Report: Gaza factions mull armistice
Roi Kais, Elior Levy
Published: 12.11.12, 22:22
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1. No
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.12.12)
For every missile or mortar shell that is fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip, Gaza should be made to pay ten-fold. Do the little slugs think that they are acting out of sheer generosity of spirit? They are responsible for the aggression, and Israel has every right to respond with deadly force. The escalation is the fault of the terrorist rabble in Gaza. They have only themselves to blame for Israel's response. If they are stupid enough to ratchet up the ante, Israel will respond in kind.
2. why do we continue to play by their rules?
zionist forever   (11.12.12)
Terrorists fire rockets into israel We retaliate by attacking back and threaten to escalate by killing their top people or a ground operation. Terrorists are feeling the pain from our retaliation. Terrorists call for an armistice We agree to armistice and do nothing. During armistice they rebuild their forces and when they are ready they attack again. We make more threats and we get another armistice until they are ready to break it and we keep going round and round in circles rather than smashing them.
3. to #2
Dave ,   CA   (11.12.12)
Cuz we got no balls to do the right thing... And probably because we have no leaders anymore, only followers... Sad but true.
4. what's a terror hub?
justwondering   (11.12.12)
do they mean the empty tunnels and empty tin shacks?
5. Surrender or Else
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUS   (11.13.12)
Look at it this way, the terrorist groups are surrounding Israel, backed by every Muslim nation. It is Israel that is on the defensive, having to apologize or say nothing and deemed responsible. When Japan hit Pearl Harbor, we did not apologize. When No, Vietnam sunk those ships and No. Korea invaded the South, we went to war. When Germany declared war on US we mobilized. The Arabs hated us for decades, not wanting Jews among them. They threw out their indiginous Jewish population after Israel decided not to walk like sheep into the gas ovens in 47. The war continues, despite3 Arab losses and cease fires, thrust on Israel. (After she was winning).Now Abbas ignores UN242, and still demands the right of return even IF a state is created. Its all b.s. guys. Their goal remains a Palestine Judenrein, from the sea to the sea. Isrrael has arrows to shoot. It can declare a marshal law and stop muchof the pinpricks and protests. It can use its missiles to eradicate terror groups and everything adjacent. It can withdraw from the UN and call up its reserves on a temporary basis. It can move tanks into the Strip and surround the thugs, search and destroy without remorse or apologies. It should erase cease fire fromi its vocabulary...just "surrender or else".starting with Hamas.
6. shortage of rockets or willing martyrs ?
Stu   (11.13.12)
Bibbi may not have much public support by holding back but only taking out the launch site and crew means all the publicity is directed at the destruction caused to civilian areas in Israel.
7. Respond in kind!
Alex ,   Belov   (11.13.12)
How long are you, guys, going to take it? Can you elect someone who wouldn't be afraid to shoot back? I think that responding in kind, a Grad for a Grad, is all it takes.
8. palestinians
mike ,   Seattleusa   (11.13.12)
1. The Palestinians fire dozens of rockets from densely populated areas in the Gaza Strip into Israel. Each of these rockets is an act of war and a war crime, intented to kill and terrorize Jewish men, women and children. The world remains silent. 2. Israel responds militarily, The Palestinians accuse Israel of "aggression". The world cautions Israel not to "escalate the situation". Pictures of Palestinians "civilians" allegedly killed by Israel are put out all over the world media, complete with sobbing mothers. 3. The Palestinians supposedly agree to an informal, temporary cease fire, which they can choose to end whenever they wish, by firing more missiles into Israel, each of which is an act of war as well as a war crime. 4. Repeat ad infinitum.
9. Level the Gaza Strip
Gav ,   USA   (11.13.12)
No self-respecting nation in the world, period, would have put up with this nonsense this long. Return OVERWHELMING fire.
10. Real Cease Fire or Arab Cease Fire?
emanon ,   USA   (11.13.12)
An arab cease fire really means "Wait a minute, I'm reloading".
11. Cease Fire
Mordi ,   Paris France   (11.13.12)
When did we start to negotiate with terrorists ? If Bibi can 't stop the rockets he can't govern. If you can 't defend the nation you must not run for election.
12. Same Gang
David Fakheri ,   Los angles u s a   (11.13.12)
Do we still have to listen to Obama's order " How to defend ourselves ? The way that him & his administration LIKES us to do ? Jeopardizing Our Independence And Lives of our citizens Like the past 4 years Or now that we know The same gang is going to govern " our strongest ally!! " Is this right to go by his foreign policy once again?
13. ACT!!!
Friend of Israel ,   Europe   (11.13.12)
Bibi what are you waiting for. Make an end to this problem so they don't attack you again. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. PEACE for Hamas is real bullshit. Never let them rule you.
14. They are afraid. Again.
Israeli ,   Haifa   (11.13.12)
They start firing rockets into our southern communities. We fire back with greater strength and razor sharp accuracy. They HOPE it will provoke international out cry against us. When they see it doesn't work because no one believes their lies and their games anymore, they scream " cease fire!!!" Because they see they are getting the dirt pounded out of them. Feeble.
15. Pathetic!
John Prophet   (11.13.12)
Netanyahu, it's time you strapped on a set and protect your people!
16. Quit duplicating BB's actions
Kerwood Derby ,   Frostbite Falls   (11.13.12)
It would be much more efficient if those that come to kill you would allow BB who destroyed your lives in the first land of the first Jew and ceded the first city in Yericho to those that come to kill you and voted over&over&over&over to destroy the lives of Jews in YeShA, And now BB has his wingman Evete Lieberman who founded a party to Yisrael Beiteinu to destroy Jewish lives and cede the land they love and is named for them to those that come to kill you. Can't you just get along?
17. Stop sending rocket to Israel
Rie Olsen ,   nykobing falster   (11.13.12)
I support Israel. I dont like muslim with only terror in there mind. I will never have a friend who is a muslim
18. Target the Factories and Processing Plants
Tim ,   Brighton   (11.13.12)
Many are owned or part owned by Hamas Generating millions for their pockets Even a small shell or mortar can reak enough material damage to result in big financial losses for the Hamas Fat Cats Remember though the majority of Gazans are on the poverty line...there are a large group who are making MILLIONS on the back of the Blockade
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