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Netanyahu: I'll continue working with Obama
Ynet, Yedioth reporters
Published: 07.11.12, 09:35
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1. Some leaked portions of the phone call...
Muayyad ,   Palestine   (11.07.12)
Ring...ring... [Bibi] Mm..myello?? [BHO] Who's daddy? [Bibi] Well you are now...but Israel still has the right to strike Persia on its own! [BHO] Yeah we'll see about that [Bibi] Don't play passive agressive on me...else i'll ask you for the hundredth time..Produce your birth certificate! [BHO] You're funny Benji...I'm abstaining at Palestine's vote next week...Payback time!! [Bibi] (HANGS UP) [BHO] Hello?? Hello? You haven't seen the worse of the Israeli elections! Someone should teach Bibi some manners! Do NOT interfere in US elections. Do NOT think the world is at your foot toes..Do NOT spread lies and do NOT take the world for idiot goyim!
2. New way of doing things Bibi...
Ken   (11.07.12)
"Netanyahu: I'll continue working with Obama" LOL! As if Bibi as a choice in the matter!! New rules for the next 4 year, play nice and you might get a carrot if not you get the stick.
3. poor bibi
peter ,   tel aviv   (11.07.12)
now after all your meddling for Romney you will actually have to act like a real man next time you meet Obama. Maybe its better you send Sara.
4. to mr. ring ring... #1
Jdketerstov ,   Israel   (11.07.12)
...well you know, it seems Lapid also was reading "from promise to power",, so your comment rpobably brough a smile to Netanyahus face, considering that he can be re-elected too.
5. Just keep building homes in the land of the Jews. There is
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.07.12)
no place called "palestine" and there never will be because the arabs will NEVER come to the peace table without nonnegotiable preconditions.
6. netanyahu will work with obama?
gustave ,   jerusalem   (11.07.12)
Bibi it is time to drop Finkelstein, this guy predicted wrongly,gave you the same wrong advice as he does to Liebermann,victor orban (pM hungary),bosnia herzogwina etc .etc. One "guru" with one recipe for all the lost PM's in the world is like MacDonalds trying to sell one type of Hamburgers worldwide. It failed.
7. So, the new arab spring can continue...
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.07.12)
..the next step for mr President after liberating islamic followers in north aftrica, is the job to liberated the european islamic followers form supression of hteir dictators.
8. Israel needs to get rid of Bibi
John Harris ,   Dallas   (11.07.12)
This election shows the folly of Bibis and Likuds Strategy. Aggression does not always win and leaves you open to retaliation and aggression. Sometimes "Try a little tenderness". Israel needs to vote these moronic war mongers out of power and work towards Peace and Strategic security for their children.
9. poodle
sam ,   washington dc   (11.07.12)
MR prime minister is going to work with Obama, well u will be obamas poodle for the next four years and mr natanyhu i would not run for office if i was u. what goes around comes around the AMERICAN PEOPLE SPOKE AND U HAVE NO BUISNESS IN THIS GREAT NATION SO STAY OUT
10. Husein Vs Bibi
Nicky ,   Denmark   (11.07.12)
Labor Chairwoman Yachimovich must be an imbecile if she believes this clown at the White House will do Israel any good.
11. If O wants to "assist" peace process,he will have to inspire
Alan ,   SA   (11.07.12)
confidence on the Israeli side. Its no use O appearing to want to put Israel in a position where it has indefensible borders and an influx of Millions of so called "refugees" Israel is here to stay. His attitude towards Israel lost 4 years.(that is IF the Arabs want peace with Israel in the first place-which I doubt)
12. Danny Danon is correct.
sigh........... ,   we are doomed.   (11.07.12)
Obama cannot be trusted and we have no one to rely on. But we DO! We have GOD to rely on! Mofaz is DREAMING if he thinks Obama will stand beside us. He HATES Israel. He is going to try to ruin us.
13. This is the best news for Israel.
Sam ,   Kfar Saba   (11.07.12)
After bibi's fox tactics to secure his PM seat at the next Israeli election at least the us election result guarantees that bibi isn't allowed to do whatever he pleases.
14. Change Netanyahu
Avi ,   US   (11.07.12)
After Netanyahu committed a strategic error by interfering in the US elections, HE MUST GO. Just like any Mossad Chief. If any operation goes wrong, the Chief must resign. Now, so does Netanyahu. It is clear that he bet on the wrong horse miscalculating the factors. This questions his ability to lead Israel. It puts forward the question, WHAT ELSE did Bibi miscalculated that we do not know yet? He should have left US internal politics alone. I agree with Obama when he retaliates against Bibi. Obama will not undermine Israel, but he will undermine Bibi who demonstrated lack of leadership and foolishness instead of wisdom. BIBI MUST GO. We are done with his failures compounding Israel's problems in this unstable period. GO HOME BIBI. WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO REPRESENT Israel.
15. "Obama not good for Israel"
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   USA   (11.07.12)
So what. The American people elected Obama to be for America just like the Israeli people elect BIBI for Israel. When Americans citizens such as the Jews, Christians, Blacks, Chinese, Spanish, Muslims etc vote, not many think about Israel or global politics. They think about what's good for America. Israel should step back and realize it's important for America strategically, but Americans votes domestic period end end of story and so do AMERICAN Jews who have as much connection to Israel as a 5th generation Italian American to Rome.
16. Muayyad no 1
Jewish Warrior ,   QUDS AL YAHUD   (11.07.12)
As the torah says to Ishmael VEHU YEHYA PERE ADAM just like you.
17. no 9
No way BIBI will be Obamas poodle.
18. Obama turned to Clinton
Avramele   (11.07.12)
It would be grand if Bill asked to be special Mideast negotiator along with his pal tony Blair so he can finish the negotiations he started in 2000. Also given the comments of Knesset members and talkbacks we now understand why Obama did not visit in his first term - would have been a PR nightmare not for him but Israel!
19. #14 Mind your own business
Menachem ,   Israel   (11.07.12)
Netanyahu like most Israelis certainly favor Romney which is natural given Obama's hostility and arrogance towards Israel. Newsflash: It is Obama who has interfered in Israeli elections. Israel's future is decided by Israelis, not by Obama or Israeli expats with chutzpah like you in the US.
20. #1 What is "Palestine"?
Menachem ,   Israel   (11.07.12)
Last time I looked on the world map there was no such entity so who is lying? Be nice and you might get a slice of ancestral Jewish territory if you join the civilized world and end your anti-Jewish aggression. Don't get your hopes up with Obama since Israel was around long before Obama and will be around long after Obama has left the stage.
21. Wrong track?
new_york_loner ,   Rochester, NY   (11.07.12)
Reports indicate that 85% of the US-Israeli citizens who voted in Israel, some 75,000 voters, voted for the loser, Mitt Romney...President Obama won only about 15% of that tally. And Sheldon Adelson blew over 25 million USD on the losers. The high roller crapped out. Looks like Bibi and the Likud are on a different track than Obama and the Democrats...or are they on the same track, but headed for a head-on collision?
22. The arrogance of Netanyahu puts Israel on a dangerous path
Richard Rubin ,   Denver,USA   (11.07.12)
Netanyahu has violated the conventional wisdom and protocol when he openly attempted to influence the US election. The only other leader in the world that made a preference statement was Hugo Chavez (who made a right bet at least). If the US does not make a point that there are political consequences for a foreign country's interference on the US election, future US presidents may have specific foreign interests in mind because of constituency. Netanyahu's making a bet was bad enough, making a wrong bet is even worse. By doing so, he was putting Israel interests on the casino table because of his personal dislike of Obama. Now he loses, he is taking Israel on a unpredictable path.
23. #14 Avi
DavidR ,   USA   (11.07.12)
Thinking people know that Netanyahu did not interfere in the American election. Did he host Romney in Israel? YES! Of course he did. And so would any head of State that has a potential US President visiting their State. Would Netanyahu have hosted Obama if he had visited Israel? YES! However, Obama did not and would not visit Israel. Don't fault a man for Statesmanship! He did what he should have done and publicly stated on many occasions that he refused to comment on the election because he did not intend to be dragged into it. He did a much more honorable thing than Obama. At least he did not bring Romney in the back door.
24. #22, Richard
DavidR ,   USA   (11.07.12)
Would you please quote that preference statement of Netanyahu? Statesmanship is a statement to the whole world. If Obama had bothered to visit Israel as Romney did, he would have received the same Statesmanship greeting and hosting that Romney did. Why is it that American leftists cannot use common sense?
25. #15 Agreed
Alex   (11.07.12)
True, people shoud vote according to what is best for the respective country. Therefore Romney is the best choice, he had the best merits to turn the economy around. During Obama's 4 years the only things he have accomplished are: legalize gay marriages, withdraw from Iraq/taken out Bin Ladin and enforced a health reform (which the majority of the American population opposes). Probably one of the worst track record of a President through history.
26. Jewish Statesmanship....
new_york_loner ,   Rochester, NY   (11.07.12)
...Seems to be the buzzword on the Israeli sites this morning....They shoot Jewish statesmen, don't they?.... RIP: Walther Rathenau, & Yitzhak Rabin.
27. #1?? Do you exist.....
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (11.07.12)
"Palestine" is a mythical place which doesn't exist; therefore Muayyad, you must be a figment of imagination. Israel doesn't consider the world to be "dumb Goyim"! We are raised to respect people of other faiths! However, you my friend, may just be a dumb Goy!
28. Netanyahu has no choice
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (11.07.12)
Of course he will work with Obama. A president not looking for re-election could start cancelling the cheques
29. Netanyahu Made a BIG mistake
Steve Kunsman ,   Orlando, FL   (11.07.12)
I am a Democrat and I used to support Israel until I heard about Netanyahu's stupid comments! This is unacceptable! We will punish him for his stupidity and his intervention in US politics. We now are free to intervene in any way we want in Israel's political scene.
30. Obama Election
Charles E. Jensen ,   USA   (11.07.12)
Netanyahu: I'll continue working with Obama ..................................................... That's rather presumptuous. The better question is will Obama continue to work with you. You came to this County, and on the floor of Congress, attacked and embarrassed our President and worked, not very subtly, for his defeat in this election...and you expect him to welcome you with open arms. I don't think so. We do not appreciate outsiders who insult our President on our soil and who attempt to interfere with and subvert our elections. It is not appreciated and you are not welcome.
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