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Hamas: Crocodile captured in Gaza sewer
Published: 06.11.12, 08:39
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1. they only found the croc in the sewer???
Peggy ,   UK/Israel   (11.06.12)
2. The Gaza deteriorated sewer issue is self made
zobcity ,   Israel   (11.06.12)
They were given a pristine Fully functional area with billions of dollars of modernized assets and functional systems. They sabotaged their own self by inciting War on others with theological rationalized attacks on Israeli citizenry. They put their self's as victims but Threw the First punch (rockets) So, what is their excuse now?
3. hunger
gallula ,   paris   (11.06.12)
its face looks like a gazouite : wild, fierce and agressive.......
4. Croc
Roxy ,   Israel   (11.06.12)
I am surprised they didn't claim it was a Mossad trained spy waiting to kill Hamas leaders.
5. Where there is true hunger and starvation
rebecca ,   modiin   (11.06.12)
there are no zoos. The Gaza saga is a myth.
6. Arafat mystery solved!
Logic ,   Israel   (11.06.12)
He was hiding there all along.
7. Which one's the lizard?? Potential suitcase bomb?
Steven Gilbert ,   Teaneck   (11.06.12)
8. Gazan kid bitten by dog
keren ,   tzafon, Israel   (11.06.12)
"A young Gazan child was bitten by a neighbor's dog as he played in the street. Gazan dogs have been unusually hungry of late and more prone to biting due to Israeli aggression, blockade, Cast Lead blah...blah..." That's at least as ludicrous as this report (no author), which took a quirky story and twisted it to take another shot at Israel. Shame!
9. Sewer system is screwed up because..
Dave ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.06.12)
They pulled all the pipes out to make qassam rockets. Gaza would be beautiful if they spent their money on infrastructure and education instead of terror.
10. #2 - well, that and the fact that Hamas ripped up pipes
William ,   Israel   (11.06.12)
from the water and sewage systems as raw materials for rockets. Its one of the reasons why Israel cannot deliver more potable water to Gaza.
11. Mossad Crocodile
Dave ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.06.12)
I'm surprised the crocodile wasn't accused of being part of an Israeli plot. Remember the shark attack in Egypt a year ago, people were on the news accusing Israeli of training sharks to attack them.
12. Poor animal his fate is sealed, death in Gaza Zoo.
Mike ,   Israel   (11.06.12)
13. How'd that politician get into the sewer?
bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (11.06.12)
14. #2
Only the jewish Israelis start theological wars. Only jews whine continuously as being victims. Israel deliberately destroyed the Gazan infrastructure during Operation Cant Lead. God Bless Gaza!
15. well well well......
Moragh   (11.07.12)
bless your cotton sox Gaza!
16. Crocodile hiding in Gaza sewage
Philip Barnett ,   London , UK   (11.20.13)
they might find in the sewage Hassan Nasrallah as well in his incognito visit to Israel.
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