Opinion  Ariana Melamed
Step out of the bubble
Ariana Melamed
Published: 12.11.12, 20:36
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1. representational democracy..
simpleminded america ,   nyc   (11.12.12)
increases POLS' responsibility to our citizens. Redesign the electoral structure. Each haver knesset represents a geographic district. Simple. Run on that platform alone and you win.
2. Femi-journo diversity alert!
Baldor   (11.12.12)
Warning! Feminism, femi-journos and diversity incompetency lead to the end of civilisation. Warning! Warning! Beep beep Beep!!!
3. You must vote
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (11.13.12)
By not voting you are in effect voting for an orthodox religious party. By not voting you are increasing their percentage of the vote granting them additional seats in the Knesset.
4. Stagnation
Sagi   (11.13.12)
Nothing new under the sun.
5. The clarion call of naive idealism
Cameron ,   USA   (11.13.12)
Ever expanding gratification at the expense of the limits of cold reality.
6. Yoval Shoah Consciousness
Zivron   (11.13.12)
The jubilee consciousness of near equal economic equality redistribution is step one.Then the half a shekel principle of universal armed service with the Haredim building bomb shelters and fighting in computerised warfare using Talmudic skills and with accelerated support from the Galut bigwigs now the election is over our mass martyrdom demand this.
7. this is not about change the system its get rid of Bibi
zionist forever   (11.13.12)
The idea of fair capitalism, is something that came from the social protests not Obama, its an idea dreamed up by idealists rather than economists. There is no such thing as fairer capitalism, just a dream and even if it wasn't how do we know small parties would give us that, Meretz are socialists but thats about it. The people who voted for Obama did so for for different personal reasons but they were not voting for fairer capitalism. Its not so black and white as this article tries to make it look. Encouraging people to hold social protests alongside the elections isn't a call to change the system its a call to help Labor defeat Bibi. The single issue parties be it Shas or Yair Lapid are always going to exist to sell themselves to the mainstream party thats going to give them the best deal not to win elections.
8. bubble
john ,   toronto   (11.15.12)
Israeli society has to come out of the bubble they live in.
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