IDF retaliates against Syrian mortar fire
Maor Buchnik
Published: 12.11.12, 16:41
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1. Not really.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.12.12)
We are equal opportunity defenders. Meaning -- mess with Israel, and we will destroy you. Either side of the conflict. Move your little family spat north of our border. You won't like the outcome if you don't. We'll roll right over you. It's not exactly as if we haven't done it before, now, is it? Challenge us to your peril.
2. #1 Really?
Michael   (11.12.12)
Sarah it must be nice and easy to issue such bellicose comments from half way around the world when neither yourself nor your family members are on the frontlines defending Israel.
3. #1
jj   (11.12.12)
once again, internet warrior Sarah B. pledges the brave young Israeli souls from behind her computer screen in America. you're a hero, Sarah.
4. Interesting world
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.12.12)
The Arabs have this strange concept that if they shoot at us we are not allowed to shoot back and then the UN does absolutely nothing about attacks against a member state if that state is Israel UNTIL we return fire.
5. #1 Sarah- Well said!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (11.12.12)
It is clear that these mortars are coming from Assad's side. It shows just how stupid or ill willed the rebels are by stating that Israel is helping Assad, when Israel's response targets Assad's mortar launchers.
6. @ # 1 Arm chair Sara
Amnon ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.12.12)
Just some pathetic old woman living in the USA and talking tough in the name of Israel. Put a sock in it woman, and dont talk in our name.
7. Let Israel scold Syria--not armchair boosters in US
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (11.12.12)
But Sarah, are you USA, or Israel? Israel does not stand for the same things that your country stands for. Maybe you love Israel, but we Israelis can never forge the American boycott of even defensive weapons sales to us in the 1948 war. The fury of Eisenhower during the Sinai campaign in 1956. Being told to get back to the old armistice lines after the 1967 war. Nixon's behaviour in the 1973 war as we fought not only Syria and Egypt, but the USSR as well. So are you with them, or with us? Stay in Egypt with Pharaoh, or home to the Promised Land? Why worry about Syria, or threaten Syria on behalf of the IDF when it is our boys that will die in your imaginary roll-over war? We of Israeli don't do much of that bombastic bragging. Even wars we win cost us death and injury. Your Zionism is appreciated, but let us do the scolding of Syria--its our blood.
8. Sarah dear when you not busy flatening
David   (11.12.12)
countries and turning the world into parking lots from your keyboard do something useful for change and seek the help you need. This forum is not exactly appropriate dealing with your problems. All the best.
9. Sarah B's Country of Residency?
andy myers ,   manchester,uk   (11.12.12)
Sarah doesn't quite know where she resides. I have a distinct feeling that she might reside in Israel a couple of days per year. As for Israeli citizenship, well any Jewish person in the world can claim that.
10. we wont forget liberty either
# 7 ,   usa   (11.12.12)
things happen in war, dont kid yourself you do not exist without the US. we are not against each other so stop acting like it.
11. Stop bullying Sarah
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.12.12)
Stop bullying Sarah. Sarah not all Jews are nice people. We are no different than others.
12. #2 And you're stationed in Golan...?
Alex   (11.12.12)
Unless she's 21 or below she wouldn't be "on the frontlines defending Israel" regardless. Are you...? (If you're even Israeli)
13. 6 days after Obama re-election
Astronaut ,   ME, USA   (11.12.12)
Just tossing this out: Less than one week after Obama's re-election, Syria adds her fuel to the fire, so to speak, by "mistakenly" firing into the Golan. Is there a correlation? Praying for the People of Israel. Am Yisrael Chai.
14. Glad to see Israelis aren't falling for it...
Bob ,   NYC, USA   (11.12.12)
I don't envy you guys. You are in a tough position. You need to be blind if you think this isn't an Assad trap trying to lure Israel into his fight. Then he will claim how he is the Arab champion taking on big, bad Israel. Don't fall for it guys. Defend yourself, but don't go overboard. It is exactly what they want. Good luck!
15. re: Sarah
dov ,   usa   (11.12.12)
I am really puzzled by the responses here. Do you not want support for Israel? Would you rather Sarah write a letter to the UN protesting Israeli "agression". Stop it.
16. "Israeli Border"? what "Border"??
nuttyback   (11.12.12)
Since when is an occupation line a border. Not one single nation on the globe recognizes Israel's claim to Golan. Not even the USA under the most zionistic presidents. Dream on Israel, dream on.
17. #7 David N. in Haifa
Israeli ,   Sha'ar HaAliya Haifa   (11.12.12)
I couldn't agree more!
18. Nr,2-3-6-7.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (11.12.12)
Israel is attacked ideological in those talkbacks, and therefore warriors for Israel are needed here. It is called an ideological /Propaganda war, a war waged with intelligence, if you didnt know. What you are exhibiting is that Israel shots Herself in the Foot, through you. Imbecilles !. Arn.Sweden.
19. #16 It walks like a duck, it looks like a duck...
Jake   (11.12.12)
But hey, it's not called a duck. The 1974 Disengagement Agreements established ceasefire lines on the Golan Heights that effectively function as international borders in all but name. That was the price of Syria's invasion and subsequent defeat in 1973. Syrian violations of the ceasefire lines are violations of international law and acts of war. Israeli reprisals are legitimate acts of self defense. Recognition is irrelevant. Not a single nation on Earth will come to Syria's defense if it blasts its way into another blunder against Israel, or insure Syria against the territorial consequences.
20. My youngest is up north in the Tank Corps
Al   (11.12.12)
I dont sleep much...
21. #10 God, not US, is Defender
David N. ,   Haifa, ISRAEL   (11.12.12)
Your American arrogance is like ancient Rome in its last days. God is the strength of Israel. Our survival is guaranteed by the Almighty, not the almighty dollar (past tense). You Yanks have NOT been there for us, except out of self-interest, so do not pretend that your military power is why we survive. You are a crumbling empire, not even slightly comparable to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And we were NOT allies when the USS Liberty was sunk. You park a spy ship in the middle of a war, and who knows what you leaked back to the large British listening post at the UK base on Cyprus! Take your own medicine. I am sorry for the sailors who died, and for their families--absolutely. But blame your president and your navy admirals in charge, not us.
22. Amen! # 21!
Israel   (11.12.12)
23. Israel Syria
leecampbel ,   manchester Tenn.   (11.13.12)
American Christian citizens and Churches send relief to Israel in many different charities. We have no control over President Obama's actions or his use of the military. We feel this past election was a computer fraud and have no power to change it. We pray for Israels Safety and Deliverence by all mighty God. Our hearts and prayers are with you. We say here, as goes Israel so goes America. God promised to bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. You are his chosen people. But also important, we share a love for the same God and see you as our brothers and sisters and carry a deep love for you in our heart. Prayer to God is powerful, it is all els we can do but the greatest thing we can do.
24. #18
jj   (11.13.12)
haha, yeah. on the frontline that is the Ynet talkbacks! get real.
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