Olmert: Netanyahu broke the rules in US elections
Itamar Eichner
Published: 07.11.12, 20:30
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31. Olmert still creeps me out!
Shep ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (11.07.12)
I can't believe that Olmert wants to construe PM Netanyahu's exercesing his duties to protect Israel from Iran as "interfering" in American politics. Obama is no friend of Israel's and if it isn't apparent at this point, then we'll all in a world of S%*t.
32. Olmert must be right about Bibi
Seth Greenberg ,   Raanana   (11.07.12)
If one were to use the 'takes one to know one' approach, who better than Olmert knows when rules are being broken? On the other hand, Ehud, just be happy your windows don't have bars and call it a day.
33. Zionist Power in the US
Florin Neamtu ,   NC, USA   (11.07.12)
I pray to the one and true Christ that this is the beginning of a pushback against the Israeli 5th Column and sayanim in the US media and intelligence establishments. Israel spies on the US relentlessly - I've seen it myself... Silicon Valley is lousy with Israeli spies. Israel has sold US missiles to North Korea or China via Finland. Israel is not a friend to the American people - not because it's 'Jewish' but because it is run by ethnocentric warmongering madmen who belive in convenient fictions and violence.
34. olmert ,the convicted criminal-
oded ,   usa   (11.07.12)
has the audacity to speak- how dare he even raise his head out of the gutter he belongs to? so much innocent blood on his hands,(2006 anyone?) stuffed envelopes in his pocket and a court conviction to his name? olmert, get lost!
35. bibi is not arrogant
milson   (11.07.12)
bibi admits he is uncertain which is why he has his group of 7 or 8 to help with decisions. His intentions are good . He understands hills and valleys but tends to fold under pressure but he is honest about it and is trying to hold certain lines. Olmert on the other hand is arrogant, thinks he knows everything, understands zero about militry geography as winograd aptly pointed out, iin his heart is weak thinking massive concessions will strike a deal with hamas and who has blood and dollars associated with his career. So he is telling bibi how he should behave??!! Olmert and livni make chamberlain look like a war hero. If lador is not able to obtain win the appeal against olmert, then I strongly suggest that he should go to the mirror and take a gun out and blow his brains out for harassing olmert and others without any logical chance of conviction, over and over again.
36. You Don't Have To Be Friends In Order
To Work together, Do You? A Professional Is Just That in order to accomplish Goals??????????????? But The SMUG Arrogent b.H.o. Can Throw The American peoples Weight Around? NOT We Are in Big TROUBLE In The U.S. NOW and For four more Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
37. But George W Bush, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton...
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.07.12)
...Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Joe Biden and other despicable politicians in Washington could or still can interfer with Israeli elections? And PM Netanyahu cannot interfer with the American elections? This is hypocrisy. With an ex PM like Olmert - who needs enemies? Olmert thinks Netanyahu should keep his preferences to himself? What about previous and this current administration in Washington keeping their preferences to themselves? Hillary Clinton has publicly supported toppling our democratically elected government - meaning the Netanyahu administration. I support Netanyahu all the way against the arrogance of the Obama Administration and the treason and left wing extremism of the Israeli opposition.
38. #33 - get a life moron and try to educate yourself
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (11.07.12)
39. olmert's comments
tom ,   toronto, canada   (11.07.12)
it is most unhelpful to pour oil on the fire, especially to further one's own, failed, political ambitions. even if what ehud olmert says is true, it is definitely not in israel's interests to call attention to the fact that a majority of israelis would have preferred not to re-elect barack hussein obama, if they had a vote. his comments show that he puts his own ego ahead of the interests of the country, which is a very good reason why he should never be elected to public office again.
40. Israeli Elections Are Coming
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.07.12)
Is it time for a change?
41. Absolutely correct!
Steven Zeluck ,   San Francisco   (11.07.12)
Bibi foolishly did these two things which never should have happened: 1) His 10 month freeze on Yesha construction for Jewish families. 2) His attempting to interfere in U.S. elections. Unfortunately both will come back to haunt both him and Israel.
42. Jeff #21 Thanks for the laugh.
Jake   (11.07.12)
One really has to laugh hard at an inhabitant of a nation which expanded to span an entire continent and beyond, referring to a fly-speck on a wall map as being "expansionist".
43. #33. With all due respect to you and your post
A ,   Belgium   (11.07.12)
I am the Walrus! Koo-koo-ka-choob!
44. #28, "Sarah B", You got it the wrong way round.
Jake   (11.07.12)
The oft-menitioned Sheldon Adelson has given not a dime in direct contributions to Netanyahu. Can we say the same thing about George Soros (the billionaire donor to Obama) and the Israeli Left? Oh, I think not. Oh and by the way, regarding Romney's ideological similarities to Netanyahu, recent polls indicate Israelis supported Romney over Obama by a factor of 3 to 1. To paraphrase Joe Biden, don't bet against the Israeli people. Stay in London, dear.
Sam ,   Brooklyn   (11.07.12)
Olmert, how many ENVELOPES did you receive while you were in NY??? You are a low-life, corrupt BUM, who should be behind bars!
46. # 40 Do you support imperialism and anti-Semitism?
World Citizen Too ,   Pro-Israeli World   (11.07.12)
Hopefully a change will come in which Israel will take responsibility for its actions and realize its right to act and behave like an independent state and stop listening to moronic anti-Semites and imperialists like yourself. If any change will happen in Israel, it will happen by Israeli hands, with Israeli hands and through Israeli hearts and minds. Unless of course you believe in slavery and imperialism.
47. #40 Israelis will be reminding themselves
Jake   (11.07.12)
just what kind of people are hoping for this "change", before they vote...the faceless, nameless, armchair warriors, cowards and trolls who slander their country online everyday....not exactly the kind of people who hold their interests at heart.
48. #33 the "Iron Guard" speaks, but a little rusty
Jake   (11.08.12)
You seem to have gone straight from herding sheep to the Silicon Valley, skipping every step of evolution on the way up.
49. Mr Ehud Olmert should be in jail,not in politics. A disgrace
Reginald ,   United Kingdom   (11.08.12)
Mr Ehud Olmert, Mr Brown Envelopes,should get lost. He should be in jail for his crimes of corruption. The most corrupt,inept,weak,PM,that has lots to answer for the blood of Israelis murdered by Hamas,and Hezbollah terrorists. Hezbollah today posed a mortal threat to Israel,thanks to Mr Brown envelopes. He was blinded by the brown envelopes,that he failed destroy the terrorists. Today Hezbollah is mortal threat to Israel,because he was blinded by the brown envelopes. What is doing in US talking about PM Nethanyahu,and speaking nonsense of the most competent,patriot leader,who love his nation,love his people and love the God of his Father, the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY,THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL. BLESSED BE HE FOR EVER AND EVER! AMEIN!
50. to # 33
jew from the east   (11.08.12)
you people from romania are very "smart",DOBITOCULE
51. Obama will push for Pal state & divided Jerusalem
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (11.08.12)
and it will happen very soon. Israel must re-elect Netanyahu. A PM Olmert or Livni will give away Jerusalem to the Pals, the Golan to the Syrians - and show weak leadership when Gaza and Egypt team up to attack the south.
52. He should be in a jail cell, not issuing statements.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.08.12)
53. Olmert article Netanyahu broke the rules in US elections
Emile Tubiana ,   New York NY   (11.08.12)
we Americans interfered covert and overt not only in Israel and In many comtries. Like in Tunisia,Lybia, Egypt with the muslim brotherhood etc etc What Olmert is saying: like telltale in school.
54. I wonder
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.08.12)
Exactly what Mr. Netanyahu has done, said or even implied that he even commented on the US elections? Can anybody in the entire world point to a single statement, action or even hint that he did anything whatsoever? Bet it is like the Arab legal claims to any land west of the Jordan River - total fantasy
55. # 19
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.08.12)
We have fought all our own wars, you dimwit.
56. # 44
Birdi ,   Israel   (11.08.12)
The poor dear always gets it the wrong way round!
57. PM used by foreign tycoon-if that's not corruption what is?
biat ,   holon israel   (11.08.12)
A prime minister who lets himself be used by a foreign tycoon to the damage of the country whose leader he is - if that is not corruption, what is?
58. Why do we care what olmert thinks ?
Charlie   (11.08.12)
Why on earth would i care what a criminal ex prime minister thinks about Bibi? He should keep his comments to himself because no one really cares what he says anyways.
59. who broke rules?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (11.08.12)
Is this not a case of the frying pan calling the pot black? Mr Olmert is not free from the prosecution for his breaking rules while in office. At least Bibi has been most honest, even in his appraisement of Obama.
60. Olmert completely wrong...
John ,   London   (11.08.12)
Bibi hasn't "turned Israel from a bi-partisan issue to one that is at the heart of the US political debate". He's turned Israel from an issue which US politicians felt that had to pay attention to, to an issue that is irrelevant. The figures Israelis should notice are 4% swing in the Jewish vote to Romney, and 2% of US Jews saying Iran was their top issue. That's too little for anyone to care about. Bibi has had his (and Israel's) bluff called. Disastrous for Israel. He should learn from Chaim Weismann who knew that he had to HINT at Jewish political power, never try to PROVE it. #epicbibifail
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