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Olmert: Time running out for peace deal
Published: 08.11.12, 09:50
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1. What a hypocrite
Chopper4 ,   CPT, South Africa   (11.08.12)
Here is Olmert saying to Bibi or whoever the next PM will be, that they must get peace. This is coming from a guy that offered the Palestinians everything and more and they said,"No". Everyone tries and still the Palestinians say "No" Has Olmert forgotten that the PLO was created in 1964 and maybe he can tell us what they wanted to liberate when none of the disputed territories or JRS was in the hands of the Israelis. Once the world comes to the realisation that the Palestinians do not want peace while Israel exists, then we can go forward. Or if Palestinian leadership scrap the hatefilled ideology of no presence of Jews in that area. Agree to recognise Israel and demilitarised Palestine then we can go forward. However until then the status quo is the only way forward.
2. Once a Fool Always a Fool, Olmert never learns the reality..
Zion Warrior ,   everywhere   (11.08.12)
3. If we had a law that limited politicians to
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.08.12)
two terms, then keeping out of politics till they die. That would be the best for us along with a law that bans the families of politicians from having anything to do with politics for three generations. They get elected and even after being tried, they return to politics.It should not be a life time job,but a two term position. olmert has no shame of the way he ruined Israel during his unelected time as p.m.
4. What's in it for Ynet to promote Olmert so?
Norbus ,   Holyland   (11.08.12)
5. A Binational state-so what? Bring in the diaspora!
Jouko ,   Finland   (11.08.12)
Antisemitism is rising all over the world and that means diaspora jews have to flee somewhere - probably to Israel. So the muslims's and arabs's antisemitism helps to prevent palestinian majority in Israel.
6. Good news
eli ,   Yerushalayim   (11.08.12)
... becoming one binational state, and not two states. So let's wait.
7. # 1 -4
sid ,   israel   (11.08.12)
What is the matter with you people . Olmert's statements make a lot of sense. Do you want the status quo to continue . Israel policies of delaying the inevitable is not smart. Live and let live . Basta.
8. There will be peace in Israel when
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.08.12)
the Arabs who are just guests here and apparently don't like it here will go back home (to Jordan).
9. #7 we all know he is telling the truth however
Chopper4 ,   CPT, South Africa   (11.08.12)
Is this not what every PM has tried and failed to do for the past few decades? Even Olmert tried what he says and still failed...pressure should be applied to the Palestinians instead of the willing peace partner...Israel.
10. It would be easier to respect his views if
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (11.08.12)
He wasn't a convicted criminal who is hell-bent on giving large, strategic, parts of Israel to hostile forces.
11. what I can't understand
Gerry   (11.08.12)
why is ynet is giving to a convicted criminal to speak out in public???
12. Olmert
QUDS AL YAHUD   (11.08.12)
Can you trust an Islamic/Arab/Muslium? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! even not in their grave.
13. Stuff a rag in his mouth, send him to Prison!
yitzi ,   Bet Shemesh   (11.08.12)
14. Two things
Big Al ,   Zichron Israel   (11.08.12)
While I would rather vote for anybody other than Bibi, I am sorry to say that Olmert just doesn't see to grasp the fact that, right or wrong, he is damaged goods and withdraw gracefully from the political stage. The other thing that I don't get is - how come a country with so many talented people can only come up with a group of narcissist, ego-centric, paranoid, media-pandering types who want to take the job of running this country for the sake of the country and not for themselves. Very depressing.
15. What a moron.
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A./Israel   (11.08.12)
What we need now it to annex Judea and Samaria and bring more citizens to the land. There is no Palestine, there is no Ersatz Palestinians. We are opening our arms to receive the 2.5 million Arab brothers living in Judea and Samaria in our midst. Come to Israel, folks, let's strenghten our Arab sector and increase the number of Arab MKs and create a vibrant, energetic multicultural, multireligious society.
16. The Great Process
zivron   (11.08.12)
First the State Construction then the Universal Humanitarian Dream
17. Olmert time run out
Ezekial Haim ,   London UK   (11.08.12)
Olmert tried hard to make peace but unfortunately his time run out.He needs to take lessons from history.In middle east politics ,it has fortunately been Israel's enemies time that kept running out and Israel has continued to strengthen its position while its enemies weakened.The left should stop wringing its hands in panic and realize that peace will only take place when the palestinians (including hamas)want peace.
18. So why didnt you do it Yeorself ?.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.08.12)
19. From prison..........with love (End).
Nora Tel Aviv   (11.08.12)
20. 3
zionist forever   (11.08.12)
Limiting people from staying involved in politics for two terms is a mistake especially under this stupid system where the average election is held every 2.5 years because of the stupid coalition system so we would never have an experienced politician. What we should do is limit a PM to two terms that way the likes of Olmert would be more likely to just get out of politics or stop atacking others because they dream of being PM again. We should also possibly introduce legislation saying if your above a certain age your not allowed to run for public office that way the likes of Peres would have retired long ago.
21. Olmert Israel risk
Leib ,   Ny   (11.08.12)
Olmert you are a גנב get lost people like you should be locked up for ever
22. Abbas never said yes+never intended to
Sam ,   Canada   (11.08.12)
He is just milking naive Jews and Western leaders for concessions. Putting the onus on Israel to make an agreement when the Palestinians reject a Jewish Israel just shows how pathetic Israeli leaders are,
23. Time is running out for Ehud Olmert.
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (11.08.12)
Thief, fraud, criminal and useless pices of human garbage.
24. Olmert
binny ,   israel   (11.08.12)
Olmert has the dubious honour of being Israels worst Prime Minister and only got the job by default. With his blemished record he should keep his twisted political views to himself. Amazing lack of shame for his own failed policies that endanger Israel
25. Rotten Recycled Politicians
ezer   (11.08.12)
It is incredible that there is no pre-vetting of politicians against moral turpitude and no limit on terms denying politicians 2nd terms. As a result, we end up with ethically challenged losers such as Olmert, Ramon & Derri. And endlessly recycled hypocrites like Barack & Livni. Solution: Prevet all politicians and fix term of service to 2 terms max.
26. Any "peace deal with Palestinians" would be catastrophe.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.08.12)
Olmert is both corrupt and stupid. His advice is worth less than zero. He likely belongs in jail. Any "peace deal with Palestinians" would be catastrophic for Israel. Israel is already the most geographically vulnerable nation in the world. Such a "peace deal" would cost Israel: 1) Freedom from constant rocket attacks on ALL our cities and towns. 2) Freedom from inundation by hostile Arabs. 3) Freedom from a 9 mile (15 minute tank ride) waist. In short, a "peace deal with Palestinians" would cost Israel EVERYTHING. Including our survival.
27. Olmert will give up the Wailng Wall.
Ken Jurist   (11.08.12)
First, look what Olmert said. " Olmert quoted Abbas as saying at the time that Israel and the Palestinians were two months away from an agreement. Olmert is to dumb to realize, how can that be true, when Abbas refused to negotiate with Olmert in Olmerts last 6 months in office. Abbas is doing this, to get Olmert back in office, knowing Olmert will give away Israel and Jerusalem. This fool Olmert wants to put the Wailing Wall under PA, Jordanian, Saudi Arabian control with Israel. Does Olmert see Saudi Arabia giving up control of their holy sites to Jews? If Olmert ever got back in power, you would have Arab insider attacks against Jews at the Wailing Wall all the time. Olmert needs to shut up. Olmert tried to appease the butcher Assad by giving away the Jewish Golan. Go Home Olmert and stay away from running.
28. Peace ONLY via BALANCE, balance ONLY via SECURE BIG ISRAEL.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (11.08.12)
29. No peace because Olmert is so corrupt he had to leave office
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.08.12)
If he had stuck around another two months we'd all be on easy street living happily ever after.
30. Olmert is already sucking up to the international community
Devorah   (11.08.12)
and he's not even running for office yet.
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