Rockets pound south; homes in Sderot, Sha'ar Hanegev hit
Elior Levy
Published: 11.11.12, 22:11
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1. Muslim Brotherhood Advocates Truce?
Koose E Mack ,   NY NY   (11.11.12)
If the shoe was on the other foot, they would be screaming" Jihad, Death to Israel and Jews". Oh wait, they do that anyway.... At one time, there was someone to talk to in Egypt; now there is no credible government...So Morsi can Hote Hafi Tiz with his advice.
2. This is war it's time to level Gaza
Ben S ,   Free world   (11.11.12)
Give Gazans what they want. Their leadership only understands violence. It's time to take the gloves off.
3. 60 missiles in less than 24 hours from Gaza!
Johannes ,   Norway   (11.11.12)
Do your duty and put an end to this terrorist regime once and for all, Netanyahu!!!
4. Everyone Wins But Israel
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (11.11.12)
Let the games begin, they used to say in the arena..lions vs slaves. No match. Terrorists fire rockets, Israel hits back..using only minimal force. Hamas/IJ hope for a 911 incident. Egypt plays the good cop, So, another group emulates Hamas. Hamas says I didnt do it. Guy walks into a liquor store. with a 38. He points it. It goes off. He says, but it was an accident. The robbery and possession of the firearm were the crimes. How many times have we heard Hamas, etc., calling for a truce? Israel's wishy washy attitude, and timid responses..are encouraging the groups. Egypt gains all the way around. One group is playing Israel off another, and playing all against Israel. Goldstone and the UN are deriding "excessive force" when Israel gets too punchy. "Collaterl damage" is heard. And what if a rocket or two does in fact hit a school, with multiple casualties? How would the Abas react if their schools, mosques, hospitals were hit? I know, they are massacres, war crimes..calling for revenge. Sudans arms factories to aid Hamas is hit. They now say Israel is their number 1 enemy (replacing So Sudan), no mention of why Israel (sic) used 4 planes to bomb an arms factory making weapons for Hamas and Iran. And it goes on and on and on..thanks Obama for nothing. His victory, a defeat for the free world, a win for the Caliphate and the MB. But thats for another time.
5. Israel should respond ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.11.12)
.... missile for missile. One hundred missiles fired into Israel should be met with one hundred missiles fired into Gaza. I bet our aim is a lot better than theirs. It's time to teach those miserable terrorists a painful lesson.
6. missiles for missiles
Harrison ,   USA   (11.11.12)
Israel must start firing a hundred missiles for every one fired at Israeli civilians. No other free country on earth would accept what the Israeli population is going through.
7. Bibi it's time to let the IDF do what must be done
Ben S ,   Free world   (11.11.12)
It's only going to get worse. The time is now to chop off the head of the snake. If the head cannot be found, destroy the entire snake.
8. BB is a paper tiger!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (11.11.12)
Whole south is in war and our leaders are waiting for some Egypt terrorist to broke a deal between Hamas and Israel? Why our government is acting like a wet chicken? What kind of deal do they want to accept for their south citizens? Another fortnight? May be a week! Our own government is dealing with it's south citizens as if they are dogs. Throw some biscuits of "temporary peace" in front of them and they will accept it as their master (our leaders) loves them. This is full and complete broad light discrimination. I don't know if Obama threw Israel under the bus or not but BB just threw the whole south under it for sure.
9. Intolerable
olavi ,   espoo, finland   (11.11.12)
Israel have right to defend itself and have the capacity to do it. So do not hesitate to strike so they feel the destruction.
10. Forget ceasefire
Brod ,   USA   (11.11.12)
Forget the Islamist-Jihadist ceasefire crap. It is part of their tactic in attacking Israel. Israel must defend itself and not get Egypt involved on ceasefire. Neutralize your enemy and don't let them make Israel impotent.
11. Bibi is a baby when it comes to leadership.
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.12.12)
ANY leader in the world would issue orders to retaliate in such a way that Hamas goons could never launch another rocket. Israel is in a state of war with Gaza, so these pathetic ceasefires are meaningless. Gaza is not a state, not a country, it is a body of land controlled by terrorists. Israel has every right to go and eradicate the scum. Cruise missiles, artillery, targeted assassinations, all of these methods must be used. World opinion? Who gives a damn? The world looks the other way when Jews are killed by Arabs. Time for Hamas to pay the piper. Bibi: act like a man. You've been VERY lucky that Hamas targeting is so poor- but chances are they will get 'lucky' and hit a school or store or house or factory. When that happens, what will you say? "I did everything I could?" But you didn't- and the blood of innocent Israels will be on your hands for not removing the scourge when you had the chance. How do you want history to remember you? As the President who watched while Israelis were picked off, one by one, family by family? Or the President that took a stand and said, 'No more attacks. Every attack will be met with a response and I assure the world right now that it won't be proportional. Hamas started it, Israel will finish it. If Gazans don't want to be put back into the 19th century, I suggest they rid themselves of Hamas by any means possible- because if they don't, we will."
12. Rockets from Gaza
Chuck, SF, USA ,   USA   (11.12.12)
When a family in the south is killed by one of these rockets, Netanyahu will be there at the funeral wearing his kippah, looking somber, declaring that "all options are on the table", and waiting from some third party to broker a truce.
13. Give us peace or we give you war
Ghilmeini ,   Khandahar B Amerik   (11.12.12)
Unless you change the rules, this is how the game is played. They fire rockets, life in south Israel becomes more intolerable. Israel does nothing and then they get even better rockets. If you can't see this, you are blind. The solution is awful but simple- stop pretending Hamas control of Gaza is acceptable and finish them once and for all.
14. #8 Even worse, Bibi is a toilet paper tiger.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.12.12)
15. I agreed to the cease fire right away!
Ehud Barak ,   DefenseMinistry   (11.12.12)
No more empty tunnels left, they've all been destroyed. So, a ceasefire it will be: and I believe that is a very determined and strong response on my part, just as I promised I would do! Love, Uncle Ehud
16. Rockets and Israel of Yesteryear
TLFC ,   USA   (11.12.12)
At one time the Israel of years back would not have let this stuff go on for longer than a manner of a few days, at the most. They would give the enemy such a hit they would go quiet for years. It's time to do what the country once did in 1969 with these fanatics, take them out, and let Israeli people live a semi-normal life again.
17. Housing prices
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (11.12.12)
To Israelis who own houses in Kfar Saba, Raanana, Petah Tikva. Modiin and Shoham. When your house is in range of rockets, its price falls and it becomes almost unsellable, but you still have to pay your mortgage. Think about that when you vote for Labor, Meretz, Kadima or Lapid who want to make your town the new Sderot.
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