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MK Litzman gets BMW as his state car
Itamar Eichner
Published: 12.11.12, 13:07
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1. Discracefull waste of tax payers money
David ,   Haifa, IL   (11.12.12)
I would have thought a donkey would be suitable for Litzman. This is a discracefull waste of tax payers money in the current economic climate. A cheaper model such as a skoda gets you from A to B as well.
2. Haredis and modern society
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (11.12.12)
A cart with two mules would fit much better to mr. Litzman, than an Audi. ( looking from here, the galuth )
3. Kosher but stinks to high heaven!
miki ,   tampa   (11.12.12)
4. Oh wait till for haredi hater Haim TA to hear this.
Israel   (11.12.12)
5. # 1 and # 2
Sagi   (11.12.12)
Donkeys and mules are expensive, they have to be fed. A scooter or roller skates are much cheaper.
6. #4, Try reading post #1 well duh !
Haim ,   TA   (11.12.12)
7. So what? stop lashon haraa for G-d sake.
hadad ,   u.k   (11.12.12)
why dont you write about other minsters cars ? dont you think that there are more important issues we need to read about. your aim in this article is to cause division amongst the nation and get more innocent readers hate each other,remember G-d is watching you and reading your words and your mind, stop this none sense,
8. TAX PAYERS money should be used SMARTLY than that.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A /Israel   (11.12.12)
9. Which is worse?
A Jersalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.12.12)
1, The Deputy Minister of *Health* wants a BMW while Tipat Halav centers are being closed down and hospital staffs reduced. 2. All the Treasury has to say is that it shouldn't be done **at this time** because of elections. I don't know which of them is the worse of the two!
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