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Report: Petraeus extramarital affair probed due to 'security risk'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 10.11.12, 10:49
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1. He will be
Sagi   (11.10.12)
the next President and she his First Lady.
2. Wow
Paul ,   South Africa   (11.10.12)
The most moral army in the world....snigger, snigger.
3. Extra-marital manoeuvres
Phil Anderer ,   London, UK   (11.10.12)
One would think a military man would be better at organizing his extra-marital manoeuvres and avoiding discovery. Should have gone to Undercover Lovers or Ashley Madison!
4. Resignation to avoid Benghazi Revelations.Nothing more
Alan ,   SA   (11.10.12)
5. The Ten Commandments
zivron   (11.10.12)
Obama's team did well not to let it slip out earlier luckily Pettraeus was not warned before hand from the Haredi viewpoint
6. He led thousands in war yet when it came to
Al   (11.10.12)
his own selfishness he couldt control his gaivah. It seems this happens more and more to those whom we entrust such high office. The President of Israel a garde A dummy dufs couldnt control himself and here we have a 4 star American general who couldnt control himself. Goes to show no matter how dumb or smart they are, once a skirt comes walking along they lose their brains. They stop thinking with their brains but with their little p.
7. Petraeus ex-CIA Director
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   israel   (11.10.12)
You cannot believe it: Petraeus allowed his biographer to look too much in his personal life (e-mails,...), maybe without realizing it sometimes also into his notes during the war in Afghanistan,... The problem is that people, like Petraeus, were used to live in the full spotlights of the press. To be nominated CIA-director he had to keep a low profile, due to his job, and that is and was for him clearly very difficult. Nowadays in Israel also ex-Mossad, Shin Beth and Military Intelligence directors give after their pension their opinion - sometimes based on their (ex)professional knowledge - about hot issues like e.g. the Iranian-nuclear one to the press, in TV-interviews,… but you don't know what they tell exactly to the journalists without the microphone or camera around them. I'm almost 100% sure they're acting carefully and they're paying attention not to endanger field officers or sources, but under influence of a good meal or drinks you sometimes say too much. Where is the time that Mossad Directors after their pension kept silence for twenty or thirty years? A hint for the government or the Knesseth to vote a law about that issue?
8. petreus
Miron ,   Israel   (11.10.12)
She looks much better and more educated than his wife,so I would sugest David to go for her all the way.
9. Maybe P was "asked "to cover up.Refused to . So he resigned
Alan ,   SA   (11.10.12)
10. #1: Nah! In the USA the Purtians reign supreme!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (11.10.12)
Separation of Church and State and Democracy are all fine as long has you obey the Ten Commandants, go to church on Sunday, sprinkle everything with God Bless America and In God We Trust, everybody else cash only! Of course things might be changing. On Tuesday we saw that many are no longer going to Tea Parties but seem to prefer coffee! What someone should invent is the Automatic Zipper Lock. Big market for it here in Israel too!
11. Thank you.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (11.10.12)
This is the type of man we want leading our troops. The left wants to emasculate the U.S. army. I say good for you General Petraeus and good for the troops under your command. Absolutely nothing wrong with a man being a man. I salute you General for you service to the United States and to protecting the lives of the men and women that serve under you. The left wants a weak United States with its army led by a bunch of eunuchs.
12. Petraeus sure goes for ugly women. Ycchh.
13. Even consensual sex can be a crime,rape of the junior person
Rivkah   (11.10.12)
and that is the situation to the Lord. Having God's authority as a Four Star Flag Officer does not give one the authority to break God's laws, particularly not on a junior in the organization. He would be guilty of rape in California if prosecuted. But in typical US government fashion, it is the victim who is being hounded and investigated and will probably be prosecuted. Her life and her children's lives and the grown children of General Petraeus' lives are all harmed by a spotted name that will be a hallmark of shame instead of honor because the General couldn't keep his pants on. What he needed was some Romney-wear undergarments.
14. This dame looks like the paramour of Gen. David Eisenhower
History repeats for those who forget the lessons of the past.
15. Gives a whole new twist to the term "embedded journalist"
Ehud   (11.10.12)
But I think it is ridiculous that someone could claim in 2012 that an extramarital affair is a reason to dismiss someone. Even the access to a private e-mail account (on which nothing important will ever be uploaded, otherwise it would be in itself prohibited) is a ridiculous excuse. J Edgar Hoover liked to dress up in skirts half a century ago and was not fired. This stinks!
16. #10
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (11.10.12)
What a great idea,Invent a zipper with a lock on it and the WIFE holds onto the key.And just in case she's reading this,I have a nice desk in my office.
17. Maybe the lady was mossad
Abdalla   (11.10.12)
18. this guy is the director of the CIA and
jerome ,   basalt, colorado   (11.10.12)
he can't even have an affair without getting caught! How is he gonna keep anything else a secret? Maybe this is why Obummer pick him.
19. "All In"
David ,   Huntington New York   (11.10.12)
The book is actually the author's autobiography as the title defines her relationship with every male that provides her with an opportunity to advance.
20. He can still be subpoenaed
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (11.10.12)
21. Not everyone likes team white trash Candy
Miron ,   USA   (11.10.12)
fact check
ADAM ,   usa   (11.10.12)
23. It's not about sex, folks.
Persian CAT   (11.10.12)
The "real" news will probably come out way way way later.
24. Smoke screens to cofuse
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (11.10.12)
With a clear prospect of impeaching obama; His team are creating as many diversions before hand as they can find, and will try spending next 4 years obfiscating
25. #24 no impeachment
If they impeach him, he will play the victim race card again, and might get a legacy as "the nice guy the Republicans sabotaged" I think that after he won, they decided to let him lead when the US economy falls off the cliff, and wage the coming disastrous war with Iran.
26. Nothing new with younger women tempting older men.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.10.12)
She certainly ain't pretty, but she is some twenty years younger than him. Poor fellow, got tempted despite a better judgment. The solution is to have all women wear burqas. Well, there might be a way around that also. Let's make all men into rabbis, mullahs also, then they will not look at women. That's it, that will work even for Bill Clinton.
27. #24, 25, No impeachment, no batih.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.10.12)
Obama is going strong and the Fiscal Cliff is a minor detraction. Democrats and Republicans will get together because they have to. You can try in Israel to impeach Obma, do you think it might work? Obama H. Netanyahu or O. Hussein Livni?
28. For some women, being in the military or near the military
is like being a child in a candy store wanting to sample all the wares. Yes, there are women predators and this appears to be one of them.
29. professionally, lame cheif of staff and CIA director
moti ,   usa   (11.11.12)
good riddens.....
30. An Ugly, Vile Woman Who Sleeps Her Way to a Best Seller.
My Planet Israel ,   Jerusalem   (11.11.12)
Anyone who buys this ugly woman's book is supporting the most despicable exploitation of another for gain. The man agrees to a biography, talks with her, she seduces him and then outs him to gain notoriety. Scum of the earth. She's nothing short of an ugly whore who prostituted herself for money and attention. Hope the karma bus runs her over.
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