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Syrian president says he won't leave country
Roi Kais, AP
Published: 08.11.12, 15:07
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1. Syria
Brian ,   Miami, Florida   (11.08.12)
Just send a flotilla of Turkish "peace activists" to Syria. I'm sure Assad will step right down and probably give them the keys to the city. Oh I forgot, peace activists don't concern themselves with Arab on Arab violence because they are too busy supporting homicidal bombers and rocket launchers in Gaza in between their visits to the Gaza malls.
2. I suggest him then
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.08.12)
urgently find a comfortable grave in the next Damascus cemetry.
3. the Butcher of syria is a conduit To Terror
Thru the ILLEGAL regime in tehran breaths so to will the european educated opthamologist? He Will Leave in A Body Bag and larov and his ilk will be judged for their complicity!!!!
4. where will Assad be found ?
zionist forever   (11.08.12)
Saddam Hussain was found hiding in a pit. Gaddafi was found in a sewer pipe. Whats left for the rest of the garbage ?
5. Assad is correct: he never will leave Syria.
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.08.12)
Either alive or dead, he will never leave.Saddam didn't, Qadaffi didn't, and Assad will follow them. So make quick work of him and get on with building a new free country! Russia (if it had a soul) should be ashamed of itself for supporting such a monster. The Arab nations will remember that Putin supported Assad as tens of thousands of civilians were slaughtered. When Russia's Muslims rise up, their call to arms will be 'Remember Syria!' He had better change his tune very quickly. President Assad, for the good of your the country, (not YOUR country), flee for your life. You have overstayed your (and your father's) welcome.
6. it is OK that he stays
real vision ,   usa   (11.08.12)
because it continues the fighting and both sides of the syrian people are destroying their country and daily arab fighters/terrorists on both sides are being killed by fellow arabs. It is somewhat expected that arabs/muslims fight their brothers. That is what they do and Israel cannot be blamed for the destruction of syria
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