Couple accuses restaurant of racist policy
Danny Spektor
Published: 11.11.12, 13:28
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1. Been there myself. Outrageous prices for mediocre food.
Tahl   (11.11.12)
The place is full of pompousness and pose, and for some strange reason, enjoys a very good PR (my guess is they probably they give free dinners and drinks to celebrities, just so they would be seen there. Or maybe it's the plain fact that it's the only Sushi restaurant in the area). Sadly Israeli diners, who do not know real quality, fall for it. The outrageous prices are just not worth the mediocrity of the food. And if that wasn't reason enough to boycott this restaurant, then this blatant case of discrimination seals the deal for me. With such attitude they deserve to go bankrupt.
2. What do you expect?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.11.12)
Warm embraces when South Israel being bombed by Arabs ?
3. Apartheid in Israel
Eilon ,   Israel   (11.11.12)
I call on every Israeli to Boycot all Soho restaurants in Israel until they change their policy. It is disgusting and every Manager and Staff should hang their heads in shame. I, for one, will never eat at Soho again and will pass this article on to all my friends in Facebook. Mr. and Mrs Sufri - I apologise to you and your family on behalf of all thinking and caring Israelis. Elana
4. Discrimination Pure And Simple.
World Citizen ,   the world   (11.11.12)
I will link this sad story to sites that specilise in Israeli 'PR'.
5. This time around RACISM is in FASHION in the country.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. /Israel   (11.11.12)
Open the EYES of your HEART and you would see that it is worse for the BLACKS. The are simply BEATEN UP in streets........
6. if the story is true
david ,   Jerusalem   (11.11.12)
then it doesn't surprise me. israelis are very racists. And it is too little too late.
7. # 5
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (11.11.12)
I don't think you are Sarah. Too many grammatical errors in a very short post which also doesn't mean anything.
8. The post at No. 5 is not mine.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.11.12)
"Open the eyes of your heart?" From me? Too much upper-case emphasis, too. Loses its value. The troll has overplayed his florid, hyperbolic hand.
9. Barbara, do
Patricio ,   Beer Sheba   (11.11.12)
you REALLY believe that's the reason? And I see that you've got a little "hatred-of-Arabs" chip on your shoulder, eh?
10. Disgrace
Adam ,   Ramat Gan   (11.11.12)
This is not representative of Israel, this is representative of the distasteful aspect of racism present in all countries against one group or another worldwide. They should be brought to book. I won't be going there anytime soon. For shame!
11. really?
Marcelo ,   Berlin / TLV   (11.11.12)
I would like to ask what would it be if I go to Ramallah and ask for a nice humus dish?...would I return to Tel Aviv afterwards?...come on, arabs, you look for it, so do not cry...
12. #2
Aaron Rosen ,   NY, NY   (11.11.12)
Yes Barbara, I'm sure this lovely couple is responsible violence in the south, just like my grandfather was responsible for so many problems in Europe
13. It may be despicable
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.11.12)
In fact, it is. It's disgraceful. But a private establishment does have the right to exclude anyone it wishes. And it happens everywhere. There are clubs in New York that will not accept Jews as members. (Try joining the University Club if you are Jewish. Good luck.) There are also neighborhoods where Jews cannot purchase a home. Even in 2012. It is unpleasant. But it is not unlawful. Therein the difference.
14. So, a Chritsian Hotel in Jerusalem does't allow Jews!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (11.11.12)
A acquaintance was going to a funeral in Jerusalem and tried to make a booking in Hebrew. The clerk asked if she was Jewish and when she said yes she was told they don't accept bookings from Jews! When the person she was going with phoned and spoke English no questions were asked! All I can say is if you are in the Galilee and you want good food at very reasonable prices and good service go to an Arab restaurant where you will be welcome! Actually, I am not surprised when you have MK's like Miri Regev, LIKUD_BEITEINU, who calls black people a cancer! I ahte to thinks what she says about Arabs.
15. Political correctness gone mad
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (11.11.12)
Many Many races inhabit the earth, probably more than the 70 identified in the Old Testament. A Jew, I am conscious of my race. I must suppose I am racist. and proud of it . So what? ;
16. People don't like arabs, never have and for good reason
zionist forever   (11.11.12)
This is not so much an act of racism its anti arabism because arabs have made themselves into an enemy of the state. They act as a fifth column, they support the arabs, don't believe Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state. This is not like racism against blacks in the US because their only crime was their skin colour in the case of the arabs they support the enemy. Maybe some arabs are totally without prejudice and they don't support their terrorist arab brothers but the ones that do are going to spoil things for the rest of the arabs and the arabs have to earn peoples trust to be accepted.
17. Soho and Israeli racism
Ellen ,   Arad   (11.11.12)
I go Arab restaurants all over Israel and have never been turned away. Usually they are polite and friendly and certainly more so than Jewish Israelis and yes I am Jewish.
CAN YOU IMAGINE? Jews not welcomes in a zillion square miles of arab countries..
19. It sounds that these Arabs have a chip on their shoulder
Marco ,   Spain   (11.11.12)
Apparently they booked there before under their Arab name but when they cannot make a reservation the first thing on their minds is racism.
20. At least, they stay alive
Raphael ,   Netanya   (11.11.12)
Jewish guests in Tulkarem restaurant were not so lucky: they were mowed down by AK47 bullets
21. if it's their 'favorite dining spot' it means they've been
there before, doesn't it?
22. 14 Because they are Israeli, not Jews
Avi   (11.11.12)
Church-owned hotels/hospices are primarily for foreign tourists and they regularly turn away Israelis (Jewish, Christian, Muslim) because they would be packed to the gills because of their lower prices. Sorry to ruin your story (but don't let it stop you from continuing to tell it).
23. to #13
Ken   (11.11.12)
"But a private establishment does have the right to exclude anyone it wishes" The fact that you are attempting to justify this obvious anti-Israeli Arab racism speak volumes about the type of person you are, had this been a Israeli Jewish couple that were discriminated against you would not have bothered to split hairs on the 'legality' of the matter.
24. Hospitality
Ron Zichron ,   Zichron, Israel   (11.11.12)
My wife and I dine at lovely Arab and Druze Israeli restaurants (with reservations during the busy season) in Furedis, Massade, Majdal Shams and Ein Hawd and have only been received with kindness and warmth. I regret the Sufris were not treated with equal dignity. Our Arab neighbours can regularly be found dining in our Zichron, Binyimina, Caesaria, Givat Ada etc. local Jewish Israeli restaurants and are welcomed as befits guests. It sounds like the owners or managers of SOHO have their head firmly up their asses which is exactly why I will avoid them.
25. Sarah B..
Lwall ,   California   (11.11.12)
Actually,Racial discrimination is illegal in the's proving that it occured that is hard...
26. It Takes Two To Tango
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (11.11.12)
B"H - You can't and shouldn't force people to do business with you if they don't want to. The refused party can take its custom elsewhere and patronize another joint.
27. Prejudice and discrimination
David   (11.11.12)
This is as clear cut a case of prejudice and discrimination as you could have. It is therefore deeply depressing to see how many people on this talkback seek in one way or another to justify it. There is talk of "enemies of the state". What if a family of Druze (the father Mohammed on vacation from serving as an officer in the IDF) had the same experience. Would people still try to justify this?
28. Hatred exists spured on by many reasons
Roland Seener ,   London England   (11.11.12)
29. #16 I do
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (11.11.12)
I like some Arabs, but don't like all Arabs. I like some Jews, but don't like all Jews. If the story is true, it is just as bad as the the Leftist "ashkenazi only" restaurants and clubs in Tel Aviv. I want to eat at Gush Halav, Yafo or Kalansawa, just like Sama wants to eat in Soho. When a guy called Muhamad reserves a place, he might just be some normal guy who wants to eat, and he might be a doctor who treats your children, a former SLA hero or maybe a tracker or policeman who saved countless lives. The restaurant should be given a chance to clear its name, or should be publically shamed. The real question is whether the story is true, or Sama and Muhamad are professional victims making a buck.
30. To No. 13
Bertram ,   London, UK   (11.11.12)
I am not sufficiently knowledgeable to know whether restaurants are in breach of any Israeli anti-discrimination law. In the UK, a country against which you have not been hesitant in demonstrating your ire, such discrimination is illegal. Whether restaurants, pubs, places of employment, etc. are 'private' or 'public' is irrelevant. Of course, there is still covert discrimination in many instances, including certain clubs (e.g. golf) that have used coded language to exclude Jews.
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