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'Obama may intervene in Israel elections'
Itamar Eichner
Published: 06.11.12, 09:41
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1. Obuma
Ronnie ,   Australia   (11.06.12)
It's all about meeeee. And if I lose, it's gonna be a black thing.
2. Revenge
Madeleine ,   Israel   (11.06.12)
Obama's great at revenge. Great footage of him calling his faithful to "vote for revenge". Revenge?!! That could mean revenge against your family, friends, neighbours - anyone in fact who dares think about voting republican. If voting for revenge is the best Obama can do, the heaven help America if he wins. Meanwhile, if he tries to even send a whisper of interference in our elections, I hope we will know how to deal with him.
3. What can one say ?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.06.12)
Except to hope and pray for the best outcome .....
4. Anti-Semintism, Racism and anti-Obamaism
Doug W ,   Los Angeles, CA, USA   (11.06.12)
I got to tell you that to American Jewish Democrats Anti-Semintism, Racism and anti-Obamaism sound and feel exactly alike - prejudice for totally irrational, hurtful reasons. We, the majority of American Jews are being alienated. Some other facts 1.) We American Jewish Democrats have celebrated everything from Pesach to the award of President Peres the Presidential Medial of Freedom the highest civilian award in the United States with President Obama, WE TRUST HIM 100% 2.) Iran can NOT get a nuclear weapon, It runs contrary to US interests even factoring out the Israeli factor, they took our hostages, We have not forgotten. 3.) The US does NOT need Israel's support and, if reelected, the Obama administration has NO agenda as regards to Israel. The US is a big country, IF Bibi doesn't like Obama it will have no effect on Obama. 4.) The majority of US Jews are Democrats 55% v 16% for Republicans contrary to the misleading statements in some of Israeli press. 5.) Maybe MOST IMPORTANTLY, as GW Bush and Obama have said, ISRAEL is a proxy for the US, a hostage - the Iranian's gov's real enemy is the US.
5. it's just a ranting of an ant.
samuel ajani ,   abuja, Nigeria   (11.06.12)
His support for opposition party against netanyahu would not stand because Netanyahu is fighting for the interest of Israel not his own selfish interest. Israel must be protected at all cost.
6. Question
Joseph ,   Germany   (11.06.12)
Why is another country (israel) getting involved in US politics, do you think guys honestly think this is right?
7. #6Since the US feel the need to meddle in Israel's affairs
Chaim   (11.06.12)
it's very important for Israel to get the right person sitting at the helm in the US. That would be one who's not an anti-Semite pro-Arab and who cares about the Jewish state and respects their leaders.
8. This article is far from being acurate. Obama hates Nataniah
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (11.06.12)
Far before the US election campaign. Just like Clinton before him. He also humiliated the PM( Nataniahu's first term) in his visit to Israel. And Hillary was the first american who mentioned a Palestinian country in same visit. Remember how Obama whispered in Sarkosy's ear with an open microphone diminishing words against Nataniahu Nataniahu has avoided meddling in USA politics. But independantly from this, Romney and Nataniahu studied in same University and worked together in same consultation firm in Boston If Romney comes to Israel he is treated as an honered guess. Just like other important guests. If it would have been any other candidate to the US presidency, Nataniahu and others would have give him the fred carpet.The remarks made by Obama about Romneys fundrising in Israel were really out of place, as well as mentioning his visit as a candidate to Ashdod and Yad Vashem.(obviously then, he was seeking the Jewish Vote) The fact is as president Obama did not visit Israel but visited several arab capitals snubing Israel, he humiliated Nataniahu far before the presidential elections and far before Romney's visit
9. Fair's fair.
Rouffian ,   Paris, France   (11.06.12)
So it's not OK for a foreigner to interfere in the Israeli elections, but it is OK for a foreigner to interfere in the American election? Netanyahu tried to stab Obama in the back. Obviously the President will hold a grudge against him. I would; Bibi's a snake, and should be treated like one, with a big distance between him and the one he bit.
10. no 6 It's not true Israel is meddling in USA
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (11.06.12)
Politics it is an unfortunately comment from this carelesss writer. All the Israeli leftist press is anti BIBI as well as the Leftist American Press is Pro Obama. Which are the most important papers as NYT. Washington Post,Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald etc
11. I have a dream
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.06.12)
..that Netanyahu and Romney will soon be in retirement in Macau with their patron, Sheldon, the chief croupier
12. The Jews of America dont care for Israel for they
Al   (11.06.12)
refuse to see Obama for what he is . He is an anti-semite, plain and simple. He will do anything to throw Israel under the bus should he be re-elected. You are being warned. You are in for a very rough ride from this guy should he win. AS to the Jews of America. I have nothing but contempt for you. You have shown yourselves to be stupid, selfish and scared. You have embraced everything and anything but that what is important to Jews and Israel. Yes some of you are very generous to Israel, but most of you would rather forget you are Jewish. Dont worry, the hungry angry poor goy in America will remind you. Oh baby they will remind you.
13. #6, why does the US involve ITSELF
Israeli   (11.06.12)
In ISRAELI politics and affairs? If Obama takes revenge on Natanyahu, he Obama will PROVE what we all suspected: that he is evil, vindictive and believes he is god.
14. short memories
naava ,   jerusalem   (11.06.12)
Looks like everyone has short memories. Bill Clinton publicly and openly interfered in our elections twice, once unsuccessfully when he tried to get Peres elected, and then hiring people like G.Soros and sending teams in to unseat Bibi, he continued til he got Bibi out and Barak in....openly and behind the scenes both. In addition it is widely known that Obama already interfered in our govt process by trying to bring Kadima into power in the Knesset. Even the left understands this happened.. Nu....did everyone forget this???
15. if Hussein is elected, next 4 yrs will be worst than last 4
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (11.06.12)
because for the past 4 years, he still need to "act" two faces, balancing between wooing arabs, snubbing Israel, and yet at same times must show some support for Iron Drone and during UN just to secure jewish votes at this re-election junction. so the past 4 years, he will not show his true colours, will not reveal his agenda, or go all out for the arabs-kissing attitudes and total Israel-bashing. but this coming 4 years, he will have no worry whatsoever, because no matter how, he won't need to fight for another 4 years at 2016. Remember King Saul, if you don't wait upon G-D to provide the one of His Choice, and you insist on your way, you will reap tears... and suffered till the right God-chosen one come along.
16. 'Obama may intervene in Israel elections
yasmin ,   SG   (11.06.12)
If he does,does that mean its gud or bad? Who's got to loose?
17. USA/Israel/World's Best Interest
Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (11.06.12)
The USA & the world need to behave in our best interests, and Israel needs saving from herself. What is needed is transparency of the truths which will naturally cause Israel to behave consistent with Judaism that serves the best interests of Israel, our USA and the World. The loong time runaway train of Israel "leaders" is fast approaching a disasterous wreck, loong enabled by our USA. A re-elected Obama will naturally reveal the truthful realities of both words & deeds as they happen. Hence, we hurting Americans will behave in our best interests knowing the truths, and will save Israel from herself that will benefit all ...
18. Obama
Philip Smeeton ,   Norway   (11.06.12)
Obama is wrongfully claiming credit for the success of the counter-terrorist measures initiated by Bush.
19. #7
Israelette ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.06.12)
Dear Chaim, A few things: 1. Would an anti-Semite have an Orthodox Jew as his chief of staff? 2. Would Ehud Barak say this about someone who doesn't care about the Jewish state? 'I should tell you honestly that this administration under President Obama is doing in regard to our security more than anything that I can remember in the past.' 3. Would Peres say this about someone who doesn't care about the Jewish state? 'When I look at the record of President Obama concerning the major issues, security, I think it’s a highly satisfactory record, from an Israeli point of view.' Like Obama, dislike Obama, it's your choice, but please employ your critical skills and try to see past Fox's nonsensical talking points. Have a nice day!
20.  Obama's aides accuse Netanyahu of ..intervening -
rebecca ,   modiin   (11.06.12)
just because Obama's aids accuse someone of something, that does not make it so. There is not ONE case of Netanyahu supporting Romney. It is all in the minds and campaigns of Americans. Obama has insulted Netanyahu so often that, to get the Jewish American vote, there had to be an "excuse" for his behaviour, and this is what his aides made up. Netanyahu has remained silent on both candidates and their feelings for or benefits to Israel.
21. Clinton Intervened
Joel Sombereo ,   USA   (11.06.12)
President Clinton Intervened in 2000 in Ehud Baraks Campaign by sending democratic strategist to help him oust Bibi. All Bibi has to do is show documents proving it and also proof that the US funds leftist NGOs in Israel.
22. #19
naava ,   jerusalem   (11.06.12)
surely you jest israelette.....the critical skills you suggested to #7 apparently went out the window when you thought of these things...or was this a satire? an tongue in cheek joke? I certainly hope so...otherwise, i am embarrassed for an israeli to have written this...
23. Who is meddling in who's affairs?
Lenya ,   Australia   (11.06.12)
It continues to amaze when I read comments accusing Netanyahu of meddling in US affairs. Are the commenter's memories so short they have forgotten who started the 1967 "border" issues ? Has everyone forgotten the never ending streams of Obama administration minions visiting Israel with demands for Israel to capitulate on every Palestinian demands ? Who tells who what to do?..It certainly wasn't Netanyahu. The truth was is that Netanyahu demanded Red lines on Iran from the US because the US has made demands on Israel not to defend itself against a threatening Iran regime.
24. Doug W #4, read Al #12
Steve Klein   (11.06.12)
Al put it more bluntly than I might have put it. Nonetheless, those of us who see Obama for the Israel-hater (Israel-haters are Jew-haters) that he is, Al cannot be lightly dismissed. He is right, for too many American Jews Israel is not a priority. Or worse, it does not even figure into the equation when we vote. Al is also right, angry American gentiles will one day remind us who we are; assimilated American Jews who are not Jews first.
25. Don't panick!
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.06.12)
He will not have majority in congress as it already shows and some members of his own party will not vote against Israel. If he could have done untill now what he wanted, that would have been bad for IIsrael, but as I said, he is not limitless empowered!
26. We Trust Him?
Ezra ,   San Diego USA   (11.06.12)
He is completely unbalanced in spending and has no accountability in terms of the national debt. His administration is guilty of criminal negligence in the deaths of four state department personnel in Benghazi Libya. He embraces most things liberal and encourages black voters to "Get Revenge" by voting. His character leaves a lot to be desired and brings new meaning to the term "Character Matters" . The U.S. has never been more divided under his administration. Yea, other than that we trust him. lol
27. The US is already very involved
b ,   canada   (11.06.12)
with influencing Israeli public opinion and politics. So what will change?
28. #19; Never mind Fox : Ask yourself
Stromboli ,   Milan   (11.06.12)
Is the new middle east map better for Israel's security? if you answer honestly from a good knowledge base you will see past the shmoozing of lying politicians. , and inertia frum Jews
29. #19: Obama's "Jew boys"
Steve   (11.06.12)
#28's inertia frum Jews, that's a new one for me. As to Jews working for American presidents, I thought Bush's White House Spokesman, Ari Fleischer, sold out. Bush (unlike Obama) was considered a friend by many Jews. How much more have David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, etc., sold out?
30. Bibi has repeatedly lied to Obama & fiddled in the election
Why Not? ,   tampa   (11.06.12)
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