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Shas slams political opponents
Akiva Novick
Published: 08.11.12, 15:53
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1. Don't support Shas. It empowers the destructive left.
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.08.12)
Shas made the Oslo Disaster possible. Don't support Shas. It empowers the destructive left. It has proven this time and time again.
2. lead by a convicted crook
peter ,   tel aviv   (11.08.12)
yet you dare to point your finger at others. People are standing in line again to contribute of course with a percentage for the leader. Yishay should think of the carmel fire catastrophe and not about migrants. Deri should not be there at all being a convicted felon and the rabbi should not be anywhere close to politics since he is supposed to worry about the spiritual good of his followers. Let him pass rulings whether you are allowed to pull your nose hair on sabbath. All those honest people following Shas should seek deep in their souls where they could really be useful for the country. Not with the crooks and not with the parasites. And definitely not with the Likud who forgot what Sephardi are long ago but like to use their loyalty to afterwards ....... them Wake up people and don't follow those crooks.
3. #1 Shas empowers whoever pays mor-left or right just like...
Don't B So Dumb ,   tampa   (11.08.12)
4. $ha$$ is insulting??
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (11.08.12)
Calling someone a reform rabbi is not an insult it is a complement. Attacking a Rabbi who is trying to save Judaism is a sign of the despate feelings inside #ha$$ as they realise that there is a distinct possibility that Rabbi Peron could become the Minister of Religion and that he cans start the necessary process of rescuing the Rabbinate from extremists and giving us real rabbis - not the kick-back specialists who treat our religion as a business and treat us like donkeys.
5. Shas is unholy
Jay Abouaf ,   Jaffa Israel   (11.08.12)
Their followers are probably good people, but the party is really bad.
6. Holy Shas is in a hole
Fig leaf ,   Israel   (11.08.12)
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