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EU's Ashton 'deeply regrets' new settlement building
Published: 09.11.12, 10:09
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1. Israel regrets ashton's inability to think clearly.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.09.12)
2. 2 States
aharon ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.09.12)
Why do these self righteous foreigners assume that we even want a 2 state solution. Israel is ours by right, by decree and by belongs to the Jews. The "palestinians" whover they may be may, may stay as long as they behave and if not should by deported.
3. We Deeply Regret Your Attitude
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.09.12)
"Settlements are illegal under international law and threaten to make a two-state solution impossible" They are not "settlements". They are homes for Jews in the Land of Israel. Jews can live anywhere they want in the Land of Israel. We will not be confined to living in ghettos in our own country.
4. Ashton will not survive the European Union of Islamic States
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (11.09.12)
The EUIS is indeed coming, and the Ashtons of history will be swept aside. The EU still believes Hezbolla is a legitimate political movement. The EU still believes that you can deal with Islamofascism by opening European doors and letting more Islamofascists to settle there. The radical Islamic takeover of Europe is a peaceful one. A very smart war being won with very few shots fired. The Europeans will wake up in 85 years and find that they will either convert to Islam, or die.
5. Mrs. Ashton should keep quiet
Franz Haupt ,   Berlin, Germany   (11.09.12)
and apologize for her antisemitic remarks after the toulouse attack, when she compared murdered jewish children with those in Gaza. A large part of europe is run by the antisemitic evil. Guess what Ashton, jewish people build wherever they want in their homeland!
6. Agree with #3
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.09.12) a leftist she is lucky in her own world, in a bubble out of this world..
7. EU's Ashton 'deeply regrets' new settlement building
Emiel Gwosdz ,   Belgium Beringen   (11.09.12)
It does not matter what the EU thinks. EU pressure on their own population. If you say something not left liberal you are not politically correct and reprehensible. For example, if someone enters your house in Belgium and steals you can not touch him or her and defend your home. You must let him. Touch him and he let himself fall, you are punishable because due to assault and battery. That is the European spirit, good for the criminals bad for the good people.
8. The Europeans still think that they run the world
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (11.09.12)
Unfortunately, Ashton like many of the solicalist left of Europe still cling to the concept that the worlds maps must be decided by Europe. What are here comments on Russian occupation of parts of Georgia, Tukish occupation of part of Cyprus, Russian occupation of part of Finland to name but a few. Oh yes that is a matter for the Europeans themselves only to decide. She like many of here fellow Europeans is disreputable & somewhat irrelevant.
9. Lady Ashton
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.09.12)
Why the long face, Lady Ashton? Do you think that Israel cares what you think? Israel is entitled to build anywhere it wishes, particularly in territory it acquired in the course of fighting a defensive war against Arab aggressors. Don't like it? Trot back to your stall and sulk. You've never quite managed to get over the fact that a handful of Jews tossed your country out of Israel, have you? Too bad. Swish your tail and turn to your oats. You'll feel better soon.
10. why?
alfredo ,   philippines   (11.09.12)
jerusalem is the capital of israel 3000 yrs ago. And why not to build?
11. Ashton regrets
E ,   Los angeles   (11.09.12)
Whatever. Keep building!
12. "move 'threatens two-state solution'"
A ,   Belgium   (11.09.12)
The only threat to the 2 state solution is not having enough vehicles to TRANSFER the "palestinians" to their country, Jordan. A Jewish state and an arab state on either side of the natural border, the Jordan river= 2 state solution.
13. We were promised a land in the Balfour Declaration
and also by the League of nations. It was de Brits like Ashton who pised in their promises. Not only did they made a another country on 80% of the promised territory, but then forbid Jewish Emigration to Palestine on the midst of the Holocaust. It was the Brits who armed the local arabs before leaving Palestine. It was the Brits and Pakistan who recognized the Anexation of East Jerusalem by Jordan And now after it has been united want to divide Jerusalem again. Ashton go kiss all your muslim friends in Britain. Britain will pay for it's mistakes. The buses blown in London was only a sample of your Muslim friendship. Your own muslims want to rebel against your system and create a Sharia Law based state. The Cantebury Bishop saw no probelm...What an asshole! in less than 20 years Birgham will become a muslim city one of many.
14. #4 not for long
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (11.09.12)
The EU supported Hezbolla as long as they saw it as an effective anti-Israel force. Now they have to pick sides, either the Sunni Arab jihad or the Persian Shia Mahdi. Considering who pays her salary, my guess is that soon Ashton will condemn Hezbolla as Zionists.
15. The Game
Max Merbaum ,   Los Angeles   (11.09.12)
Does nobody understand that when you lose a war, you cede territory? This is a demographic war. They fight with a high birth rate. And we fight with jerrymandering. That's the game. Those are the teams.
16. Ashton regrets, Jews build
Akiva   (11.09.12)
Why is this tired old hag relevant any more? Why even give her redundant rants a podium here on YNet? The same song and dance every time. We continue to build in our eternal capital city Jerusalem, she continues to sit on her considerable back-side and huff. Guess what, we don't care. The Jewish people literally don't care. You think this whole pony and trap show is as recent as the state of Israel, you're wrong. We've seen your anti-semitic type come and go for thousands and thousands of years. You're the next in the long line of goyim that want to tell us what to do, want to tell us where and how to live or die, want to make us second or no class citizens, want to walk all over Torah. Look behind you at the line, where are they all now? Confined to the dustbin of history, where you and your pathetic failed European project will be, clearly unable to stem the flow of money from Greece/Portugal/Spain/Italy/Ireland and unable to stem the flow of radical islamists into your very heartlands. You've lost Ashton. Am Yisrael Chai.
17. Poor Ashton
Madeleine ,   Israel   (11.09.12)
My heart goes out to this woman (not). Seems the only thing that keeps her going is finding what to criticise about us. If suddenly everything came right between us and thePalestinians, I think she'd be out of a job. Or maybe, just maybe, she could turn her attention to London. With Tower Hamlets and Walthamstow now basically Moslem enclaves with Sharia Law, how about making these, and a few other east London boroughs, into totally Islamic areas under the rule of the mullahs and with border controls. Sounds ok to me.
18. #15 you're right
Madeleine ,   Israel   (11.09.12)
Please tell that to the po-faced Ashton. Britain still clings to the Falklands. Trouble is, that these, and many other lands 'colonised' by Brits, Spanish, Portugues, Frecnh - to name but a few - weredone so in an era when there was no global anythng. News went by messenger, and later Telegraph, so who cared what was happening in some far off place? Goodness, if only we pesky Jews would roll over and disappear, then all the world's problems would be solved - peace on earth. oh, I forgot, small matter of Islam and global jihad. Darn!
19. #7
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.09.12)
The same kind of law is valid for every country in Europ, you are not allowed to defend yourself or your property. In addition, if a burgler steals your TV-set and keep it for some years then he is actually the owner to your stolen property and you are not entitled to get it back.. This is our way of living in a leftist controlled Europe.
20. #15, thats the strategy...
Beary White ,   Norway   (11.09.12)
...also in Norway. When multiplied enough something will eventually happen... And our governments, guided by their socialisme have, with open eyes and dead brains, let the country into danger. With a population of 3 millions in the 1970-ies, we now have reached 5 mill in 2012, and almost 1 million islamic followers and immigrants. And today, there number (registered 100..) of "islamic extremists" are growing in numbers. (Islaimc extremists are not general islamic follower with gun capabilities!!)
21. I deeply regret Mrs. Ashton's ignorance about Middle-East!
Jouko ,   Finland   (11.09.12)
Why cannot Mrs. Ashton first become aquianted thorougly with the Middle-East legitimacy and after that give her ignorant statements! Do Mrs Ashton think she can overrule the gravitation law and make the gravitation law cause the apples fall upwards from the tree! How foolish Mrs Ashton seems by her ignorance!
22. WOW! I am so surprised and shocked!
Dee Bee   (11.09.12)
The Antisemitic and anti-Israel and the damned EU, the same countries that appeased Hitler, should be asking why the UK is trying to sell weapons and fighters to the Gulf States where human and civil rights are NON EXISTENT! These weapons will be used against their own people like in Syria. Why doesn't Ashton tell her friend, the Prime Minister of Gaza, to stop trying to kill Israelis withe rockets, roadside bombs and terrorism and why doesn't our lame Government tell her to shut up?
23. we are "deeply regret" that EU allow PA's preconditions
mary_of_bethany ,   singapore   (11.09.12)
while EU allows PA to demand preconditions, yet it won't allow ISRAEL to have her own preconditions.. while one side can have some bonus before coming to the table, and the other side has to start giving in and sacrifice before coming to the table. EU truly deserve the on going Islamization, that swept Europe, while Europeans are hibernating. nice!
24. Do we really care what she says?
Wise Saba ,   Ma'agalim   (11.09.12)
The EU along with Ashton can go to hell for all care.
25. truth to power
roger ,   zurich switzerland   (11.09.12)
The more I hear from Ashton, the more I respect her. She is speaking truth to power and corruption.
26. Israel deeply regrets
mira ,   Vienna   (11.09.12)
that such an inwards and outwards ugly lady is in charge of the in any case useless UN institurion, which is the most biased in the world consisting now of a majority of mischieves having only one idea, how to bring about the "final solution"!
27. LOL and YAWN8
trump   (11.09.12)
Good Shabbath to ALL ! Unecessary to explain that ladty that Jerusalem has been capital of the Jewish people for thousands of years
28. Read my Lips
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.09.12)
There will never be a 2-state soluion. As we watch the world descend into absolute failure and chaos, you, our old tormentors, will never see your terrorist state in the Holy Land. Stop waging war with Jews, your solutions for peace guarantees our death.
29. #9 Sarah, your comments aren't helping my hernia any
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (11.09.12)
The old busting your gut from laughter routine becomes even more critical when your gut is already busted..
30. Corruption of Balfour & White Paper caused the Holocaust.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (11.09.12)
Why is Briton given a welcome and say - Britain shamelessly calls a 3-state as a 2-state and walks out whistling.
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