26
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1. Trying IDF officers for Marmara
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (11.06.12)
What a farce. Stay strong Israel. Stay strong IDF.
2. Outcome already set
William ,   Israel   (11.05.12)
If the court accepts the claim that the IDF violated Intl law even though the UN, with an experienced intl maritime lawyer at its lead, produced an investigative report which justified the Gaza blockade, the boarding of the flotilla, and the acts of self-defense by the IDF, then the outcome of this court case has already been set. I have one question for the Turkish prosecutors - did all of the Mavi Marmara activists on board sign on to the lawsuit through the Turkish court or did they just take the liberty of adding their names on their behalf, which is essentially illegal?
3. turkey's got their
arne ,   chicago usa   (11.05.12)
hands full with syria right now. you'd think they'd have more to do then start some crap that will lead nowhere. better they keep israel as a friend not an enemy. they'll never know when they might have have to call upon them if and when the sh-t might hit the fan
4. Anoher diplomatic triumph....
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (11.05.12)
....for Obama's foreign policy. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
5. Tourism
Ethan ,   Silver Spring, Md   (11.05.12)
I have always wanted to visit Turkey. If they go through with this charade they will loose forever a major part of their tourist industry.
6. turkey
anton ,   istanbul   (11.05.12)
has the right to try israelis who had participated in the attack, apart from that Erdogan should stop paying attention to israel, we shouldnt take sides,be it arabs or israelis
7. #6 - sure, Turkey has the right to try them in Turkish court
William ,   Israel   (11.06.12)
but all it does is solidify the belief that the judicial system in Turkey is inept, at best. It also reminds us all that NO other court in the world was willing to accept the suit brought by Marmara activists. The real issue will come when Turkey tries to arrest any of these defendants without support from the global community. That's called kidnapping and will result in a world of sh*t for Ankara.
David ,   New York, NY   (11.06.12)
The four officers have already reached the country's highest military echelons AND they're retired (I guess) so it's too bad that they can't be given yet another promotion for their roles in Marmara, "badges of honor" they should wear PROUDLY. I can only hope that the headline in the leading Turkish newspaper is framed and prominently displayed in their respective homes.
9. Anton - with the same logic
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (11.06.12)
Israel and / or all Sephardic Jews of Turkish decent may have the right to sue Turkey for the 1941 Varlik Vergisi, the 1936 Kirklareli pogroms, 1955 September 6-7 pogroms. Furthermore Armenians also might have the same right to sue Turkey for the atrocities of 1914-1915. As you said Erdogan but also Turks in general should mind their own business and leave Israel quiet. Better for Turkey.
10. #6 Anton
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (11.06.12)
Israel can also sue Turkey for letting its citizens enter a blockade and the cost of intercepting it. This can go on forever, and will be just a waste of time. Erdogan is just trying to appease his extreme supporters by bringing this up. He will end up loosing this and will embarrass himself again.
11. #6
Not surprised   (11.06.12)
Anton, Will Turkey sue ITSELF for illegally harassing and harming Israeli citizens/soldiers and officers who were enforcing a UN-accepted (wholly permitted by International law) blockade. If not, then Turkey is subject to international legal sanctions for its past and ongoing perpetration of illegal acts against Israel and Israelis. In fact, Turkey is in trouble vis-a-vis the UN for having condoned and supported the crimes of the Mavi Marmara illegal "blockade runners" perpetrators, along with their aiders and abettors.
12. LOL!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.06.12)
I do realize that Erdogan is terminally ill and wants this to be his last hurrah, but .... whatever on earth will he do when Israel sues Turkey for allowing the bombing of two synagogues in Istanbul -- Beit Israel and Neve Shalom -- killing dozens. Erdogan had better tread lightly. The law cuts both ways, you know. And the death toll from the bombing of Neve Shalom and Beit Israel far exceeded nine. And the ones killed were not terrorists, as were the miscreants aboard the MAVI MARMARA. I wonder if Erdogan's cancer has spread to his so-called brain.
13. Raids
Ralph ,   Rishon Le Zion   (11.06.12)
Are those 4 going to be in the same dock as the Turkish commanders who ordered their military to strike at Kurds across the borders in Syria and Iraq? Those same Turks have killed a lot more than 9 people in their illegal cross-border raids and yet no-one says a word about it.
14. David and iranin jew
anton ,   Istanbul   (11.06.12)
David i am all for whats u said you should sue turkish state for your lost apartment and other jews for their properties lost in pogroms this goes for armenians as well, turkey needs to make it up to its minority citizens it did wrong, so your logic is correct, iranian jew you cant sue turkey over that it wouldnt make a case :)
15. #9 and #5
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (11.06.12)
#9 Turks in general should mind their own business and leave Iran quiet. Better for Turkey.... Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi. LOL!! #5 Dear Ethan, lots of Israeli tourists still in Turkey. Don't worry!
16. #15. This could be resolved in an instant
Tim ,   Brighton   (11.06.12)
This almost contrived theatrics is laughable The Politicians between them can put an end to this affair diplomatically in an instant...but its dragged through the mire...which serves no purpose to the region, to Israel and Turkey and most of all to those who lost their lives on the Marmara And where the Jewish Community Turkey and Israel are concerned the Politics JUST DONT REFLECT THE REALITY! In the UK as with many parts of the world the Turkish and Jewish Communities are very close and have much in common and is reflected too in Turkey and Israel All this does is show up Turkey and Israel as squabbling neighbours when in such an unstable region they should both be the ones we look to to set an example
17. The time has come
Kurdistan will soon be free, and the only question is will they ally themselves with Iran or with Israel. The time has come for Israel to flood Kurdistan with advanced weapons so they will be able to get their liberty from the Turks. When it is over, Israel should help try Erdogan for his crimes against the Kurds.
18. #9- Statute of Limitations
Ibrahim ,   Turkey   (11.06.12)
David have you heard of the "zaman asimi" saying (statute barred)?
19. Turkey is invoking Universal Jurisdiction
Ibrahim ,   Ankara, Tukey   (11.06.12)
Just like Israel invoked it during it's prosecution of Adolf Eichmann in 1961.
20. #17
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (11.06.12)
Not a new thing for Seymour Hersh. Million heavily armed Turkey Kurds are protecting their villages against 5000 border violator addicted thugs. No need to invade Northern Iraq (Sri Lankan style) already we are doing our job perfectly. Sorry for your delirium.
21. Clean up your own act.
Paddy O`Farrell ,   Dublin, Ireland.   (11.06.12)
@ Ibrahim. Turkey should apologise for sending the IHH islamofascists to break a LEGAL blockade and attacking the Israeli navy. Instead of attacking the only democracy in the ME maybe Turkey should stop attacking the Kurds, stop "honour" killings, get out of occupied northern Cyprus and while they`re at it they could apologise for the Armenian genocide. Until Turkey gets rid of that comedian Erdogan you will remain a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.
22. To: No. 18
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.06.12)
The statute of limitations does not extend to murder. The incident aboard the MAVI MARMARA was clearly one of self-defense, as the Palmer Report, demanded by Turkey and sanctioned by the United Nations, bears out. Would you like me to recount all the incidents of wanton murder of Jews that have occurrred in Turkey? Probably not -- the Turkish government will go bankrupt -- it's very nearly there, anyway -- paying reparations to Jews. Contemplate the wisdom of shutting your stupid, ignorant mouth.
23. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.06.12)
Does Israel have the right to try the Turks who blew up the Beit Israel and Neve Shalom synagogues in Istanbul? The Turkish government never did anything about it, that's for sure. But Turkey is uncivilized. What civilized country calls defending a fully legal and internationally recognized blockade a war crime? And since when did the death of violent terrorists become a crime? You are a fool, Anton.
24. #21
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (11.06.12)
1. Turkey starts building potable water pipeline (state of the art - submarine pipeline) to Cyprus also plans to provide electricty for all Cypriots. 2. Hundreds of thousands of illegal Armenians in Turkey for work. 3. During Drogheda famine ONLY TURKS had helped. At least look at the emblem of Drogheda United. 4. Yes. Irish summer camps in Turkey (they are paying their mortgages here) because of Kurdish honour killings! Ignorance n jealousy kills. At least I know my stuff! If you love Israel it's not my problem.
25. Ibrahim of course I heard of statute of limitations
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (11.06.12)
This is how the bloody murderers of the Alevi and Bektashis in Sivas Madimak hotel were let go free. Their lawyer was Bulent Yildirim the head of the IHH who organized the Mavi Marmara. Connect the dots Ibrahim. About Turkish Justice: Ask this to Surgeon Dr., Ahmet Habaral or journalist Mustafa Balbay who have been spending 2 years in the Silivri jail without being officially charged. And who was the secret witness code named Deniz in the Ergenekon trial? None other than PKK strong man Semdin Sakik. Ibrahim can you see what kind of game AKP and their spiritual leader Fethullah Gulen are playing on Turkey?
26. Erdogan is a puppet
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (11.06.12)
Erdogan and his cronies are having their strings pulled by Hamas. They're so obsessed with their egos and prestige that they cannot see that they're being manipulated by little tyrants. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
27. Try the leaders on the boat that encouraged violence
Galut ia ,   Selah   (11.06.12)
they are the true culprits .... this is purely showboat political trial
28. Ian - he is a puppet but
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (11.06.12)
He is the puppet of Fethullah Gulen. The Islamic Cleric living in the USA (In self inflicted exile same as Ayatollah Khumeini). His objective is to carve out a Kurdish state out of Turkey. Just note that the prime witness accusing the Turkish military brass in the infamous Ergenekon trials is the second in command of PKK Semdin Sakik.
29. #25 & 28- Where does Mr. Gulen reside?
Ibrahim ,   Ankara, Turkey   (11.07.12)
Mr. Gulen is currently living in Pennsylvania, USA. He is under FBI and Department of State protection. (1) Why is the US allowing such individual who is not a US citizen and has no Green card to reside in the US? (2) Why is he under 24 hour protection by the FBI and the Department of State? Usually by a team of 40 agents? Israel should really look to Washington and see why Turkey's policy towards Israel has changed. Turkey would not adopt such stance against the US without its blessing or directions. The US wants Turkish-Israeli relations to look overtly poor.
30. To # 22
Ibrahim ,   Ankara, Turkey   (11.07.12)
(1) There is a statutory limitation period for murder in Turkey: Article 66 of the Turkish Criminal Code (2) There has been no State sanctioned murder of Jewish peoples in Turkey. Israel would of acted on this if this was the case. (3) Turkey has aided the Jewish peoples throughout history and has also paid a price for it in the past. E.g. Bombing of the Turkish Embassy in Rhodes by German forces because the Turkish ambassador was giving refuge to Jewish people in it. (4) As for me shutting my mouth, have you heard of the Universal Right to Freedom of Expression and Speech? Oh I forgot you don't believe in such Human Rights.
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