Zeitouni hit-and-run probe turned over to France
Yaron Doron
Published: 12.11.12, 14:45
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1. Extradition
The killer (the bulldozer driver in his armed Caterpillar), should be extradited to the USA for the deliberate murder of Rachel Corrie.
2. Why Israel isn't sending two covered Mossad agents?
And either kidnap them in order to bring them to Israel or to finish the job? Or is that only reserved to Arabs?
3. #2 that's reserved for cases in which all else fails
Zv   (11.12.12)
usually in countries that refuse to recognize Israel and which have severely contorted justice systems in which murderers who slaughtered Jews/Israelis will never be prosecuted. Nothing like that is necessary with France. Obviously, it would be better if the killers could be tried in Israel, but France is also a legitimate option.
4. #1 That pinhead...
Tahl   (11.13.12)
...played chicken with a bulldozer, and lost. The driver who could not see her, was cleared of all charges by the court. Hence there are no grounds for extradition. Deal with it idiot.
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