IDF fires at Syria for first time since 1973
Yoav Zitun
Published: 11.11.12, 16:15
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1. Syria
Edouard ,   Canada   (11.11.12)
If it was not intentional fired at us in the golan We shouldn't fire back The last thing we need is to open a new front in the north
2. Is it only Israel that must not retaliate to
Peggy ,   UK/Israel   (11.11.12)
being fired upon? Gaza sends over shells, then cry like babies when Israel fight it going to be the same with a very bloody Syria now? WTG IDF and Israeli government get on and do something and protect your people.
3. How ccan anybody be so naive
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.11.12)
as to think the shots were fired "unintentionally"? They were NOT! The Islamists (the socalled "free Syrian army") are on the try to exploit the ongoing chaos and disaster to get back Golan heights and UN will do nothing to prevednt it as they will acknowledge "Palestine" inspite the intentions written down in their respective Chartas!
4. # Edouard: WE? You are in Canada!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (11.11.12)
I am sure that the Canadian Government is not going to fire on Syria? So we mustn't retaliate? Yes, Jews must NOT upset the Goyim and THAT cost us 6 million lives in Europe and Canada stood and watch and many cheered!
5. Tahnk you mr. obama, thanks you us jews...
Eytan ,   TA - IL   (11.11.12)
we are now a step closer to war. My feeling for the 68% of us jews that voted for the guy responisble for this mess cannot be put in words... just know that those sowing the seeds of wind, will harvest strom! Feel good and wallow in your lefty selfrightiousness as you do not see or know the people dying to maintain you selfishness
6. The circumstances do not matter
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.11.12)
The fact remains that the Syrian conflict has come too close to the Israeli border. Both the Syrian government (such as it is) and the rebels (such as they are) had better move their conflict further north. If they don't -- well, Israel will have a new northern border. Israel sent a message. If all the parties to the conflict in Syria are smart, they will heed the message. And Assad had better not count on the Russians. The Russians got their asses kicked in Afghanistan, and have not yet managed to quell the problems in Chechen. They won't do terribly well against Israel, either. But presumably they learned that when Israel shot down 82 Syrian MiGs, most of them piloted by Russians. And the vaunted Iranian revolutionary guard? What a joke! Israel can cross that border in ten seconds and clean things up. Best for the Syrians to move their conflict away from the border with Israel. The Syrians are playing a dangerous game. They would be well advised to move their conflict further north. Or we will do it for them.
7. That was no accident.
Charles ,   Toronto   (11.11.12)
I think that it is in Syria's interest to get israel involved in the war. They can then unite the arab world including the rebels.
8. a risky move on Israel's part
zionist forever   (11.11.12)
Whilst the reason for firing might have been the right one Assad's propaganda machine might turn this into an Israeli act of aggression in the hope that it will start focussing hatred towards Israel. Although its unlikely at this time if Assad is looking for an excuse to attack Israel in the hope it will rally his enemies around him as a strong president protecting the country from the zionist entity then this is the excuse he needs. We should exercise restraint when it comes to things like a small number of mortars or a couple of tanks in the demilitarised zone. If though it even looks like Assad might be ready to escalate things then we much take a preemptive strike destroy his missiles and WMDS and get ready for a full scale war even if it does save him politically.
9. #5 Eytan
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (11.11.12)
If there is to be war between Syria and Israel, it will not be because of Obama. It will be because we believed that the status quo established in 1973 would last forever. as we are seeeing in Egypt and now Syria this is not the case
10. #5 Eytan: Obama must protect the USA. Bibi must ......
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (11.11.12)
protect Israel. The question is whether he is up to it or will the Arab aggression upset his election campaign? No doubt if Israel sinks the Bibi will be like the captain of the Costa Concordia!
11. #5 -Don't blame me, I voted 4 Mitt & Israel tipped the scale
Miamian   (11.11.12)
12. To: Dee Bee at No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.11.12)
Now, now. Must I remind you that "we" refers to both Eretz Israel and Am Israel? No matter where in the world Jews live, a part of all of us resides in Israel. Whether we are Israeli or not. I happen to hold dual citizenship. But I assure you that the love and the loyalty that ALL Jews have for Israel is not confined to recognized borders.
13. 1st time since 1973? Surely you mean 1974.
Stephen Franklin ,   London   (11.11.12)
There was a war of attrition with Syria from the end of the Yom Kippur War until the disengagement agreement negotiated by Kissinger in May 1974.
14. #1 Edouard
Chaim ,   Arad   (11.11.12)
We? I didn't know that Canada was part of the Golan. But if it is not, I would invite you to come and live right on the border and watch the shells land in your yard. "Ynet's defense analyst, Ron Ben-Yishai said that the IDF's goal in firing at Syria was not to instigate war, but rather to signal to Syria that Israel will not ignore any firing at its territory. The firing was meant to convey that next time, hits in Israel will be met with direct hits in Syria." Just thought I would copy and paste just in case you didn't read the article.
15. Edouard # 1
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (11.11.12)
You fell for the "I didn't know the mortar was loaded" excuse? The last thing Israel needs to do is to let people get away with taking pot shots at them as they have done with Gaza.
16. thanks #13
dz ,   usa   (11.11.12)
for that very minor point.
17. # 12, what nonsense.
Daniel Mendoza ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.11.12)
One who lives in Israel as a citizen ,works and pays taxes year in and year out is an Israeli. A Jew with non Israeli citizenship is simply not Israeli and somebody like you is just deluding themselves .Get real madam.
18. At Sarah B
Feras ,   Italy   (11.11.12)
ahahaha, thank you very much, the only reason I look at the comment section is because your comments entertain me so much...thank for the laugh. that's hard to get in these days. keep up the stupid comments, keep up the entertainment xD
19. Did we forget about blowing up Syria nuke plant?
Joe C ,   Canada   (11.11.12)
20. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.11.12)
You get real. I am an Israeli citizen and I pay taxes. I probably pay more in taxes to Israel in one year than you will earn in a lifetime. Is it really necessary for me to remind you just how much money Jews in the Diaspora contribute to Israel? Do we say "Eretz Israel Chai" or do we say "Am Israel Chai?" You are a fool.
21. To #4-15- and others
Edouard ,   Canada   (11.11.12)
No 1 Canada is one of israel best friend no 2 when. I said "we" it is because everything that israel is doing has a direct impact on every Jewish people in the world and finally when you guys are collecting our money you are saying "we " not us And again what I am saying is that I amtotaly for retaliation when is an attack on israel not when it's an accident between rivals that are killing each other
22. I see Sarah B
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (11.11.12)
is now paying more in txes that someone who lives in Israel itself, whilst residing in New York. I have reported her to the authorities, paying taxes to another country whilst residing in the United states is illegal.
23. # 20
Daniel Mendoza ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.11.12)
So you think that money buys you love. You are so pathetic.
24. The Rainbow
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (11.11.12)
Cool heads are required now. The chaos in Syria must not engulf the region. Thewcountry must be stabilised. A downwardly spiralling vortex could draw everyone in. In conflict situations there is always the chance of a spillover of violence. P.S. The rainbow in the second photo from this story is interesting. G-d did promise to never destroy humankind again. "I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth." - Genesis 9:13
25. 'I am an Israeli citizen and I pay taxes'.... No. 20
After so many 'tall tales' it is hard to believe anything you claim, however *if* it was true that you hold dual citizenship and are both a US and Israeli citizen it only goes to show that you are not fully committed to Israel and are keeping you feet in both camps.
26. "Additional fire will prompt a quick response."
A ,   Belgium   (11.11.12)
From who, the DefenseLESS Minister Barak? Assad doesn't have much to worry about regarding an Israeli response, he's probably influenced and encouraged by the "quick response" gaza recieves after shooting rockets and mortars into Israel every day.
27. To #6
Syrian ,   Syria/USA   (11.11.12)
Do you think the Syrian rebels fear Israel? They are getting bombed by their own government and they are fighting back using elementary weapons. I think the advise should go like this- Bashar protect your northern border for 40 years and you should be worried to not start a war with the people of syria because no one can control them.
28. Paying taxes and duel citizenship
Mea   (11.11.12)
First of all, it is certainly not illegal to hold duel citizenship and pay taxes to two countries. Hopefully you are smart enough to take the deductions allowed for this. Secondly, like many here I find Sarah B. High and lightly authoritative rantings simply boring. She's the epitome of arm chair warrioring for sure, and her facts aren't always as precise as her Joan of Arc character would have you believe-although few would or could argue with her dedication to Israel. However the problem isn't helped by the habit of evangelicals posting their address as "Buffalo/Afula" etc. as if anybody would believe it. It is a silly practice designed to show some sort of dedication. The thing is, Israelis really do not, as a whole identify with evangelicSl-get-out-your-gun-and-kill-every-Arab-in-sight Faux News frothing. Bottom-line: If you live in the diaspora you can probably rest assured the IDF knows more about Syria's motives than you do.
29. Daniel # 23
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (11.11.12)
You are the one that brought up money (taxes) not Sarah B and yet you point a finger at her. Sarah B has you pegged.
30. # 25
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (11.11.12)
It shows no such thing. I imagine you have a mother and a father. Are you only able to remain committed to one of them? You are only in a position to have an opinion but not to judge where Sarah B's loyalties may or may not be.
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