To NY through Amman for $700
Danny Sadeh
Published: 13.11.12, 08:07
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1. Amman airport
cristina bar-sella ,   tel aviv   (11.13.12)
the airport in Amman tourist friendly? It is dirty, there is no toilette paper in the women's room, there is nothing normal to eat there, the duty free consists of alcohol and souvenirs and I was personally insulted by woman cleaner in Arabic because I spoke hebrew with my daughter . Mrs Dvora Buchstein must not have been there...
2. To all the dumb schnorrers willing to do this
Al   (11.13.12)
go ahead ...just duck when they start shooting... DUMB DUMB DUMB...
3. Good Luck!!??
A Cohen ,   Israel   (11.13.12)
Anyone going to New York this way needs lots of luck better to pay extra money to fly directly from Israel with good security than to risk safety eg your life for the sake of a few hundred dollars difference.
4. Aman is fine!
Sheba Leah ,   Ashdod Israel   (11.13.12)
We flew through Aman in Jordan a few times and were treated well. Take the first step towards peace by being kind to the neighbours. Jews and Arabs lived together, worked together in commerce and trade and can do so again. Show goodwill.
5. This kind pf article is dangerous
trump   (11.13.12)
since It entices prospective travellers who might die in the process ............................................
6. Thousands of Israelis fly Air Jordan every year
Mea   (11.13.12)
If Israelis do it then you can bet it works out fine, so relax. Remember the story about ElAl re-arranging seating to accommodate the Ultras? I no longer fly ElAl because I cannot tolerate being treated like that-not when Delta treats me equally.
7. Royal Jordanian Is A Good Airline
Ron ,   New York, NY, USA   (11.13.12)
I recently flew with Royal Jordanian from Tel Aviv to Dubai via Amman. While Royal Jordanian is a good airline and gets their kosher meals from Tel Aviv, the airport itself is indeed dilapidated. I think next year they will finally open the new terminal. Then Queen Alia International Airport will be a great alternative to the other one-stop options via Europe. Regardless, as a frequent traveler, the bottom line is what counts and that is what will drive business.
8. Israeli passengers flying via Amman
Shouky ,   Israel   (11.14.12)
Just for the record, hundreds of thousands passengers have flown with Royal Jordanian airlines from Ben-Gurion to different cities in the Far east through Amman airport, since 1996. They were mostly Israeli passengers.
9. Royal Jordanian Airlines and Amman Airport
Ralph ,   Rishon   (11.14.12)
If the situation is so bad as someone here has claimed, could that same person please explain why Royal Jordanian need three flights a day from Tel Aviv to Amman in order to take all the passengers who wish to use their onwards flights from Amman. My son did it to Bangkok and he came back with only praise for that company.
10. to #4 You are right. Do you like the imports
jason white ,   afula, israel   (11.15.12)
you are receiving from gaza? I will fly any airline, but el al!
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