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Abbas: PA to ask UN to debunk settlements' status
Elior Levy
Published: 11.11.12, 19:07
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1. Wishful thinking
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.11.12)
If the United Nations were to declare Israeli settlements in non-sovereign Judea and Samaria illegal, a lot of countries will instantly become deliegitimized. But I invite the ersatz "Palestinians" to play their futile card. Israel will annex Judea and Samaria, and quite a few illegal Arab squatters will be repatriated to Jordan, country of their citizenship. The ersatz "Palestinians" aren't cpable of organizing a picnic, let alone running a country. They are a terrorist rabble. A BROKE terrorist rabble. And I would purely love to see any country step up and try to force Israel to do anything it does not want to do.
2. Ynet where's the article on the Arab stabbing a woman
ARABS, GO HOME ,   to JORDAN   (11.11.12)
in Jerusalem? Are you trying to hide what Arabs living in Israel are really like?
3. The arabs in gaza can't even talk to the arabs in Judea and
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.11.12)
Samaria let alone govern together and they want to be a "state." They can't sit down at a peace table without irreconcilable preconditions, and yet they want the UN to baby them. Them must believe in the song, "If you dream it, then it will come true"
4. Jewish Survival
Zivron   (11.11.12)
In 1939 under Arab oil blackmail and violent terror Jews in nazi Europe were severely restricted escape . Morally we owe it to the Jewish people to compensate this enormous crime.Peace is the priority but justice and iron clad security for the Jews needs to be realised . There needs to be many compensations for the demographically losses through Genocide for the Jewish People.
5. ***Sarah*** at 1, That's the way I like it !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.11.12)
6. So apparently Abbas realizes that settlements are legal
Jake ,   USA   (11.11.12)
He has to de-legitimize them at the UN in order to change that. Too bad Abbas is an un-elected nobody who can't change anything.
7. YES, One-State Solution
Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (11.11.12)
Good-bye decades of the Two-State solution due to the conscious Israeli behaviours creating facts on the ground as enabled by our USA. Reap what you sow ...
8. Some "peace partner"
Jules   (11.11.12)
9. He is so stupid
Mira ,   Vienna   (11.11.12)
he does not deserve any fruitfull solution! He does not realize in what mess he is going to get himself and how much that will empower Hamas within the Arab States!
10. #7 Who is going to give Pals 1 state solution?
Sam ,   Canada   (11.11.12)
Not Israel. Not the US. Not Hamas nor Hezbollah. The 1 state solution is just a Palestinian fantasy with which they try to scare Israel. It's a hoax. There is no one to deliver it.
11. Serve U.N. with legal proof Judea/Samaria are ours!
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.12.12)
It would be so easy for Israel to serve the U.N., E.U., all world governments and media with incontrovertible legal proof Judea and Samaria are ours! Why hide it? This matter has been settled long ago by many world leading international law experts.
12. #10 Sam: You Misunderstand Our Crisis Path
Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (11.12.12)
By talking the talk of a 2-state solution for decades while walking the walk of a "Greater Israel" with "facts-on-the-ground", by default even the possibility of a 2SS disappears. Hence, by default, we have a 1SS including millions of a very unhappy, fast growing Palestinian population. The issue then becomes do we rule without their 1-person vote, or give Palestinians their vote and end Israel as a Jewish state, eventually in time without a Jewish majority? Successful Palestinian population transfer is impossible, even our USA would much more than simply resist such an occupation. You reap what you sow ...
13. #12 The 2 state solution is always there
Sam ,   Canada   (11.12.12)
The terms of the 2 state solution become worse for the Palestinians the longer they wait. The Palestinians don't get rewarded for waiting. The choice for the Palestinians is always the status quo or 2 states. No one is giving them one state. Certainly Israel is not that stupid.
14. LOL ONly pal state is one of chaos and confusion
big bad Jew ,   United States   (11.16.12)
Gaza wont be there for long.
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