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Habayit Hayehudi targets Likud voters
Moran Azulay
Published: 08.11.12, 13:14
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1. Who is this fellow and what are his REAL views?
Just Askin' ,   Israel   (11.08.12)
so far we know less about him than we know about Yair Lapid! (and that's not saying much for either one of them)
2. One issue party
Avramele   (11.08.12)
Is land fetish and sttlements the only issue facing religious Jews? How sad the fate of religious Zionism once a true moral force in Israeli society.
3. Naftali Bennett is the greatest leader in Israel
Andrea ,   Jerusalem   (11.08.12)
Mazal tov. Kol ha Kavod. Show Israel the way because nobody else in this country has the guts to do it.
4. 2
zionist forever   (11.08.12)
Likud, Labor & Kadima are the only parties that are not single issue parties. The religious parties like Shas stand for yaishivot & religion. They care about settlements but not obsessively. Religious parties like Habayit Hayehudi only care about settlements. Even if nobody wants to live in them they want to keep building them, all that matters is the houses. The arabs parties don't care about anything other than arabs. Meretz is just good old fashioned far left with no serious ambitions for running the country just pushing far left ideals through other peoples coalitions. Yair Lapid only cares about his personal ambition and tries to sell himself as all things to all people because he has no real ideology other than himself. The system itself is designed to create bad government. Coalition politics in itself is bad enough but with an electoral threshold of just 2% anybody can create a single issue party, we need it to be raised to minimum 20% to weed out some of the garbage. Ideally we would replace the coalition system with one of first past the post & fixed terms for elections. Get responsible politics, politicians directly elected by the public not parties so we can kick out individuals rather than whole parties if we don't like them. What is promised before an election is not compromised on to get single issue parties to join a coalition and it would save the taxpayers a fortune because we would not have to hold elections every 2.5 years because coalitions broke down.
5. @3 people felt like that about Obama....
Just Sayin' ,   Israel   (11.08.12)
and we all know how that has turned out. Beware who you turn into a sure he's worthy and above all be sure that he really is the one! Otherwise the size of your disappointment will match the size of your expectation!
6. This young blood is a dangerous ANTI-Democracy fascist!
F. Franco ,   Israel   (11.08.12)
He twists and turns and speaks with a forked and slippery tongue. This guy is definitely NOT good for the Jews - he's a new age Nationalist who wants to destroy Israeli Democracy.
7. Bravo and best of luck Mr. Bennett!
Steven Zeluck ,   San Francisco   (11.08.12)
I think it's high time Mr. 10 Month Jewish Building freeze met with a formidable rival. Netanyahu has repeatedly betrayed Likud's platform and Likud's voters. There must come a time when real Zionism steps forward. Perhaps this is that time.
8. idiots with an egos is all Israeli politics creates
zionist forever   (11.08.12)
This fool is biting off the hand that feeds him. He can poach Likud voters but he will never have enough support to form a coalition he will always need to be a junior partner in somebody else's. The next election is going to be very close between Likud & Labor so both parties need every seat they can get, all they need is a majority of 1 seat to win. Bibi leads a right wing party and so he will be looking for right wing coalition partners if he wins and Naftali Bennet runs a small right wing party with 3 Knesset seats. Shelly Y leads a left wing party and she wins she would like to form a coalition with the left like Meretz which currently has 3 seats. Bennet has a much better chance of being invited into a coalition led by Bibi than one led by Shelly Y but instead of targeting Labor, Kadima, Lapid & Shas this idiot targets Likud increasing Labor's chance of defeating Bibi and Shelly Y forming a left wing coalition without Habayit Hayehudi. I really am sick to death of these politicians whose egos are bigger than their sense of logic who care not about the country but for their own ambition or tunnel vision ideology.
9. @#4 electoral reform
avramele   (11.08.12)
Thoughtful analysis. I would prefer however to keep proportional representation perhaps with a 5-6% threshold for two reasons: first, electoral systems mirror societal divisions; arabs and haredim need the safety valve of knesset representaion which they would not get under first padt the post.. we can encourage ideological centrism but we cannot mask a real ethnic divide through electoral reform. Second,In a small state like Israel, a constituency based system like in the US would encourage small minded local candidates as exists in american state and local governments. Israel has enough handlers and corrupt local politicians without bringing them into the knesset.
10. finally Zionism has become racism
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