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US elections: How do haredim vote?
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 06.11.12, 14:48
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1. Satmar are NOt Jews. I don't understand why they weren't....
Chillul HaShem ,   Israel   (11.06.12)
kicked out of the Jewish family a long time ago. They are enemies of the Jews WORSE than Achmedinejad and the mullahs
2. says it all
Olmert, J-street and Satmer all support Obama. Says it all, doesn't it?
3. Netueri Karta garbage.
Wise Saba ,   Western Negev   (11.06.12)
4. While secular Jews vote democrat no matter who's heading it
Chaim   (11.06.12)
haredim and other religious Jews on the other hand generally would vote repulican - EVEN SATMAR. Of course there are some haredim who vote differently.
5. #1-3 why the annoyance at Satmar and NK
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.06.12)
when your leftists friends in Israel would do the same? Would you have the courage to publicly be annoyed at them too? Or is it just that you despise Satmar and NK so much and you're just looking for a way to insult them?
6. the answer is simple: how ever the Rebbe tells them
Rafi ,   US   (11.06.12)
7. The way the rebbe told them to ,...
snag ,   US   (11.06.12)
8. Satmar & generalizing
yosef ,   williamsburg US   (11.06.12)
Satmar is not NK for those of you who love to hate your fellow yidden! Over generalizing about religion and ethnicity should not be common amongst us but comments so far say otherwise. You may not agree with some of the fringe elements within Satmar but that does not mean all of us are fanatics! We are Jews and your brothers.
9. Tells You About Obama
Rob ,   New York   (11.06.12)
You can usually judge people by their friends. Well, Obama has quite a collection doesn't he? His wife said she was never proud of America until he was elected; his two favorite preachers hated America, and now the anti-zionist Satmar support him. It's obvious.
10. Pennsylvania?
NYCSteve ,   NY, NY   (11.06.12)
A friend who lives in Central Pennyslvania, asked a modestly dressed couple (man with beard and woman covered up) who their haredi friends were voting for. They turned out to be Mennonite Christians (it's tough to make the call in PA, I guess).
11. Stmar....
Shalom ,   U.S.A..   (11.06.12)
Voted for Didkins for a deal. They got what they deserved.
12. No. 2
David Stern ,   Jerusaem, Israel   (11.06.12)
Yes! It does.
13. Biggest proof that Obama hates Israel, is his supporters.
Jake ,   USA   (11.06.12)
The fact that a self-hating stubbornly anti-Zionist, head-up-the-arse radical Satmer group is supporting Obama, tells you all you need to know about his attitude towards Israel. These self-hating anti-geulah wing-nuts support Hamas, Ahmadinejad (may he name be cursed throughout eternity) and the dissolution of the Jewish state -- and Obama.
14. No One Stood Up With Israel As Obama Did!
Neta ,   USA   (11.06.12)
To Kobi Nachshoni, who could not keep his business out of the American election's business: Kobi Nachshoni, you who wrote the most ridiculous, biased and could be damaging article to all the Jews living in America and the Jews living in Israel. If you are an Israeli living in Israel, mind your own business and mind Israeli upcoming elections. If you are a Jew and an American citizen, as a reminder, America is a free county for all its citizen and therefore people vote according to their hearts and they vote for who they TRUST, not according to your classifications and Jews listing. Take me as an example: I am an Ultra Orthodox (not Satmar), rich enough (thank G-d), well educated, love Israel, American citizen and I can go on and on... I followed closely both candidates... My heart and my TRUST and my vote goes to OBAMA! By the way, I am not the only Jew with ALL the above qualifications and classifications... Next time you want to write an article, come up with something smarter that is if you wish to keep a jpob and continue writing
15. Satmar get a bad rap
Yerach ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (11.07.12)
First of all let me state I am a Lubavitcher (Chabad) Chosid & not a Satmar. Having said that I am digusted by some of the talbacks bashing the Satmars. You can not paint them all with one brush as a radical fringe exists among them. When it comes to tzedoka & bikur cholim Satmar are second to none. The old Satmar Rebbe Admor Yoel Teitelbaum,ZY"A told his chasidim not to vote for an Anti-Israel candidate because if the Goy is against Israel he is always a Je-hater also.(This I heard from Satmar friends). Satmar is NOT Neturei Karta & they condemn them for hob nobing with Jew-haters like Ahmadinajad & Farrakhan.
16. @10, no
Amerikaner Yid   (11.07.12)
No, it's not hard at all to tell the difference. Your friend is just clueless. Orthodox and Hassidim don't look like Mennonites or Amish at all.
17. Haredi
Babishka ,   USA/Mea Shearim   (11.07.12)
I did not see it mentioned anywhere on this site that Haredi soup kitchen Masbia provided tens of thousands of hot meals to displaced victims of Hurricane Sandy, of all races, religions and ethnic origin.
18. just another attempt to create a pointless story about hared
zionist forever   (11.07.12)
Why should it matter how haredi vote in the US election anymore than it matters how any other Jews voted? Fact is for the mot part Jews are Democrats and the majority of Jews voted for Obama. Some were haredi, some were secular and they all voted for personal reasons and don't have to justify their decision of who they voted for or their reasons for it to anybody. Come on Ynet enough haredi stories already, who the haredi voted for is not important in the slightest unless of course we are looking for somebody to blame for the fact that Obama got reelected because Obama is bad for Israel.
19. Reply to number 1 Satmar
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (11.08.12)
I think you are confusing Satmar with Naturei Karta. Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum ztl of Satmar was aknowledged by all other Gedolei HaDor as a giant of post-war Yiddishkeit. In recent years Satmar has placed adverts in major Orthodox media denouncing Naturei Karta as misguided outcasts of the Jewish community, who sadly hold hands with terrorists and denounce the Medina. The main reason most Orthodox Rabbonim have not expressed public views on the election is that we recognise that History is also His Story. G-d guides the actions of heads of state. Obama and Romney are both basically decent men who will work with Congress.
20. any so called jew who support obama isnt a real jew
mira ,   israel   (11.10.12)
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