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CIA chief quits over extramarital affair
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 09.11.12, 22:43
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1. Other Reasons
Zivron   (11.09.12)
Edgar J Hoover and Kennedy got away with big scandels so to me this is an excuse as Petraeus could have silenced the leak or freudonistically was gambling with fate a big thrill even for a highly intelligent man.Elliot Spitzer also got hit and FDR had affairs but national Security would never allow revelation.
2. Too bad his little head was more important than his big head
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.09.12)
He was a brilliant man, certainly smarter than his recent actions. May he repent and heal his marriage there is more to life than cheating.
3. As well he should resign
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.09.12)
He is (was) the Director of the CIA and, as such, extremely vulnerable to blackmail. I wonder, oh I wonder, which foreign intelligence service ratted him out ....
4. He's being set up
Jane   (11.09.12)
to take the hit for Benghazi
5. Let them be serious
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (11.10.12)
Who really cares about extramarital affairs as long as they don't jeopardize the security of the nation . The one and only case of such a kind , that I know of , is that of British defense minister John Profumo who dallied with Kristine Keeler ( she was in touch with Soviet embassy military attache ) and had to resign in disgrace in 1964 . Otherwise plenty of public officials who are often involved in womanizing do not feel compunction but rather boast about it ,often in the overt .The list is too long to reveal here...
6. Obama's foot is on his neck, that's wot.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (11.10.12)
Petraeus knows too much. Obama can't have him testifying under oath about Benghazi because he just might tell the truth, that Obama turned his back on the Americans in Benghazi and he LIED, LIED, LIED! Such a hurry to accept his resignation a week before he has to testify!
7. 3 Sarah B.: King David did not abdicate (resign) over
Rivkah   (11.09.12)
having sex with Bathsheba. Most powerful males wander. Nancy Reagan said the most difficult aspect of marriaged to Ronald Reagan was the other women (his affairs). The lesson to be learned from King David is that he provided for ALL his wives, concubines and children and even an ex-wife. General Petraeus must now provide for two women unless one or both of them has semen vaginal sex with another male by consent. In regard to Turkey's Erdogan and your post on the Turkish language, it is heavy with Arabic and Persian aspects from the Caliphate years when Turkey headed the Caliphate. They understand each other's lingo.
8. David Petraus
Leonard ,   Green River, USA   (11.10.12)
There will be a great many theories about his resignation, but it all boils down to the Republican's obcession with "Family Values". If the U.S. was France there would be no worry about blackmail & no resignation. Too bad, a great lose for our side.
9. Show us a photo and give us a name of the floozy.
10. He didn't want to appeare before Congress
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (11.10.12)
He fell on his sword to avoid testifying about Benghhzi Clnto had a mistress, as did FDR & LBJ The General ran for cover
11. He was caught by FBI investigation.
SD Charger ,   San Diego   (11.10.12)
His affair was with a lady named Broadwell who wrote a book about him while they were both in Afghanistan. The FBI uncovered the affair a month ago and they kept it under wraps until after the election. He was compromised and had to resign, simple as that.
12. CIA chief quits over extramarital affair??(NOT)
Daniel Kelly ,   London-UK   (11.09.12)
Petraeus IS the lamb to the slaughter !!!!!!!! The FISH SMELLS FROM THE HEAD I do not believe Petraeus having or even think about;' AN AFFAIR.IMHO Its a mere COVER-UP by the WH & BHO on what happened in Benghazi. To keep it hushed up,and down comes the chopping block. You can fool some of the people,but NOT all of the people all of the time. A fine fettle for the beginning of the 2nd Unworthy term for the community organizer with an AGENDA.. Was laughing my head off how they were all falling over themselves..resignations gallore trying to stay above watter. Even the rightist Fox News --Funny Have a Good Sabbath Ynet
13. Obama discharged him...
Lemmy Caution ,   Alphaville   (11.10.12)
What will he do next...?
14. I had similar thoughts, #4
Cameron ,   USA   (11.10.12)
Lord knows this administration has a penchant for playing games.
15. Never a sound idea.....
Gideon Reader   (11.10.12) shtupp the Tea Lady. Although for a Democrat this kind of behavior is usually considered to be resume enhancing and burnishing.
16. only in America
lactmama ,   Ashdod   (11.10.12)
Only in America does the private life of a public figure force resignation from a job. Nothing like the Puritan Ethic. Interesting that this comes to light a short while after taking over the CIA. One wonders what is really going on.
17. really
Yael ,   Los Angeles, USA   (11.10.12)
if that's the case, half the world should be at of a job
18. Major Paula Broadwell
Yosef Eytan ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.10.12)
Major Paula Broadwell has described Petraus as "tenacious...relentless...he goes all in to what he does". When you put two driven attractive people together far far away from their spouses sweating together the pheromones become overwhelming. She is one attractive woman, more power to ya Petraus.
19. #3 "which foreign intelligence service"...
Robert ,   Australia   (11.10.12)
It could have been any as US security is extremely hackable.
20. #8
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (11.10.12)
The Republicans have nothing to do with this. Just give Obama time and we will be on an equal footing with France. This is no loss. The great loss was 4 years ago when Obama got into the White House.
21. 11 SD Charger, San Diego: Broadwell is no lady, pal.
She is a broad, but not a lady unless she was raped. A hallmark of being a lady is not consenting to adultery or fornication.
22. 18 Yosef: Authority was misused by the senior and that is
Rivkah   (11.10.12)
a criminal offense in California even if it is consensual sex. It is the rape of the junior person. In this situation, the woman's husband and children were harmed as well as the wife and grown children of General Petraeus. His son will probably be harassed out of the US Army for having a "spotted" name.
23. 1-Other Reasons (spot on)
KK ,   Israel/UK   (11.10.12)
I think the reason was the FACT Obama was remise (no surprise) When the Ambassador & the others were MURDERED instead of dealing with it robustly BHO went on the DEFENSIVE by apologizing on the ..This man Obama is the most duplicituous & devisive person. The reason the Benghazi affair was hushed up was not because of the so-called extra marital affair,but because BHO did not want TO ROCK THE BOAT while he was on the stump to desperately wanting to win the election. If we count the many would be contenders prior to this one, are too numerous to mention.There fore I still think thus: IT WAS A STICH UP by Obama no surprise, but expected. And the loser was the good taking THE RAP. Shame But wait: Judging by the dreadful economy in the US BHO is going to have an uphill time of it. After the way he treated Netanyahu since he had won the election 4 years ago (with disdain) I do not wish him good luck. He deserves every sensure as far as my Israel is concerned. Barack Hussein Obama is a disaster NOT ONLY FOR ISRAEL ,but to the American citizens. Once again he won the election on the back of the BLACKS who voted for him in the MAIN.
24. To Jane..YES Petraeus was the Patsy .
KK ,   Israel/uk   (11.10.12)
He was set up from get go. And to Harry Wright:I agree with you a 100 %.. How convenient soon after BHO got his 2nd tenure. The Benghazi affar should have been AIRED more robustly by Romney & Clique. Talk about a Muslim ha? What is more Petraeus is not going to give interviews concerning the lack of Obama's DISMAL leadership. In Benghazi.
25. 13 Obama discharged him...
KK ,   Israel UK   (11.10.12)
Expect more from Obama Lemmy C This is the beginning but not the end. More to surface at least I hope so. But I want to hear/hear of the nitty,gritty of this UNWORTHYNESS Using Petraeus as A PATSY.
26. to3
swsan ,   jerusalem   (11.10.12)
it is here or there but the importance is - to the end-
27. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.10.12)
No, he didn't abdicate. He organized the murder of Uriah instead, lest Uriah -- his loyal General -- discover that not only was he not present for the birth, he wasn't present for the conception, either. Should Petraeus have organized the assassination of President Obama? Is that what you are suggesting? "Semen vaginal sex?" You are one seriously weird chick.
28. To: No. 19
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.10.12)
I have a feeling photographs were involved. And no, it wasn't just anyone. Guess again. Here's a hint: Petraeus has been a very vocal critic of the State of Israel. Got it now, darling?
29. To: No. 26
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.10.12)
Hmmm. Can you be a little less murky, please?
30. #1, and lucky
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (11.10.12)
Add Clinton to your list. He did the same as Petraeus, did not quit, committed perjury and is now considered an elder statesman of the Democrats. But you have to admit, it was really lucky that no one in the press knew of the affair until 3 days after the election. Imagine if the press had known. They's have published it and damaged Obama.
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